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Ok, let’s start from the beginning!

Our little family flew to Seattle to visit Mal’s sister and her husband for a few days during Mal’s school vacation. It was Quinn’s first flying experience, so we were excited, but a tad nervous too.

IMG_0575 (800x600)

Mal and I were super duper organized for this trip (detailed post coming soon), so we were calm and collected when we arrived at the airport.

IMG_0577 (600x800)

Parking, luggage, security, yada yada… it all went great. We had no issues whatsoever, BUT the rest of our travels ended up being a bit of a roller coaster.

IMG_0583 (800x600)

So, we planned to give Quinn a bottle when our plane took off, but we ended up taxing on the runway forever. Quinn was hungry and getting fussy, so we let him drink it before we started flying. We tried to give it to him as slowly as possible, but he was hungry and it was gone before we knew it. We wanted to save some to help with the altitude change and the pressure in his little ears. Mal and I totally dropped the ball on this, but we hoped for the best. Well, as soon as the plane started to ascend, Quinn started to cry (fail) and then he filled his diaper with a huge, stinky poop. Perfect timing, right? Ha! So, we had a very upset and smelly baby at the start of our flight. We were totally those parents with the screaming baby on the plane!

As soon as the seat belt light went off, Mal hopped out of his seat (he was on the aisle) and took Quinn to the bathroom to change him. When they returned, Quinn fell asleep on me and slept for the rest of the 6-hour flight, so everything ended up being fine in the end. Thank goodness.

IMG_0595 (600x800)

Meanwhile, Murphy was hanging out with his cousins Matthew and Batman. Too cute.

IMG_0597 (800x450)

So many pug rolls.

IMG_0600 (800x450)

Ok, so we land in Seattle. Everything is great and wonderful. My in-laws pick us up from the airport and drive us to their house. Quinn goes right to sleep, and Mal and I stay up with them for awhile and then we all hit the hay a little after midnight.

IMG_0603 (800x800)

Around 3:00 AM, I hear Quinn crying (he’s sleeping in a borrowed Pack N Play at the foot of our bed), so I pick him up and bring him to bed with me. As soon as I lay down with him, I smell vomit. Not spit-up, but straight up puke. I take him out into the hallway and turn on the light, so I don’t wake up Mal and see that he is covered in his own throw-up. Poor baby. I go into the kitchen to clean him up and he pukes again all himself and me this time. At this point, I need help since we’re both a mess and we’re at someone else’s house and most of his stuff is still packed, so I wake up Mal for reinforcements.

For the next few hours, Mal and I tag-team a vomiting baby, cleaning up, and laundry. Eventually, Quinn stops throwing up and falls asleep. Mal and I go back to bed too. When we all wake up in the morning, Quinn is feeling much better. He doesn’t throw up anymore, and he’s in a great mood, so our trip pretty much continues as planned.

IMG_0606 (800x800)IMG_0608 (800x800)

Highlights from our trip…

Fremont Brewing. Mal and I absolutely loved this place. I wish we had something like this closer to us in Massachusetts!

SAM_0260 (800x533)

The beer at Fremont Brewing was excellent, and I loved the vibe of the place. It was a nice day, so we snagged some seats in the sunshine and enjoyed an afternoon of beer tasting.


IMG_0618 (800x800)

I fell in love with one of their coffee brews, which had so much flavor. Holy cow. Loved it.

IMG_0626 (800x800)


Lunch at Elliot Bay Brewery. I ordered a curry salmon salad with THE BEST spicy honey mustard. I practically licked the container clean! I also really liked the atmosphere of this place, and it was very kid-friendly.


Moo Ba La La never gets old for this kid!




Hiking at Discovery Park. This was easily the #1 highlight of our trip for me! I see a lot of family hikes in our future once the damn snow melts.



SAM_0325 (800x533)

We ended up doing a 3-mile loop and exploring the beach for a little bit. Quinn loved it all. He is definitely a fan of the great outdoors!


The fam!


So, there’s a recap of our adventures in Seattle. It’s such a great city. Mal and I always say if we were to move away from Massachusetts, we’d definitely move to Seattle. It kind of reminds me of Burlington, Vermont, and you guys know how we feel about that city!

Question of the Day

If you had to pick somewhere new to live, where would you move? 



  1. Traveling with kids can be interesting. I was super nervous the first time we flew with our guy and of course the first thing he did was poop. Airplane bathrooms are not made for squirming poopy babies!!!

  2. I lived in Michigan for two years and really miss the Midwest. I’m originally from the place that everyone wants to live (Portland, OR) but really loved the vibe and people in the Midwest.

  3. Quinn just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Poor baby about throwing up though, that is so sad 🙁 I had planned on nursing my daughter when our plan took of, but we sat on the runway forever, and I ended up nursing her early so she would calm down. She ended up falling asleep before we ever took off! Luckily I was able to wake her up a bit to nurse again during takeoff, but I was pretty stressed, so I kind of know how you feel 🙁

  4. I always prepare for the worst and keep low expectations when traveling with kids. Did you only bring one bottle for the whole flight?

  5. I can’t wait for all your tips about traveling with Q! I’m due in April and a good friend is getting married 8 hours away in June ”¦ not sure we’re going to make it. But I’d love to think I’ll be feeling well enough and we’ll have the perfect baby, haha. We went to Seattle a few years ago and I fell in love with Washington State. But I think I might need a vacation home in Ft. Lauderdale too 😉

  6. With the way this winter has been I actually reached out to my old supervisor who has since moved to Florida.
    I know we won’t move there but it was nice to hear that she would totally help me find a job and housing ASAP!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I checked out a brewery in the Fremont neighborhood when I was there too. So much fun. I agree that Burlington reminds me a lot of Seattle when you’re looking at the view of Lake Champlain.

  8. Have you been to American Fresh in Assembly? I know it’s not super close to you, but if you are in the area you should check it out. It’s very kid friendly (they even have different mom + baby/kid things during the week) and there is even a tented and heated beer garden for winter.

  9. Oh my gosh Quinn is SO SO cute! I took my 1 year old on his first flight in December- similar problems with delayed flights and ending up feeding him before take off too. Luckily, he ended up falling asleep so he didn’t cry on the way up. But then, same thing as you- got sick when we arrived. Haha, oh well! Traveling with kids 🙂

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