Our New Fence

It’s an absolutely beautiful day here! 68 degrees and sunny. Perfect. I can’t wait to go outside and play!

Murphy has spent most of the day outside in our backyard””chewing sticks, eating grass, and enjoying our new fence!

IMG_3935 (750x563)

Before I show you photos of our new fence, you need to see what the old one looked like. It was bad.


IMG_1089 (750x563)

Our old fence was moldy and rotting.

IMG_1085 (563x750)

And falling into our neighbors’ yard on both sides.

IMG_1087 (750x563)

IMG_1090 (750x563)

Let’s just say, we really needed a new fence!

IMG_1091 (750x563)


The fence guys were really efficient and installed our entire fence in one day.

IMG_3664 (750x563)

IMG_3661 (750x563)

IMG_3662 (750x563)


IMG_3930 (750x563)

So much better, right!?! It’s like a new backyard!

IMG_3931 (563x750)

IMG_3934 (750x563)

Please ignore the dirt lawn in the last two pictures. That’s our next project.

IMG_3928 (750x563)


Today’s lunch was a ham, cheddar cheese, and hummus sandwich with a side salad with grape tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, and truffle oil.

IMG_3988 (750x563)_thumb


A few hours later, I whipped up a green smoothie with Greek yogurt, frozen mango, frozen chopped kale, and almond milk. After a few sips, I dumped my smoothie back into the blender and added a half scoop of vanilla protein powder. It needed a little vanilla sweetness.

IMG_3996 (563x750)_thumb[1]

I’m off to take Murphy for a long walk and then to CrossFit.

Enjoy the evening, guys!


  1. love the new fence! we just put in a new fence last summer, so i totally know the feeling. fencing is NOT cheap either! i couldn’t believe how much we spent on our’s last year. oh well, it’s certainly worth it ! especially if you have dogs!

  2. the fence looks great! curious where you buy your frozen chopped kale…our local stop & shop didn’t seem to carry it, and i didn’t have time to ask them.

  3. Wow what a difference, your new fence looks amazing!!
    I have tried using frozen kale or spinach in my smoothies and they don’t work quite as well. Is there a trick to it, or do I need to just blend longer?

  4. Ah-the American dream…house, white picket fence, 2 kids (well…murphy lol) Looks great 🙂 🙂

    1. He does, but we checked and thankfully his food wasn’t on the recall list. Thanks for thinking of Murphy though! We appreciate it! 🙂

  5. Great fence! By the way Tina, my husband is stoked that I am starting to experiment with beers more. Thanks for your beer tips, feeling more comfie trying things besides wine and budlight!

  6. That is a wonderful fence~ you’ve increased my longing for a home of our very own someday:) Until then, I continue to enjoy looking at yours!

  7. Looks great! As I looked at the pics I wondered why the yard was devoid of grass and then I realized, duh, they just finished winter! Living in South Florida my entire life, I often forget the change that the foliage undergoes. We always have grass, unless we get a heat wave and a drought in the spring.

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Murphy seems to like it as well. That fence sure completes your yard 🙂

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