Our New Bathroom

The time has come to show you guys our new bathroom!! Are you ready?

Here’s a quick history of how it’s looked over the years:




Here’s how the re-do went down:

Demo day.


Out with the old.


In with new tile.


Hello, new floor!

IMG_9157 (750x563)

Hello, new vanity and toilet!

IMG_9187 (563x750)

And, finally, the walls were painted.

IMG_9811 (563x750)

The FLOOR before:

IMG_9089 (750x563)

The FLOOR after:

IMG_0048 (750x563)

The TOILET before:

IMG_9088 (563x750)

The TOILET after:

IMG_0045 (563x750)

The VANITY & SINK before:

IMG_9091 (750x563)

Oh, that sink. So gross.

IMG_9092 (563x750)

The VANITY & SINK after:

IMG_0046 (563x750)

Our BATHROOM after:

IMG_0041 (563x750)

Love it!

IMG_0050 (563x750)

Mal and I still can’t believe this is our bathroom. Even a few weeks later, we still make comments about it. The floor alone made a huge difference. Plus, the space seems so much bigger now. Picking that smaller vanity was definitely the way to go. I’m so happy with our new bathroom. Yay!


  1. What an awesome job! you guys totally rocked it out! the shower curtain is my favorite part….way to bring a pop of beautiful color in

  2. Your bathroom looks amazing!!! I’m so jealous! My boyfriend and I bought our house last October, and it was built in 1971. So we’re completely rockin’ the ALL blue tiled bathroom in the master (walls, shower, floor, sink, toilet), and Pepto pink in guest bathroom. It’s awesome! I even think our floor tile pattern is the same as yours, just shades of blue and pink.

  3. bathroom looks great – i really love the sink especially! we just had a ***minor*** leak in our bathroom that led to total demo so i’m just starting myself! i wonder if they make that sink in a double? hmmmm…

  4. Interesting, I’ve never seen anyone tile over tile before. Did you have to raise trim, cut off doors, etc?

  5. The new bathroom looks awesome! The lighter colored vanity & toilet (plus the pretty shower curtain) make the space seem much more light & airy 🙂

  6. Your new bathroom is gorgeous! I love the white and then the splash of color with the new shower curtain. I hate my bathroom but I rent so I can’t really do too much with it.

  7. Wow that looks awesome! Even just changing the tile would have made everything so much better, but taking on every project including a new toilet and sink/vanity makes it a completely different bathroom. And that shower curtain is awesome! It must feel so nice and clean to wash up in a brand new and different bathroom. Congrats!

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