Our Morning + Lunch at Precinct Boston

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Hi, friends!

So, our morning started out nice and normal like a lot of mornings…

We ate breakfast, said goodbye to Dad, and then we did some cruising around the living room with Quinn’s learning walker. (He frickin’ loves this thing!)

IMG_0763 (800x800)

Then, we ran some errands, which included a stop at Starbucks for an iced latte for Mom.

IMG_0768 (800x600)

(Has anyone tried Starbucks small-batch cold brew? Any good? I want to try it soon.)

IMG_0764 (800x600)

Then, we came home, played, watched the news, and then someone ate a foam earplug. (Hint: It wasn’t me and it wasn’t Quinn.)

IMG_0772 (800x800)

*Sigh* This poor dog can’t win lately.

I called the vet as soon as I saw what happened. Thankfully, they weren’t too concerned since the earplug was small and made from foam, but they told me to watch for vomiting, choking, or bathroom issues. It’s been awhile since Murphy swallowed it, and he’s acting normal, so, hopefully, the earplug will pass without issue.

And since we’re on the topic of Murphy’s health, here’s a little update on his hearing… Back in January/February, he had an ear infection, which was treated (or so we thought) with antibiotics. I guess they didn’t fully work, so now Murphy’s ear canal is inflamed, which is why he’s having trouble hearing. (I almost cried when I heard this. Poor guy.) So now he’s on a 3-week steroid taper and, hopefully, that will do the trick. We started him yesterday on the steroids and his hearing is already quite a bit better today, so that’s a good sign!

While Quinn napped, I showered, got ready for the day, and then ate a mid-morning snack (x 2), which was a rice cake + mashed avocado + kosher salt. Delish.

IMG_0774 (800x600)

A couple of hours later, Quinn and I drove into Boston to have lunch at Precinct Kitchen + Bar in the Loews Boston Hotel. A couple of the women who do public relations for the hotel and restaurant invited us to join them.


Precinct was gorgeous inside– bright and modern with natural wood and lots of clean lines. It was definitely a cool place to grab a business lunch or happy hour drinks.




Quinn was especially obsessed with the lighting at Precinct. He loved the over-sized hanging lamps!



IMG_0775 (800x800)

I ordered the winter roasted vegetable salad with seared scallops, which was excellent. The scallops were cooked just right. And I loved the salad dressing and practically ate every last bite of it.


We had a wonderful conversation over lunch. We chatted about some fun personal things, but also about how we can work together in the future with the hotel and restaurant, so you might see Loews and Precinct on the blog again in the future!

Question of the Day

Let’s talk about your morning! Tell me: What you ate, where you went, and something that made you smile. 

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