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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

So, our morning started out nice and normal like a lot of mornings…

We ate breakfast, said goodbye to Dad, and then we did some cruising around the living room with Quinn’s learning walker. (He frickin’ loves this thing!)

IMG_0763 (800x800)

Then, we ran some errands, which included a stop at Starbucks for an iced latte for Mom.

IMG_0768 (800x600)

(Has anyone tried Starbucks small-batch cold brew? Any good? I want to try it soon.)

IMG_0764 (800x600)

Then, we came home, played, watched the news, and then someone ate a foam earplug. (Hint: It wasn’t me and it wasn’t Quinn.)

IMG_0772 (800x800)

*Sigh* This poor dog can’t win lately.

I called the vet as soon as I saw what happened. Thankfully, they weren’t too concerned since the earplug was small and made from foam, but they told me to watch for vomiting, choking, or bathroom issues. It’s been awhile since Murphy swallowed it, and he’s acting normal, so, hopefully, the earplug will pass without issue.

And since we’re on the topic of Murphy’s health, here’s a little update on his hearing… Back in January/February, he had an ear infection, which was treated (or so we thought) with antibiotics. I guess they didn’t fully work, so now Murphy’s ear canal is inflamed, which is why he’s having trouble hearing. (I almost cried when I heard this. Poor guy.) So now he’s on a 3-week steroid taper and, hopefully, that will do the trick. We started him yesterday on the steroids and his hearing is already quite a bit better today, so that’s a good sign!

While Quinn napped, I showered, got ready for the day, and then ate a mid-morning snack (x 2), which was a rice cake + mashed avocado + kosher salt. Delish.

IMG_0774 (800x600)

A couple of hours later, Quinn and I drove into Boston to have lunch at Precinct Kitchen + Bar in the Loews Boston Hotel. A couple of the women who do public relations for the hotel and restaurant invited us to join them.


Precinct was gorgeous inside– bright and modern with natural wood and lots of clean lines. It was definitely a cool place to grab a business lunch or happy hour drinks.




Quinn was especially obsessed with the lighting at Precinct. He loved the over-sized hanging lamps!



IMG_0775 (800x800)

I ordered the winter roasted vegetable salad with seared scallops, which was excellent. The scallops were cooked just right. And I loved the salad dressing and practically ate every last bite of it.


We had a wonderful conversation over lunch. We chatted about some fun personal things, but also about how we can work together in the future with the hotel and restaurant, so you might see Loews and Precinct on the blog again in the future!

Question of the Day

Let’s talk about your morning! Tell me: What you ate, where you went, and something that made you smile. 



  1. First, poor Murphy! Second, the cold brew is very good at Starbucks. Third, I ate a protein pancake, didn’t go anywhere and Mitch trying to talk made me smile (I should clarify that he is my six month old son, ha!).

  2. I’ve always been worried about my dog getting a hold of my earplugs! Of course they’re attracted to the things that are probably the most dangerous. He already has stomach issues – my hot pink earrwax squishy pieces do not need to add to the mix. I wish Murphy a very smooth passing. 😉

  3. My Iggy eats at least one earplug per week and always poops it out, so don’t worry. I try not to let him get them but he has a way of finding.

      1. @Tina: My dog loves to eat them too! She’s torn through the plastic holder I keep them in *sigh* (and she’s only 9lbs!). They always just come out the other end unscathed (seriously, they look like you could just wash them and use them again… which is super gross), so Murphy should totally be okay!

  4. I’m grateful my cat does not eat things! I am much too messy for that. Hopefully Murphy ends up to be completely fine after all of this! In other news, I adore Quinn’s fire hair! It’s vibrant! Your selfie is adorable.

  5. Haha! I love that picture of Quinn with his walker! So cute! Matilda has the same one and she loves it too! She is almost 17 months old and has been walking on her own for 5 months now and she STILL love to push it around and play with it.
    Peek-a-boo, I see you…lets play hide and seek! – I swear I hear it in my sleep!
    Best thing I ate today: Mexican beans and rice stuffed sweet potato!

  6. My oldest in swim classes – really fun to watch him. He is afraid of “big water” so watching him get dunked under water and conquer his fear is rewarding. When he was brushing his teeth he said “Mom, tell Miss Felecia to stop making me do bobs (bobbing under water) I don’t like it.”

    It’s sort of ironic that murph can’t hear but ate a foam ear plug.

  7. I am thinking about poor Murphy and sending up a prayer for him. I am a wreck whenever anything is wrong with my pug baby and I always cry!

  8. Quinn looks like he had a good time at lunch:) I just saw Starbucks has cold brew now and I plan on trying it out on Friday!

    Something that made me smile was talking with my college roommate for an hour last night and signing up for our 5-year reunion in June. Eats: breakfast was something I threw together that was actually really tasty: mashed avocado on an English muffin with canadian bacon and a little melted cheese.

  9. My dog eats foam earplugs all. the. time. – it’s kinda funny when I notice a fluorescent yellow spot in her poo haha. She’s 50lbs, but never had an issue.

  10. I tried the cold brew yesterday- it was so good. Apparently it’s only being sold in certain parts of the country.

  11. Speed work early this morning. Currently catching up on work (and your blog) while drinking coffee and eating a smores Quest Bar. Yummmm. Going to load up my twin 2yo girls in a bit to head to the grocery store while my other two (boys, 8&5) are at school. I am dying to hear the no bake cookie recipe from the pics you posted the other day:))))

  12. Our dog pooped out an orange ear plug once. We didn’t know he ate it so when we saw it in his poop we freaked at first because we didn’t know what it was! The things we find sometimes in his poop…oy!

  13. We love love love the Loews properties!! See if a trip to their Coronado or St Pete’s properties are in the cards- both amaaaaazing!

  14. We actually went there after the marathon last year to have some celebratory drinks with our runner friends! Not sure if you have picked a meeting spot but this was easy to get to based on the new security rules. The service was great esp on that busy day!

  15. So my pug Murphy eats my earplugs every so often and they always come out in a couple days. You cant miss them because they are bright pink ; )

  16. I’ve been wanting to try Precinct! It looks so pretty inside. Whenever I creep the menu I get anxiety over how I”d make a decision of what to get! Looks like a nice lunch. I’ll keep it in mind 🙂
    Oh and I’ve tried the Starbucks cold brew. It was good, but not as good as other iced coffees I’ve had that cost the same or less, so I stick with my regular Starbucks iced.

  17. You just reminded me that I have half an avocado I need to use up!

    My morning has gone well; I worked out and now am catching up on blog posts. I was also featured in this week’s Chicago RedEye so that has definitely made me smile today!

  18. I actually had an amazing dinner at Precinct not too long ago – but it was insanely expensive! It turned out to be a huge splurge unexpectedly, so I probably won’t go back until their porch is open, and even then just for drinks. Would love to hear your perspective since you seem to have a good head on your shoulders 🙂

  19. The picture of Quinn with his learning walker is so cute! You can tell he is having fun! I am sorry about Murphy. I hope he feels better.
    Something that made me laugh is my friend/trainer trying to tell me she ate some double cheeseburger for lunch. I knew it was an April Fools Day! There is no way she would eat that. 🙂

  20. Poor Murphy! I hope the steroids do the trick. I’m sure he wants to hear everything Quinn has to say, as well as any indication of treats in his future.

    As for eating foreign objects, this is the story of my dogs’ lives. Sometimes we don’t even know they’ve eaten things like pieces of rope toys or their beds (usually because they do it at boarding when we’re away) until it comes out — and it’s always come out just fine. Their digestive systems are industrial-grade!

  21. Quinn is such a cutie patootie! The restaurant and food look fabulous. I’m getting hungry for lunch just looking at it and the snack with avocado! Poor dog. It’s tough when you feel something is not quite right, but just can’t tell what’s going on without going to the doctor. Hope he feels better soon.

  22. The cold brew at Starbucks is unbelievable. So much better than their regular iced coffee. I get it all the time now!

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