Our Little Boy’s First Hair Cut (and Fauxhawk)

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A little special someone got his hair cut for the first time! He didn’t cry at all. Actually, no one did, but Mal and I definitely had one of those omg-our-baby-is-growing-up-so-fast moments.

IMG_8046 (1024x768)

Related: Quinn’s forehead band-aid is not related to his haircut. He actually took a terrible tumble just minutes before we left the house to get his hair cut. He didn’t seem to mind the band-aid (and it made him look tough), so we just kept it on for his haircut. (Ceiling fans are SO COOL.)

IMG_8063 (746x1024)

A friend suggested Snip-Its for Quinn’s first hair cut, and I can’t recommend it enough. (There’s one at The Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham for the locals.) We had such a great experience and definitely plan to go back for his next hair cut.

IMG_8052 (1024x768)

Everyone was so nice and there were all sorts of fun things to play with. I took a bunch of photos while we waited, so we’d have record/memories of Quinn’s sweet baby hair.

IMG_8049 (768x1024)

When it was time for Quinn’s hair cut, he wasn’t super psyched about being strapped into the chair, but there were plenty of toys and things to distract him. Once “Dada” was blowing bubbles at him, he was happy as can be!

IMG_8070 (1024x1024)

IMG_8078 (1024x1024)

Our little man. Doesn’t he look so grown up here?

IMG_8076 (1024x1024)

I asked the stylist to leave Quinn’s hair a little on the long side because a lot of people warned me that once we got his hair cut, he would look different/like a little boy, and I guess I wasn’t fully ready for that big change. Well, she did an amazing job (not too short!) and somehow Quinn looks even more adorable.

IMG_8081 (1024x1024)

Baby fauxhawk? Too cute!

IMG_8082 (1024x1024)

And with Quinn’s first hair cut, he received a special certificate with a lock of his hair attached. How cute is that?

IMG_8084 (1024x768)

After Quinn’s hair cut, we celebrated at Rustic Kitchen. Cheers!

IMG_8089 (1024x1024)

Question of the Day

Moms, how old was your little one when you first cut their hair? 

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  1. My son just turned 3 and we have taken him to snip-it’s for every haircut. The bubbles used to keep him entertained, now the bribe of a ticket to put in a slot for the toy keeps him sitting still. Totally worth the drive down from Southie every 6 weeks!

  2. My son is 8 months and I’ve been dying to get him a haircut. His hair is over his ears and he’s got a rat/duck tail. He has beautiful hair but he gets very sweaty all the time.
    My husband and everyone else think I’m crazy. My husband wants to “wait it out” and see what happens.”
    I’m not sure where to take him though since I have a specific hairstyle in mind and I’m not sure a regular baby haircut place can do what I’m thinking of? I have some time – I’m going to attempt to get his haircut for our holiday photos when he’ll be 9 months.

  3. I don’t have any kids of my own, but this was a really cute post. My mom still has the lock of hair from my first haircut, and I’m now 27 and married lol.

  4. So cute! Wish there was a place like that when my boys were little. Mine were about that age too… close to 18 months the weird thing is they both took a tumble at 13 months and got stitches just about in that same area of their forehead that Quinn has … now..many haircuts and styles later they are college age!! Enjoy!

  5. My kids really didn’t have hair until they were about three so it was sometime befor let the first haircut.
    Quinn looks adorable!

  6. He is the cutest little boy, Tina! I can’t get over how adorable he is. 🙂 Glad he is okay after that tumble. It happens to them all doesn’t it?

  7. My daughter is 2 and had a full head of hair when she was born. She has gorgeous blonde ringlets (not too tight of a curl) but I refuse to cut it (its long, maybe to the middle of her back) because I assume she will lose the curl to her hair. I will keep it as long as possible!

  8. My twin girls were 15 months. One twin (Avery) needed a haircut and the other twin (Teagan) did not, but of course they both got one! I saved the locks in plastic baggies. I laugh every time I think of them because Avery’s baggie has a normal amount of hair but Teagan’s baggie only has three little wisps.

  9. It looks like Quinn is doing cheers with you! Our nephew who is 2 starting doing that at a year and a half and its the cutest thing on earth!

  10. Quinn is too cute! My little guy is almost 1. . .I have trimmed his hair around the ears and neck, but we have not had his first “official” haircut yet. It’s definitely coming up, though!

  11. Our little man got his first haircut a few days before his 1st birthday. We’re really lucky in that my dad’s girlfriend is a barber and she would come to the house. But now we go the barber shop she works at. He wasn’t a fan of the chair the first time, now he’s great, watching the other barbers.

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