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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Wahoo! Mal and I completed our very first marathon training run this morning! We ran 2 miles, stretched, and checked it off our milage schedule. I really like that Team in Training starts off slow, so even beginner runners can participate.

So, guess who has decided to document his training on Carrots ‘N’ Cake? Yep, my husband! Mal plans to journal the majority of his runs on CNC. His family and friends are also following our progress, so now they will be able see how both of us are doing all along the way.

Marathon Training: 2 miles


14:10 (7:05 pace)

Easy run. Definitely stiff at first. After 0.5 miles loosened up. There was a lot of fluctuation in my pace. I would look down to see 6:36 pace and then look again and see 7:40 pace. I need to work on consistency. Good first run though.


16:16 (8:08 pace)

I started out slow, but once Lady Gaga came on my iPod, I picked up the pace and pushed myself until the end of the run. It was super humid today, so I returned home dripping in sweat. I spent a good 10 minutes stretching afterward.


Mid-morning, I broke into a mini Cashew Cookie Larabar. I really love these little guys. They’re perfect for when you just want a bite or two of something.



Before heading out for my run, I ate half of a pita with ham, Manchego, and buffalo sauce inside.


I also enjoyed a dark chocolate Adora disk.


After my run, I refueled with my last Coconut Curry Living Spoonful cracker.


And a chocolate-banana smoothie made with Chocalot Vega Shake & Go Smoothie, a ripe banana, non-fat milk, ice, and a scoop of Barney Butter. Mmm!


Mal and I are off to see DG and Ray tonight! I’m SO EXCITED!! :mrgreen:

P.S. Don’t forget about our juicer giveaway to support Team in Training! Feel free to let family and friends know about it too! 😀



  1. I am so JEALOUS! I would give anything to see David Gray AND Ray Lamontagne in concert together! My hubby and I saw DG a few months ago with Royal Wood opening for him. There was no way I would have believed that DG could get any better, but he’s freakin’ amazing in concert!

    I can’t wait to listen to their new albums that came out today 🙂

  2. What a great venture together. It’s tough by yourself so I bet having a partner in crime makes it a bit more fun and adds a little competition too :). I know you’re really into promoting good causes on your blog and I thought I’d share his with you: https://saladbarproject.org/. Whole Foods is partnering with Chef Ann Cooper to raise money to be able to have healthy foods in schools across the country. It’s easier to start off right than fix a bad habit, so for me, this is a GREAT idea. Hope you think so too!

  3. I probably couldn’t be MORE jealous of you than I am that you’re seeing David and Ray tonight–ENJOY it…thats “good for your soul” music. And when Ray plays “Shelter”, please think, a blogger that lives near Union College LOVES that song.

  4. I am a new follower, and I look forward to hearing about your marathon training! I am going to the David/Ray show tomorrow night 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great training run! And holyyy fast Mal!!

    Your smoothie with vega sounds amazing too! Nothing better than chocolate, nut butter and banana combo! Have fun tonight!


  6. I raised almost $5,000 for pediatric cancer (Fred’s Team) in order to run the NYC Marathon in 2008- so I know how hard it is to raise that money! Almost harder than the training itself! I will for sure be buying some tickets! Great idea and good luck. I blew my knee out a month before the marathon and was unable to run it, but I was able to roll my race number and funds over to 2010 (too injured to be back at it in time for 2009) so I am in week 5 of training this week!

  7. that’s awesome you and mal are running the marathon together!!!! and I love that he’s giving us updates as well! I also have decided to run a marathon this year… unfortunately not in hawaii!!! lucky!!! I’ve run a few half marathons and I’m hooked! I’m looking into getting a watch to keep track of my pace… which one do you use??

  8. That’s awesome that you two are training together! I’m currently training for my first marathon too. The first time you run 18 miles you pretty much feel like a superhero… and like you can eat whatever you want without gaining an ounce!! (but I learned that’s not true 🙂 ) Looking forward to following..

  9. Since I am a beginner runner, I’d never cared about my speed but now I really want to know and see how bad/good I am compared with you guys. I want a garmint like yours!!

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