Our First Patriots Game {& Other Weekend Fun}

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Hello! Happy Monday!

Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was ridiculously fun””probably ones of the best I’ve had in months! Here’s a recap!


Mal and I slept in on Saturday morning and then spectated the CrossFit 781 Internal Throwdown.

IMG_9320 (600x600)

It was so fun watching everyone compete, and it made me wish I had signed up! Next time for sure!

IMG_9323 (600x450)

There were three WODs + a final workout for the top three athletes from each of the two divisions (Rx and scaled).

IMG_9333 (600x450)

If you think you are too old or out of shape to try CrossFit, read Rick’s story. He’s such an inspiration and took 3rd place in the scaled division.

IMG_9327 (600x450)

CrossFit friends!

IMG_9392 (600x450)

Top dogs from the Throwdown!

photo (15)
source: Instagram @kfitbody

The CrossFit 781 family! I love these people so much, it’s ridiculous.

IMG_9390 (600x600)

After the Throwdown, a group of us went to 4 Square to grab some food and drinks. I ended up ordering the Irish nachos (nachos made with potato slices instead of tortilla chips), which were incredible””and spicy! Hello, jalapenos! I ate about half and took half home for later.

IMG_9343 (600x600)

Mal and I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening running errands””Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, baking quiches, and getting ready for an early-morning tailgate the next day. Meanwhile, Murphy snoozed on the couch. Look how we found him: pug burrito! He looked so cozy.

IMG_9349 (450x600)


The next morning, Mal and I woke up bright and early (we were like kids on Christmas) and ready to get our tailgate on before the Pats game. We dropped off Murphy at the “dog spa” (aka our dog sitter’s house where he loves going) and then headed to Kerrie‘s uncle’s house to meet everyone and then hop in the Winnebago to drive down to Patriot’s stadium.

I can’t even express how excited I was about this, and it was SUCH a fun way to introduce Mal to his first ever Patriots game. (I bought him tickets for Christmas.) I mean, Patriots game, friends, tailgating, WINNEBAGO!?! Epic.

IMG_9351 (600x450)

Kerrie’s uncles have been tailgating at Pats games for 40 years, so they had everything planned and organized to a tee, which made the day stress-free and incredibly enjoyable.

IMG_9353 (600x450)

IMG_9359 (600x450)

IMG_9364 (600x600)

IMG_9379 (450x600)

IMG_9366 (600x450)

We had so much good food at the tailgate””baked ham, cheesy potatoes, Caesar salad, chips and dip, mimosas”¦

IMG_9373 (450x600)

I also made a couple of quiches to contribute to the spread: Mushroom & Gruyere Quiche + a Meat Lovers Quiche made with bacon and sausage using the same Whole Foods recipe (minus the mushrooms, of course).

IMG_9374 (600x450)

Kerrie made the most insane . OMG. It takes French toast and Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls to a whole new level. It was honestly one of the most delicious things (breakfast? dessert?) I have ever eaten.

Mom, can we have this for Christmas breakfast this year? Winking smile

IMG_9375 (600x450)

After eating, drinking, and being merry for a solid 4 hours, we prepared ourselves for the game. It was 29 degrees F at game time, so we all bundled up like crazy. I’m a serious wuss when it comes to the cold, so I put on a zillion layers of clothes. Once I had everything on, I felt like a fat guy in a little coat. It was ridiculous.

I sort of failed when it came to my feet because they were freezing cold after just a couple of hours of being outside. Thankfully, my friend Mel saved the day by giving me a couple of Toe Warmers, which were the greatest thing ever and really worked! I owe her big time, considering my toes didn’t freeze off.

IMG_9382 (450x600)

About 45 minutes before kickoff we headed into the game, which I thought was a ton of extra time, but with security (only clear bags – I used a wristlet), ticket lines, bathroom lines, buying beverages, and actually getting to our seats, the timing worked out perfectly.

IMG_9385 (600x450)

Group pic before the game (with Kerrie in handstand mode)!

photo (16)
source: Instagram @kfitbody

Go Pats!!! I have to admit 90% of the game was pretty boring and the Pats were not playing well, but the final couple of minutes totally made up for it! Holy exciting!

IMG_9394 (600x450)

After the game, we all met back at the winnie for some post-game tailgating (mostly to avoid the crazy amount of traffic leaving the stadium). I’m telling ya, Kerrie’s uncles are tailgating experts!

IMG_9398 (600x450)

The post-game tailgate had more drinks, a bonfire, and lots of good eats: burgers, hot dogs, and even pumpkin pie!

IMG_9409 (600x450)

Yesterday was such a fun time. I don’t think Mal and I will look at tailgating the same again. We definitely did it the right way yesterday!

IMG_9403 (600x450)

Minted Giveaway

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we just started planning our wedding so the save the dates would be perfect!

Congrats, Jennifer! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake.com to claim your prize.

Questions of the Day

Did anyone else watch yesterday’s Pats game? Crazy, right?

What’s your tailgating style? Do you go all out? (Tailgating is so ridiculously fun!)

Have you ever attended a professional sporting event? Which sport/team? 

P.S. Just a quick reminder that I’m hosting a Twitter chat with CVS about holiday snacking tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 8:00 PM EST. The hashtag is #goldmeblem. Hope you can make it!

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