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Our little peanut went to daycare last night and he loved it! My friend Kerrie recently moved her all-women’s bootcamp to a new location that has childcare, so Quinn and I went to check it out last night.

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The new KFIT location is beauuuutiful! It’s big, open, and brand spankin’ new. And I got such a great workout there last night. It was a longer workout with all sorts of movements and equipment, which are my favorite kind since I generally have workout ADD. The ladies at KFIT are also such a great bunch. They are so nice and they love KFIT, which makes me love it too!

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Quinn had a nice time at daycare. I was a little nervous leaving him with someone I had only met for a few minutes, but he was just in the other room, so it made me feel better knowing that I could pop in and check on him whenever I wanted. And I did check on him, which is totally normal for a first-time mom, right? Haha! I checked on him twice during the workout””just to make sure he was okay””and he was playing his little heart out both times.

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The woman watching him said he was happy the entire time, so I’d say our first daycare experience was a success. We’ll definitely hit up KFIT a lot more in the future!

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This morning, I woke up craving oatmeal like crazy. I guess the gray skies and cold weather had something to do with it? I just wanted something warm and comforting, ya know? Anyway, it was a delicious bowl made with chia seeds, pecans, dried cranberries, pumpkin pie spice, and a big scoop of peanut butter. Mmm! It totally hit the spot!

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Questions of the Day

Moms: When did you little one first go to daycare? Did everything go okay? Any funny daycare stories? 

What did you wake up craving this morning? 



  1. Lochlyn started going to the gym childcare at 6 weeks old. She is 8 months old now and I can leave her with anyone without her getting upset. I think it is good taking your little one to childcare sometimes so they get used to being with other people and kids their own age. Plus I love the little break I get during the day when I workout. I am glad Quinn did ok!

  2. Love his facial expressions! My guy goes to daycare every day. And the first day he went (at 12 weeks) was harder for me than him. PLUS, that same exact day my daughter (who just turned 3), told me “Mom, I’m growing up!” They grow too fast!!!!

  3. Harlow has done very well in daycare from the very beginning. Now at 19 months old, her teachers call her a Social Butterfly & The Welcome Wagon. She’s basically the Mayor of Toddler Room 2!

  4. I woke up craving sleep! =)
    Actually when I was walking downstairs to the kitchen i remembered this coffee cake muffin my sister in law sent me home with over the weekend. I made a beeline for it and it hit the spot!

    Congrats on childcare success. I need this for dogs. HAHA!

  5. Totally craved oatmeal this morning too – pecans and blueberries for me! Snow on the ground and 20 degree weather definitely oatmeal!

  6. So glad Quinn had a good daycare experience! I recently took my 15 month old to the Kids Klub at my gym and let’s just say it didn’t go so hot. Lots of tears. I actually got called out of spinning to get him 🙁 We’ve been back since and it was better, so I think I just need to ease him in slowly. Kinda wish I had started taking him earlier!!

  7. Yay! So glad he loved it 🙂

    My 1 year old went to a friend’s house starting at 6 weeks old so I could teach 1-hour fitness classes a few times each week. Once she was 6 months she could go to the gyms’ daycares, and she looooves it! We all leave the gym an hour later happy, tired, and ready for naps. 😉

    However, things happen of course when other kids are around, so she’s definitely got the sniffles/colds from those places, and some kid bit her arm the other day<–It's possible she might've provoked it (who knows though), but it's still sad when kids hurt each other even if they mean it or not. I guess my being more chill about it helps, because I know stuff happens and I try not to make a big deal about it (the kid's parent definitely heard that her kid did that though), and being a helicopter parent is not for me.

  8. That’s great that the first time with daycare went well! You must feel good knowing it’s an option for the future should you want to go out, get things done, etc.
    I knew last night I’d be craving something warm for breakfast, so I hard boiled some eggs ahead of time and warmed those up when I got to work to have with some oatmeal (topped with pumpkin seeds and goji berries). Mostly hit the spot.

  9. That’s so great about Quinn doing great at Daycare. I feel like the first time is always the hardest and hopefully you’ll be less worried during subsequent workouts, etc.

    Also, I don’t know if I’m the only one seeing this but it I saw it on your posts yesterday too so I figured I’d say something: the ads on your pictures are really invasive. I totally understand your need for ads, as I’m sure they support you and your family, but as a reader it sucks having you click down ads on all of your pictures to be able to fully see them.

  10. You’re lucky! I work at a fitness center and my job is right next to the Play Center. Let me tell you, we get some screamers in there who do NOT want to be there! Some kids love it from the get go (and even ask their parents to go to the gym so they can play with their friends), others definitely take some adjusting! Glad Quinn loved it!

    I’ve been craving salt in the mornings. Not sure what that means lately!

  11. I’m pregnant so I pretty much always wake up craving OJ and cream cheese 😉 Haha! And I’m so glad his first daycare experience went well! I teach group fitness so I’ll definitely be using my gym’s daycare in the future.

  12. I have been craving oatmeal like crazy so I normally just make your “oatmeal minus the oats”!! How did you make yours?? 🙂

  13. My little guy went to daycare at 7 weeks old since I had to go back to work. It was miserable for me, but fine for him. He’s been a daycare kid ever since since both my husband and I work. He is super social and I am sure daycare helped with that. Now he is almost 9 and dreads daycare in the summer when school is out. I feel for him, but I don’t have any other choice. Poor guy.

  14. My little one started daycare at 7 weeks. Luckily I worked right across the street so I could visit at lunch time! She’s 10.5 months now and LOVES school. She starts waving the minute I free her from her carseat. It’s the most precious (but heartbreaking) thing in the world!

  15. I don’t eat breakfast, and I normally crave savory food, so it’s been ages since I’ve had oatmeal. When I was walking my dog one night last week, and it was 5 degrees out, I got a craving for some oatmeal again! Maybe I’ll have it for dessert. 🙂

  16. My little guy went to daycare at 8 weeks when I went back to work and we had a HORRIBLE experience. I pulled him from that daycare (without a back up plan!) just a few weeks later. He’s at a new daycare now and he LOVES it. He has done everything early because he wants to be like the big kids. Crawled at 4 months. Walked at 8 months. He’s 10 1/2 months now and he feeds himself with a spoon and is starting to talk…. Daycare has been so great for him since we found the right one!

  17. My daughter went to daycare/school for the first time at 8 weeks old. I cried! But she loves her school. She’s now 26 months old and she even has a little core group of kids who have been together since they were tiny, her little posse!

    I woke up craving some hot tea and some peace. My daughter had other plans, seeing as how she woke up about an hour early! LOL!

  18. well, my little guy goes to daycare because I work from 8-5, but do you work or is your job blogging? Why does he have to go to daycare if you have the luxury of working at home? I can only dream of that!! I hate sending my guy to daycare

      1. Good for you for taking a whole 60 minutes for yourself while Q was in good hands with a sitter like the entire population of Moms do on occasion:) Thank god you dont have to do it for 9 hours with your fake kinda not really work blog job! Cant imagine that!

  19. Ahh! I’m so nervous about leaving my little guy in daycare. But it will need to happen in a few months when I go back to work. I wish I could be around the corner to check up on him!! I’m glad your first experience went well.

  20. I was craving an egg and cheese on english muffin! So I made just that and added strawberry jam…salty and sweet, so good!

  21. That’s great… I’ve said this like 5 times already but I think it’s such a shame your box doesn’t have childcare. I honestly don’t know what they’d do without it at mine! EVERYONE has little kids!!!!!!! I know you said your box is young… mine’s old. LOL

  22. I would have totally checked on him too! In all honesty, we haven’t tried daycare at all yet (aaaaaaand my girl will be two on Sunday). We always had a family member to come stay with her if we needed to go somewhere, or for workouts, my hubby and I would trade off, or again, the whole family thing. We recently moved to a whole new country now so the daycare thing occasionally is sounding much more appealing! I would love a workout situation like yours where she’d just be on the other side of the wall!

  23. good for you mama!! I am a mostly stay at home mom who moonlight as a photographer and that hour at gym daycare is heaven sent!!!! Good for you for starting now so he will be nice and used to it 🙂

    Also for those saying working at home moms don’t need daycare help, you have NO idea how difficult it is to work at home with a child.. the answer is VERY. Shame on your judging

  24. I have a 5-year old and a 3-year old and I STILL call daycare to check and see how they are doing sometimes! Well, my 5-year old is in Kindergarten, so that would be a bit inappropriate, BUT… I do call for my “baby.” I was very fortunate to find a daycare that is staffed with some WONDERFUL people who have emotional bonds with the children they work with. I know that my kids are getting real LOVE when they are there, and that they are helping me to raise awesome kids. I just miss them sometimes! The transition to real school has been difficult because you don’t communicate with the teacher every single day during drop-off and pick-up. We were very blessed with a wonderful teacher this year and she and I see eye to eye about a lot of things, so that helps. Plus, we keep an open line through email too.

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