Our Attempt at Containing the Pug Fur

Ever since we bought our new couch, Mal and I have been losing a never-ending battle against pug fur. (It still amazes me, for such a little dog, Murphy can shed SO MUCH fur. It’s insane. I know the pug people feel my pain.) We recently bought a Dust Buster thing, and we vacuum the couch almost every day, but we just can’t win, so we considered other solutions.

Last week, Mal brought home a dog bed for Murphy so he can sleep on the floor next to the couch or even in the dog bed on the couch to at least contain the pug fur in a smaller space.

IMG_0461 (675x900)

If you’re a long-time reader, you might remember Murphy’s affinity for dog beds. Actually, it’s more like a love-hate relationship. He either tries to rip them to shreds or he humps the crap out of them. Basically, there’s no gray area for Murphy when it comes to dog beds. Mal and I knew this full well going into our newest pug experiment, but it had been a few years since we tried the whole dog bed thing with Murphy, so we thought maybe he would calm down a bit about it.

IMG_0463 (675x900)

Well, we were wrong. So very wrong.

IMG_0464 (675x900)

Murphy went into full on freak out mode as soon as he saw Mal with the dog bed.

IMG_0465 (675x900)

Mal could barely walk into the house without Murphy trying to rip it out of his hands! Haha!

IMG_0466 (675x900)

The freaking out continued inside too.

IMG_0483 (675x900)

Eventually, Murphy got so worked up about the bed, I decided to take him for a walk to calm him down a little. (He really wasn’t digging his new dog bed.)


When we returned from our walk, Mal had put some treats and Murphy’s favorite bone inside the dog bed to try to change his mind about it.

IMG_0487 (675x900)

This actually kind of worked, so we decided to feed Murphy his dinner in his bed too. (If you haven’t noticed already, this dog is highly motivated by food.)

IMG_0492 (900x675)

Finally, we fed Murphy treats in his bed to get him to lay down and relax in it.

IMG_0500 (675x900)

Later that night, we tried to get Murphy to stay in his bed on the floor next to the couch, but, of course, he wanted to be right next to us on the couch. We eventually moved his bed onto the couch with us, and he actually settled down and fell asleep in it.

IMG_0510 (675x900)

The next day in the middle of the afternoon, I found him snuggled up in his bed (on the couch, of course). Maybe he was changing his mind about it after all!

photo (5) (480x640)

What a weirdo.

IMG_0592 (900x900)

On Friday, I decided to buy Murphy a bigger dog bed since he didn’t quite fit in the first one, and I figured he’d be able to get more comfortable, especially since he was kind of digging the whole dog bed thing.

IMG_0605 (675x900)

(I love how Murphy brings his favorite toys into bed with him! So cute.)

IMG_0609 (900x675)

Since then, Murphy has pretty consistently slept in his dog bed. We haven’t gotten him off the couch quite yet (we probably never will), but at least the pug fur is more contained!

IMG_0611 (900x675)

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Questions of the Day

Has anyone had success with training their dog to get off the couch? Any tips for us?

Any ridiculous dog bed stories to share? 


  1. Ahh! Love the Murphy pics in this post!! Before our boxer passed away, we received a dog bed as a wedding gift. Boss (the boxer) was the first to lay on it, so I guess in the dog world he “claimed” it as his own, because our other dog Buddy would not go near it. Even after Boss passed away last summer, we still couldn’t get Buddy to lay on it. It’s hard to tell if Buddy is like Murphy and just doesn’t really care for dog beds, or if he won’t go on it out of respect for his late brother:) I think we’re going to try to get another bed and see if he’ll lay in it–and if not, we’ll use your strategies! Thanks!

  2. What a weirdo! Too funny. I have no tips to share but I totally feel your pain on the pet hair thing. I had a 110 pound German Shepherd. The shedding was ridiculous. They have these super thick undercoats -OMG…so.much.hair. It was like tumbleweeds everywhere in my house. I used to get her shaved down because I just couldn’t stand it. I never tried a dog bed because I would have needed a giant one for her.

    Now I have a cat and he sheds so much too. I’m constantly vaccuuming everything because he has all these different spots that he lays in. I highly doubt I could get him to lay in a cat bed!

    Good luck with the dog bed! 🙂

  3. I have an English Bulldog and he sheds everywhere. We recently got the FURminator deshedding tool (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0040QW3D2/ref=amb_link_355615782_1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-3&pf_rd_r=1GZ79VA7ZT0P3V6R6V8Z&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1292499962&pf_rd_i=1296335011) and it has helps a lot. Get the one for short haired dogs! Of course, Lemmy wants to eat the thing instead of being brushed by it, so I’ll hold a piece of cheese by his mouth while he lays down and I brush him. He’ll lick it until I give it to him when we’re done. Works like a charm!

  4. Awww love this! I used to have the same problem with my dog (though she is a little bigger than Murphy) and she used to either shred the dog bed or she would pee on it. I had to get rid of so many beds I gave up. After about 6 months I went out and bought another bed…so far so good! She seems to enjoy it I think maybe it took her some time to get used to it. She loves to bring her favorite toys into the bed just like Murphy! I think it is adorable.

  5. We have a pug/spaniel mix, we can relate to the fur expolsion; our Bart is black; ugh the hair goes everywhere. Our Bart likes his bed at times but always loves to hang is head over the side. Your picture of Murphy with his neck and head on the side is so familiar of Bart’s many positions in his bed. Love your blog.

  6. Those pictures of Murphy going for the dog bed are pretty funny. My pug only wants the dog bed when my other dog is laying in it. Actually, that’s how it is with anything–squeaky toys, ropes, whatever. He has no interest until he sees the other one with it 🙂 Though at times he will curl up right next to my bigger dog on a dog bed. He’s such a cuddler!

  7. My husband and I have two dogs who shed like crazy all year. We do the dog bed thing, too, and recently found some little dog blankets that we put on the couches because the boys just hate to not be hanging out with us and cuddling. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that when there IS hair everywhere on the furniture, the absolute BEST vacuum we have found to get rid of it is a shop vac. Just so you know!

  8. Clementine now has a “day bed” we have it on the couch and she loves it. This was a total accident though! After we washed her new bigger bed, we put the old one on the couch in her room and she kept jumping up for some alone time. It’s so damn funny! Now we have it downstairs on the living room couch. She loves it and gets so excited when I say ‘CLEMMY!! Look DAYYY BED!!!” I’m also a total freak 🙂

    1. @jen: My dog does the same thing. He doesn’t really hump too much but if we try to move one of his blankies from the living room (where he drags them) back to his crate, he humps it the whole way back. It’s hilarious.

  9. Hahaha Murphy’s face in that one photo is priceless!

    Ugh – I hate pet fur and that is the number 1 reason why we do not have a pet in our house. After having pets at my parents house for over 15 years – I just do not want to battle pet hair any more!

    Murphy resting in the dog bed on the couch seems like a bit of a compromise though!

  10. What you are doing with the dog bed; associating good things (treats, meal time, toys) is perfect and essentially what you have to do with trying to train him to stay off the couch. As soon as he jumps off the couch and uses his bed instead, give him a treat immediately. It’s all about association and whatever makes him happy, which in his case is food, food and more food. In his bed on the ground= reward. On the couch= no reward. Eventually he will just want his bed 🙂 Good luck! Funny, my pug is such the opposite, she loves dog beds and whenever I take her to someone else’s house with a dog she takes over their bed and thinks its hers.

  11. I’m so glad Murphy is finally turning around on the whole dog bed thing 🙂 Our dog loves the sofa too! A few years ago, my husband purchased a mat that is placed on the sofa when you’re not using it. It gives out a tiny static shock (I tried it because I was super worried about the whole thing!) when touched. We don’t keep it on anymore but whenever our dog sees it on the furniture, he keeps off of it!

  12. Our boxer is a rescue we’ve had since September. She was 10 months old at the time. We brought the dog bed home before bringing the dog home. We have always directed her to it and never allowed her on the couch.
    Ours beds are another story! My girls both allow her on their beds. She sleeps with them. I don’t allow her on my bed. When my girls are gone, I just drag her dog bed into my room and she sleeps on it. No fuss.

  13. I wish I had tips to offer but sadly I’m a dog admirer, not dog owner 🙁 However, I just wanted to say that this post was one of my favorites on C&C. I was engaged and smiling the whole way through! Congrats on a successful training and glad Murphy is adjusting to the idea!

  14. This is so funny and comforting. I’m glad to know humping or ripping beds is a pug thing. We can’t take his bed out of Oscar’s crate or else we have to buy a new one. I wish there was an easy solution for the shedding. 🙁 we have a leather couch and bought removeable seat covers to not only protect the couch but help with to cleaning. No one told us how gross pugs could be.

  15. It was long hard slog…but when we changed to leather couches we said no more so we had to just keep putting her down and outside for a few minutes so she’d no it was wrong. I can’t even remember how long it took..now she’s too old to jump (only a little Westie)

  16. one of my fav posts that you ever posted.

    Im an animal lover also. I have a beautiful cat ! (doesn’t shed much either. phew)

  17. Sooooo funny and cute!! We ended up getting a couch to match our pugs fur (we have a gray couch and a brindle pug – way better for concealing fur than the red fabric couch we used to have!!

  18. I had the same problem with my previous couch and my pug, so when I bought a new couch, I tried to find one where his fur would blend in and not be so noticeable. It kind of worked (huge improvement on the brown suede couch I had before!), but I’m not sure it’s possible to convince a pug to stay off of a couch (especially when his owners are on it). You are definitely right that it’s amazing how much fur they shed. By the way, I really like that bigger bed, where did you get it?

  19. Oh I love this! Our boston terrier loves his bed and always has. But we have way too many of them (so spoiled!). He has one in the car, one in the living room, one in our office and 1 in the bedroom. Not to mention he sleeps in bed and on the couch, but he loves his alone time in his beds. Love all the pictures of Murphy in his beds, so cute!

  20. I saw someone else mention it, but wanted to 2nd (or 3rd) it – LEATHER. I’ve had pugs for 20+ years. I still have fur EV-ERY-WHERE but my leather sofa saves my sanity and gives guests a place to sit where they aren’t instantly covered in the stuff. Get leather in the car too.

  21. Our couch IS our dog’s bed! He is constantly sitting on the back of it like a cat..he has the perfect view of me in the kitchen cooking. I don’t think we will ever get him off the couch! Next dog, many years from now, we will train better and OFF the couch 🙂

  22. OMG, the dog hair. We have two heavy-shedders and the hair drives me insaaaaane! We still haven’t really found a solution, but the Dyson handheld animal vac is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

    Anyway, my crazy dog bed story is that our little one used to rip them open and eat the stuffing. We didn’t really think much of it, but she ended up needing emergency abdominal surgery (to the tune of several thousand dollars!) to remove a clump of stuffing that anchored in her stomach and her bowels. We ended up taking all the stuffing out of the dog beds and using old tshirts and sweatshirts to keep them comfy and safe!

  23. Murphy is too cute! My dog isn’t allowed to lay on our couches, but sometimes I can tell that she has been sneakily hanging out on them on her own because 1.) She looks incredibly guilty, and 2.) There’s a ton of her hair on the couch just in one spot. Ha!

  24. Aww love it! I have the best solution for this problem at my house….my dog is only 3 and 1/2 pounds so can’t reach any of the furniture haha:) Of course she sleeps in my bed every night and is always on the couch with me when I’m up there so clearly she has trained me well. At my parents house we have a jack russell who I trained and we just always put his favorite blanket on the couch and he has learned his “spot” on the couch. It’s just because they love us so much!

  25. Our dog (a husky mix) sheds quite a bit. We have a blanket on one cushion on one couch that is “her spot”. But, of course, she prefers to lay on the other couch. We go through phases of being really strong and making her stay in her spot and being soft and letting her sleep/hang out wherever she wants. But there’s just so much hair to vacuum all the time! It’s tough! I might be a leather couch convert after this.

    I don’t know how you sleep with dog hair in the bed! We never let her on our bed just because she sheds so much – the only time we ever do is once in a great while when we put a towel down first.

  26. I love this story. Fur babies are so funny. My fur baby had to have back surgery so now two years later I have to keep him and his sister off the couch to protect their backs. I simply put a sheet of tinfoil on the couch doesn’t have to cover the couch just a sheet in the middle, but they hate the noise so they steer clear. It was an instant fix and has worked relentlessly. If we remove the tinfoil Lola will always sneak up there! So funny but it works. I only let them on the couch if I am with them. Otherwise a big donut shaped bed with lots of fleece blankets is their haven and they love it now. Previously the couch was their bed….

  27. Boy, do I ever feel your dog fur pain. I swear I could build another Fielder out of all of the hair I swept out from under our bed today. He won’t even go near a dog bed. In fact, the dog bed we bought him as a puppy serves as a “toy box” for all of his toys. We vacuum and lint roll our furniture constantly and our dryer vent is always coated in his hair from our clothes and linens. Luckily his hair is light and fluffy and doesn’t stick quite like pug hair, but it’s a pain nonetheless. I keep his “spot” on the couch covered with a blanket to try to contain it but we’ve never been successful at keeping him more than a few feet away from us at any time, let alone off of the furniture. Good luck!

  28. So cute that he brings his toys into the dog bed.
    My dog is a shedder…do you have a Furminator brush for Murphy? That helps get loose fur off the dog and also the under-coat of fluffier fur.
    Our vet also started prescribing a topical medicine to help reduce the shedding. It actually works. It’s Dermoscent Animal Dermo Care Essential 6 Spot-On.
    The bigger problem with the beds is keeping Kostas off of our bed!! I just got him a cozy, orthopedic bed that he seems to love. A few weeks ago I caught him on our leather couch. A big no-no…the bad behavior came out of the blue.

  29. Aluminum foil on the couch may work to keep the pug off. You can store it under the couch cushions when you are sitting on your couch. I have a golden, Beatrice, and all furniture decisions revolved around whether or not they will camouflage Beatrice’s fur! By the way, I am due on 5/31 with a baby boy! And I have also been having cravings for delivery pizza because of their commercials! I am going to have to cave soon! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  30. Hawkeye likes to lay in between my man and me, but in beween our legs, so there’s no getting comfy. This is on top of the covers mind you, and once he’s in his comfy position, there’s no moving him. If you take the covers and pull, he just rolls with the covers then stays in that position he lands it.

  31. Love it! We are in the same boat with our boxer mix puppy Daisy – she has shredded her beds and we finally gave in and gave her a chair in the room – what we do for these pups!!!

  32. This obviously won’t work because you have a dog and we have a cat but our cat has an adorable sports car cat bed that he never would use. He sleeps on our bed. He loves cat nip so to prevent a mess on our floor and get him to use his bed, we pour fresh cat nip in his bed every few days. It works like a charm.

  33. I have to say this post made my day, yesterday!! Murphy is an adorable pug and this post proves it. Thank you for making me giggle!

  34. Roscoe has also destroyed/eaten/humped several dog beds. We had given up until my parents bought him one this Christmas that seemed bigger than he actually needed. I think they need to have a little room to spread out…

    That being said, Roscoe loves to hop up on the couch/bed wherever we are to snuggle. I don’t think we’ll be able to get him to stop that… 🙂

  35. We have a blanket that we ALWAYS keep on the couch for our dog to lay on, and our dog knows if the blanket isn’t down then she can’t get on the couch! She has her bed on the other side of the room, so she always gets a treat when she gets in it!

  36. I have two dogs and a two-month old baby. When I was pregnant, we decided that we should probably kick the dogs out of our bed and off the couch. And you’re right, the hair is RIDICULOUS. I have a pitbull/coonhound mix (2 years old) and an American bulldog mix (1 year old). They are both short haired dogs, but shed so much. It’s insane. So, training them actually wasn’t that bad. We have a large sectional that came with a really big ottoman. We allow them to still stay on that. I put a blanket over it so that when the hair gets really bad, I just take that off and throw it in the wash. We also invested in a Dyson Animal vacuum (the most expensive animal option) and it was worth every penny. Before the baby, I vacuumed every few days to once a week. Now I vacuum every day to every other day. It’s amazing how much cleaner you want things when you have a little baby breathing in the space. What worked for us though was that we use a water bottle to train the dogs. They both HATE water, so we use commands first but if that doesn’t work, we literally just hold up the squirt bottle and they listen. We also get them very comfy dog beds for our room and we have an additional blanket for them in the living room and dining room. They tend to destroy dog beds, so we only have the two in our bedroom. So far, it’s been a few months and those are still intact. That room is shut during the day though, which helps.

  37. I have the same dog bed for my dog (got it at TJ Maxx). At first my dog wanted nothing to do with this… so I did the same thing you guys did – at first put it ON the couch, then when I moved it to floor I put a small rug UNDER it and also put an old blanket IN it. The rug under it adds warmth, and the blanket in allows me to periodically wash it periodically (since you can’t throw the whole bed in the wash). Seems to work. I can’t stand the dog hair either!

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