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Tuesday in a nutshell: Orangetheory, shrimp tacos, and conjunctivitis!

Quinn slept until nearly 7:00 AM, which was awesome, but also meant that our usual morning was cut short a bit. Usually, we lounge around the house, drink iced coffee/milk, and take our time getting ready, but we had places to go and people to see! 🙂 On the agenda: Orangetheory! Mal and I love taking classes together, but we don’t get to go all that often because 1) it’s not super close to our house and 2) it doesn’t have childcare. But Mal is on school vacation this week, so we made plans to go. Woohoo!

Pre-Orangetheory fuel: A delicious “cookie” with peanut butter and banana slices on top. Mmm! So good!

After breakfast, we got ourselves together, dropped Quinn off at school, and then headed to Orangetheory.

The workout was a fun one with a lots of switching back and forth between treadmills, rowers, and the weight floor, which made the class fly by. I love when workouts have you doing a zillion different things – it keeps your body and mind engaged!

After class, Mal and I headed out in search of (iced) coffee. I heard good things about Redeye Coffee Roasters, so we went there. It was adorable – right on the water – and the iced coffee was bold and super flavorful. We’ll definitely be back! 🙂

Back at home, I took a quick shower and then refueled with some leftover Buffalo Blue Chicken Pasta (recipe coming soon!) made with Banza. OMG, it was tasty! You guys will love it!

After that, Mal and I headed out for a photo shoot. (Mal has taken an interest in photography, so I hired him for CNC!) I was still hungry, so I grabbed a banana for the road.

We found a scenic location for our photo shoot and got right to work. A couple favorites from the shoot:

Striped button-shoulder turtleneck <— comes in other colors + on sale right now! 🙂

Eyelet-back sweatshirt <— comes in white and navy too!

(For the record, I think it’s pretty funny that I’m taking “fashion” photos, too!)

Once we finished up, Mal said he was hungry (and I can always eat), so we swung by Rivershed for (second) lunch. I ordered the grilled shrimp tacos with sweet potato waffle fries, which were both incredible. The tacos at Rivershed are my favorite!

While we were eating, I received a call from Quinn’s school saying that he might have “pink eye.” Uh oh. So Mal and I cut our lunch date short and headed straight to pick him up. We swung by the MinuteClinic at CVS to get him checked out, and it was a confirmed case of conjunctivitis. Whomp whomp. Poor kid. He’s fine otherwise, but I feel so bad for him and his goopy eyes.

*Knock on wood,* Quinn is the first person in our house to ever have gotten it. Hopefully, Mal and I (and Murphy – do dogs get it?) stay pink-eye free!

Question of the Day

Your turn! Sum up your Tuesday in 3 words!

Have you ever had conjunctivitis? 

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  1. looks like a great Tuesday, well except for the pink eye. pink eye is not fun especially for little guys. lots of hand washing and make sure you wash all the door knobs and light switches he may have touched. that eyelet sweatshirt looks so cool.

  2. I had conjunctivitis for the first time last year and I, too, went over to the CVS Minute Clinic where they fixed me up with some eye drops which cleared it up within a few days. It sure does look and feel nasty, though. The sunlight was brutal so you may want to put some sunglasses on the little man if he’s outside. BTW, those photos Mal took of you are gorgeous! So professional looking.

  3. I had a horrible case of conjunctivitis in college. And my son has had it a few times. No one in our house has ever gotten it from him though, so you’ll probably be ok!

  4. Confession: I used to get allergic conjunctivitis a lot… it’s an allergic reaction that looks just like conjunctivitis. Back in HS the surest way to get sent home was with goopy eyes so I’d go to the nurse with it if I wanted to leave, even though I knew it was my allergies.

    Man perspective is different as a Mom! In my defense I had last period study hall…

  5. cold – boring – happy sums up my Tuesday. This cold/chill weather in MA needs to go away, its making me crabby, lol. My job is in a lull right now and I was SO BORED at work…I’m trying to find a new job (I thrive off of being really busy and like the stress of it) but waiting for call backs, interviews, etc is also boring. haha But I was happy once I got home to my kiddos, dog and husband! They always make my day warmer and busy!

  6. Is there an orangetheory class every hour on the hour? Do you have to call in to book your spot?

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