One-Track (Pug) Mind

Murphy has a one-track mind.

IMG_2394 (563x750)

Yesterday afternoon, Mal brought home a new bag of dog food.

IMG_2366 (563x750)

Obviously, Murphy was excited.

IMG_2365 (563x750)

And, of course, he didn’t want to miss a thing as Mal poured it into the storage bin.

IMG_2367 (750x563)

IMG_2368 (750x563)

He also made sure to eat all of the dropped pieces.

IMG_2370 (750x563)

No food goes to waste in our house!

IMG_2371 (750x563)

Once Murphy’s food was put away, he became obsessed with the empty bag””sniffing, whining, and excited-panicking about it””so Mal showed him there was nothing left inside.

IMG_2377 (750x563)

But, the pug didn’t believe him, and Mal eventually threw away the bag.

IMG_2378 (750x563)

Ten minutes later, I heard Murphy whining in the back room where we keep the recycling (and lawn mower and beer fridge”¦ it’s quite the catch-all room). He was still obsessing about the dog food bag.

IMG_2379 (563x750)

Murphy gave it a rest for a little while, but I found him, later in the evening, still staring at the recycling bin.

IMG_2392 (563x750)

He has a one-track (pug) mind.

IMG_2394 (563x750)

Poor Murphy. His life is so hard.


Mmm”¦ last night’s dinner”¦ soooo delicious. I made Paleo Pad Thai again and added sautéed mushrooms to the mix this time. It was so frickin’ good.

IMG_2388 (750x563)

After dinner, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a Godiva chocolate from Jen’s bridal shower favors.

IMG_2391 (750x563)

Health News & Views

I can’t believe it’s already mid-September! It seems like I was just barbecuing and celebrating the 4th of July. The summer months passed way too quickly for me, so I missed out on a number of my favorite warm weather activities, including enjoying ice cream at my favorite shop, playing mini golf, and even picking out fresh produce from my local farmers’ market. Thankfully, summer doesn’t technically end until Friday, September 21, so I still have a little time left to do these things.

The fall will likely whiz by too, but I don’t want to have a single regret about missing autumn activities, so I created a Fall Bucket List to keep me healthy, happy, and ensure that I fully enjoy everything the season has to offer.

5 Healthy Activities for Your Fall Bucket List

P.S. UC folks: Doctors’ don’t always know best: Student claims he cured debilitating bowel disease taking up smoking. Crazy, right? This disease makes perfect sense. Maybe I should start ripping butts? Totally kidding!


  1. Your Murphy stories crack me up.

    I love the pictures of him looking inside the bag. You can almost hear him thinking, “There must be food inside. I KNOW there is, why can’t I see it?”

  2. Hey Tina!
    Is there a reason why you switched from Chicken Soup dog food to TOTW? We feed our dog TOTW too but she just recently started getting tired of it. It’s a great dog food so we scaled back on the quantity and started mixing in raw dog food with it. She loves the new mix. I’m just hoping we don’t have to switch to another brand anytime soon.

      1. @Tina:

        Just FYI, the salmonella scare was for Diamond Pet Foods, which makes both Chicken Soup and Taste of the Wild (and a whole bunch of other brands). Same company, same factory, same risks. They inspected the factory and it sounded pretty gross. That said, it was a few months back and they’ve probably fixed things by now.

        TOTW is a better food anyway, though.

  3. Those photos of your dog are sooo cute! I wonder what goes through their brain…’maybe if I keep staring at the bag it will come to me’. And great idea about a fall list ! One of the things I forget to do is to hit up farmer’s market. It always slips my mind.

  4. I think that doctor/student stole that from an episode of House. In one episode House tells a guy with inflammatory bowel issues to smoke 2 cigarettes a day to help.

    My cat knows the drawer we keep her dry food in, and she routinely trues to get inside the drawer. 🙂

  5. Hey great minds think alike! We have the same container to store Buoy’s food…must be a brachycephalic thing…isn’t it handy though it is air tight so you don’t have to smell the dog food and it is on wheels so you can roll it in and out of places….

  6. In the pic of the Godiva Gem, I see Murphy staring at the decadent piece of chocolate…haha! I love your dog! He knows a good thing when he sees it. Hope you’re doing great!

  7. I use the same brand but for cats! Have you noticed its soy and grain free? Yep, Murphy is almost Paleo too! Teehee.

    And if I leave the sealed bag of cat food out unattended, I come back to find teeth and claw marks in it. Oy

  8. LOL Laughing so hard at the pics of Murphy and the bag! Our dogs do something similar when I bring home new dog food. Apparently their kibble is ammmmaaazing!

  9. Hahaha our yellow lab is the same exact way! It’s quite the event in our house when my husband pours the bag of dog food in the plastic bin… Our dog will slyly try to knock out a bunch of dog food while he’s pouring it in. And then he won’t leave the empty bag alone!! It’s too funny.

  10. Tina – that’s very true about smoking and ulcerative colitis. I kept myself in remission by smoking. When I quit smoking and went on the nicotine patch I was also in remission. I had numerous GI doctors tell me that smoking is bad but is actually a remedy for Ulcerative Colitis, not Crohn’s. (smoking has the opposite effect for Crohn’s disease). As soon as I took the nicotine away I had a flare for two years!!

  11. Those Murphy pics are hilarious! My cat goes wacko whenever I buy a new bag of food and bring it into his room. Yes, my cat has his own room. He will stare at the food bag and meow. Crazy animals!

  12. LOVE it Murphy!! My pug does the same thing so last time I left him with the bag, he licked and sniffed it for an hour before I finally took it away. It was a big bag like you had and at one point his whole body was in the big. Ahhhh I just LOVE pugs!!

  13. The smoking thing is totally true, as someone else mentioned. I used to smoke casually in my 20’s (with drinks and socially) and it was only when I stopped smoking that my colitis really got bad. I did try nicotine gum for a while but didn’t want to go down that road again.

  14. I’d love if you’d do a post on how you’re feeling with the changes you’ve made to your diet! Not just in relation to UC, but also in general overall:)

  15. I am reading this post in my lunch break, having a bit of a bad day but this post cracked me up. Love the Murphy posts! My neighbours left my labradors biscuits outside on back table (as we just got home from holidays), & guess who at them all…yep, my lab demolished them, looked 10times his normal size and had a stinky bum!

  16. poor murphy! this post cracked me up. my dog would do the exact same thing. he lays by the dog food container and looks at it longingly. so cute!

  17. Hahaha “ripping butts” is such a Mass. phrase! It is quite scary to know that even doctors are human and can make mistakes! Those pug pictures are too cute. My little cocka-poo (cocker spaniel/poodle) has an even worse one-track mind now that she’s getting older (almost 12!) and literally won’t leave us alone when cooking/eating. Stubborn pooch’s.

  18. My “extra” room is just the same as yours! Our beer fridge and bar are in it too, a long with other random items 🙂

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