Oh, It’s Too Early for That

Hello from Des Moines! 🙂

I just wanted to pop in real quick to share a cute story from my travels yesterday. It gave me all of the warm fuzzies! 🙂 But, first, check out the throwback photo below. (I was at the 12th Annual Niman Ranch Farmer Appreciate Dinner.) It’s from 2010 when bloggers were few and far between. I remember meeting Chef John and Danielle and feeling like we were all long lost cousins or something! Ha! Also, what am I wearing?

Yesterday started BRIGHT and EARLY at 4:35 AM, so, of course, I needed iced coffee when I arrived at the airport. Breakfast #1 was decaf espresso over ice with milk, an Atlas Bar, and an apple.

My flight ended up getting delayed 90 minutes, so I did some work and then grabbed another iced coffee just before the plane was about to board. Within minutes of receiving the iced coffee, I spilled it ALL over the floor. I don’t even know what happened, but it made a huge mess. Thankfully, two women nearby saw the whole thing happen and helped me clean it up. The barista also made me another drink for free. When I told her what happened, her response was “oh, it’s too early for that!” I must have thanked her and the women, who helped me clean up, a million times. Their kindness really made my day. I’m glad to know there ARE still nice people in this world!

Question of the Day

When was the last time a stranger did something kind for you? When was the last time YOU did something kind for a stranger?


  1. My faith in humanity was restored today. I broke my ankle and live in a top floor walk up in nyc. The amazon fresh delivery – which was supposed to come to my door – was left on the stoop of my building (not even inside!). I got a knock on the door, and it was a woman from downstairs in my building letting me know. She saw my injury and had her husband go down to grab my grocery order. I had never met them before and was so touched! I will be dropping a bottle of wine and a thank you note at their door!

    Also, I called amazon and the whole order was refunded.

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