How often should you change your macros?⁠

How often should you change your macros?⁠

This is a really good question and one that is rarely addressed by online macro calculators or one-size-fits-all macro programs.⁠

These standardized macro tools are great for getting you started, but they don’t take into account the damage that staying in a caloric deficit too long can do, or what happens when you’re halfway to your goal and the progress stalls.⁠

Depending on what goal you’re trying to achieve, you’ll likely need help with nutrition periodization to keep making progress.⁠

What’s nutrition periodization you’re asking? It’s the various phases of the dieting and weight loss process.⁠

  • Caloric Deficit – the ‘cut’ phase⁠
  • Reverse Diet – the ‘safely add-in calories’ phase⁠
  • Maintenance – the ‘let’s chill here a while and give the body a break’ phase⁠
  • Caloric Surplus – the ‘eat more to grow muscles’ phase⁠

It’s a cycle that keeps your body healthy and happy and enables you to continue seeing results over the long term. And it’s only achieved by knowing how macros work and more specifically, how macros work for YOUR body. Not some standard factory-generated numbers.⁠

So, you want to learn how to plan your next diet so that you actually see results? Join my 6-week nutrition and fitness program, the Macro Movement Project. Inside, you’ll learn everything you need to know to plan out an ideal nutrition and fitness program that includes perfectly timed nutrition periodization for maximum results. ⁠

Enrollment includes:

  • 1:1 access and group coaching
  • 6 weeks of full-body workouts
  • 6-week training calendar
  • workout discussion and accountability threads
  • video demos for each exercise
  • weekly live coaching via Zoom
  • private community
  • measurement, assessment & tracking resources
  • homework and action items
  • mindset & journal prompts
  • live Q&A sessions
  • exclusive videos and content

It’s time to take control over your results. Say no to standard macro counts and get the tools you need to get the results you want for life! ⁠

The Macro Movement Project is open for registration now, but only for a limited time. We start on Monday, September 14th – don’t miss out!

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