Official Carrots ‘N’ Cake Podcast Launch + Raffle (!!)

I’m all about transitioning and changing with the times, so that’s why I started a PODCAST, and it officially launches TODAY!

When I first started Carrots ‘N’ Cake as a health and lifestyle blog, I was blogging 3x’s a day, in ‘real time’. It was a lot of work, but I loved it!⁠

It was fun to connect with my readers on a super regular basis. I loved reading and responding to comments, I loved being able to share about my life and I loved learning about and ‘meeting’ women from all across the country.⁠

The CNC blog was fueled by my love of communicating, connecting, and a deep desire to help others.⁠

However, as time has gone on, things have changed. I still ABSOLUTELY LOVE sharing and helping, but my business has shifted, my daily life has shifted, and frankly, so has the world around us.⁠

Today, I focus a lot on the coaching and functional testing aspect of my business. The demand on my time has reduced my blogging down to a few times per week. Still great, but definitely not like in the beginning.⁠

More than that, the priorities of my audience have changed too. They’ve ‘grown up’ with me so to speak and like me, they’re now busy moms who simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a blog post and can much easier passively listen to a podcast episode while ‘mommin’.⁠

Plus, I miss connecting. I miss sharing my life and being about the business of helping others whether they’re in one of my coaching programs or not.⁠

I’m excited to enter this next phase and to celebrate, I’m hosting a raffle! Enter and you’ll have a chance to win some awesome prizes:⁠

  • $100 Amazon gift card⁠
  • $100 SFH gift card ⁠
  • $35 KFT Brands gift card ⁠

⁠Here’s how to enter: Rate my podcast, leave a review, share an episode on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @carrotsncake. Each one gives you an entry into the raffle.

The deadline to enter is Sunday, 12/13, so don’t delay! ⁠

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