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Christmas tree decorating was a success! It was a cold night for getting a tree, but that didn’t stop us. Mal and I picked a real beauty! 😀

2010-12-09 003

Decorating our Christmas tree was such a great time! We had Rockin’ Holiday music and a warm, toasty fire. We didn’t have wine, but we had eggnog and holiday M&M’s. Sounds like a good night to me! :mrgreen:

I actually think this year’s tree decorating was my favorite so far. Last year was fun because Murphy was a tiny puppy and I made some pretty kickass Vegan Sugar Cookies, but neither of us were happy with our living situation. I think I remember enjoying decorating our tree in 2008, but sadly those photos are long gone.

2010-12-10 0011

Last night definitely put us in the holiday spirit! 


The pug, however, sat on the couch and pouted. (I think he was upset about “his” sticks were going into the fireplace once again.)


What a little Scrooge!

2010-12-10 001

Did you happen to notice that our Christmas tree only has white lights on it? We usually decorate with colored lights, but Mal insisted on white this year. I let him have his way (pick your battles, right?), but I definitely prefer colored lights on the Christmas tree.


Holiday Recipe Contest

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Question of the Day

Here’s a serious question for Friday morning: do you prefer white lights or colored lights for the holidays?

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  1. I like colored lights on the tree and white lights outside. That’s how my family does it and now I’m living on the opposite side of the country and miss spending Christmas with them!

  2. I’m a white light enthusiaist…but I’d go for colored lights if they are the cool, retro big bulbs. As much as I try to live my life a little greener, I just can’t get onto the LED light boat. Those LED lights are just to funky bright. I’m old-skool all the way!

  3. I prefer white lights outside but definitely colored lights on the tree. My favorite lights are a string of pink ones; they actually give the tree a really pretty glow.

  4. I grew up with colored lights but as an adult I much prefer the white. Each of us has our own tree to decorate and our son likes to add a string of bubble lights with his white lights. I voted!

  5. I love colored lights…my dad hates them, but I think it looks more homey. We also use non-matching ornaments, like ones from vacation, Mickey Mouse ones, Spongebob ones, etc. I love our tree 😀

  6. I love the cupcake ornaments at the beginning of this post–SO cute. I absolutely love how you and Mal always make every occassion, big or small, such a fun time!

  7. We normally do all-white lights, silver, blue, white and glass ornaments. But this year I think we’re going to color it up a bit, just to shake it up

  8. Oh man, I have to comment here! There’s a long standing family joke about me discussing how I prefer the white lights because I think they’re classier, but I think I phrased it as just “I prefer the whites, because they’re classier”, and this clearly made me sound like a racist. Every year, around now, my boyfriend’s mom (who doesn’t let anything go) likes to bring up how I prefer whites because they’re classier – often among people I’ve never met before. We then have to explain that it’s the LIGHTS. WHITE LIGHTS, honest! Anyway, yes, I prefer the white lights at Christmas. Sigh…

  9. I enjoy white lights while my husbandprefers his childhood colored lights. Most ofour married life, we have strictly put up colored. A friend suggested using both on our tree. So for the past two years, we haveput on pretty bright colored lights, and then weaved in the simple, beautiful white lights. Result … our most favorite decorated Christmas tree … wish we had started using both years back!

  10. I’m a white lights kinda gal, but Matt loves colour lights so we have a rotating schedule (along with photographic proof). this year it’s white lights. Next year I’ll let him have his way 😀

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