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I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Well, Friday totally slipped away from me. I wanted to tackle my lengthy To Do list, but I ended up sitting in traffic for 2 hours and running errands for another two hours, so things didn’t go as planned. 😕 I did, however, enjoy a wonderful 60-minute facial this afternoon. So, I guess it wasn’t all bad. 😉


I started my day with Siggi’s yogurt mixed with Raisin Bran and sliced banana.


And, of course, iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.



Once again, I didn’t eat lunch until 4 o’clock today. (WHY does this keep happening!?!) I was so hungry, I actually felt light headed, which is definitely a first for me. I NEVER let myself get that hungry. So, as soon as I walked in the door of our apartment, I housed 3 bowls of cereal… copious amounts of cereal.


OMBE: Nutritional Counseling

Yesterday, I met with OMBE’s Registered Dietitian, Laura. Originally, I wanted to chat with her about how to properly fuel for running and training for a marathon, but once we got talking, our conversation moved onto my cookie “binge” issue.

Every other week or so, I overdo it on desserts, like baked goods and other random treats. I don’t always talk about this on the blog, but it’s something that I struggle with fairly frequently. In this post, I talk about how I try to deal with it.

To begin our session, Laura and I reviewed my diet as well as my eating and exercise habits. She was happy with the amount of exercise that I get, but she was concerned about the nutritional makeup of some of my meals. Breakfast looked great to her, but lunch and dinner were often lacking in protein and healthy fats. Laura explained that if my meals are missing these key elements, they’re likely not satisfying me, which then leads me to crave quick energy from carbohydrates. Basically, my body is missing out on nutrients that are supposed to keep me satisfied. So, in theory, if I add more protein and fat to my diet, my cravings shouldn’t be so out-of-control.

So, Laura and I brainstormed some ways to add more protein and healthy fat to my diet. She suggested tofu, avocado, beans, legumes, egg whites, soy milk, and sprouted bread (protein + fiber). Laura also mentioned that some of the soy milk products on the market contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Eden soy products, however, are made from non-GMO soybeans, so she suggest their brand of soy milk. Laura also mentioned that Eden’s products are BPA-free.


To be honest, when Laura first suggested tofu, I was less than thrilled. Every time I make tofu, it always turns out mushy and weird. But, Laura gave me some easy step-by-step instructions for making nice, firm tofu.

How to Make Firm Tofu

Start with a block of extra firm tofu.


Drain water from tofu.


Wrap tofu in a clean dish towel.


Place something heavy on top to press out the water.



Wait at least 30 minutes before cutting and cooking tofu.



I put my newly-learned tofu skills to the test by making a grilled tofu sandwich with buffalo sauce and shredded Italian cheese for dinner tonight.


To cook the tofu, I sliced a 1/2-inch thick piece, heated a skillet with olive oil, and fried each side of the tofu until it was lightly browned.


I toasted two pieces of Ezekiel bread, melted shredded cheese on one half, and topped the other piece with the tofu and buffalo sauce.


Seriously delicious! 😀


Dinner was really satisfying tonight, so a bowl of fresh strawberries totally did the trick and satisfied my sweet tooth. I think I’m onto something here! 😉


Mal is out for the night, so I’m going to cuddle with Murph and watch Twilight. I’m curious to see what all of the hype is about. Maybe the sexy vampire thing will finally make sense to me?



  1. My body is sure to tell me when I’ve forgotten to eat. I get light headed, dizzy, shaky and cranky! No fun. Can you have snacks at your desk so you don’t feel like that?

  2. I love to slice tofu really thin, I think that is a great way for non tofu fans to enjoy it and glad you did! I also love eden products. All their canned goods are bpa free too which is so uncommon for tomato products and beans!

  3. Hey! Like you I have days where I cannot stop eating sweets usually cookies/cake/doughnuts.
    I beat myself up though and im trying to look at it differently. I came across a recipe that makes you feel like you are indulging in chocolate cake and it seems to help me so I thought I would share it with you.
    In a bowl or mug (like the one you use for your oatmeal) mix 15 grams of chocolate protein which is half of a scoop (i use american whey brand another good brand is bio-chem) 1tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/4tsp baking powder, 2pkts of stevia/splenda or whatever sweetner you prefer (I use stevia), 1 tbsp of canned pumpkin, and 1tbsp of the liquid egg whites you have pictured in this post. Mix all ingredients together to form a “batter” and microwave for 40seconds. May have to adjust microwave time depending on your microwave. I promise you this is awesome! You get your protein and fiber and chocolate fix all in one for under 100 cals 🙂
    If you don’t have canned pumpkin on hand you can also substitute 1tbsp of applesauce. You can also mix up the flavors of protein like vanilla with pumpkin and add cinnamon, you could get as creative as you would like.

  4. Hey Tina, just thought I would let you know since you have one, that the griddler is AWESOME for cooking tofu. You dont even have to weigh it down first to drain the access water the griddler does all the work just let it cook for a bit then add seasoning mid way through the cooking process.

  5. Have you tried tofu scrambles? Apparently it’s just like scrambled eggs; you take your dried and pressed tofu (like you did above) and crumble it with your fingers. Then, you scramble it like you would scramble eggs, adding in anything you want, be it veggies, cheese or ground meat! I’ve never tried it myself, but it sure does sound good. Try it sometime! 🙂


  6. Ohh – I totally became an Edward convert after watching Twilight!
    I completly agree with what the nutritionist said – protein takes the longest to break down or somehting, so the body feels more satisfied for longer. I’ve found if every meal has all the food groups, I don’t get cravings – bingeing used to be a thing for me for a little while, but since I sorted my diet,I haven’t had an crazy cravings for years!
    Another thing I find is never lketting myself get too hungry, or I’m more likely to overeat at the meal, regardless of what’s there.
    I’m glad it went so well anyway! 🙂

  7. Like Freya and others, I struggled for a long time with bingeing but have managed to stop through having healthy fats and proteins which really satisfy me at every meal, and never letting myself get starving. When I am hungry, I eat exactly what I feel like having, and it seems to be working – three months binge free!

  8. Interesting – I hope that works out for you. Sometimes we are subconsciously feeling deprived, even if we dont know it. Do you think you could talk more on the blog about your issues? So many women look up to you as a healthy standard, so I’m sure it would be beneficial and comforting. Is this something you hide from the blog? Or is it just not a major issue for you? It’s probably not the most fun thing to write about, but this is a health blog! And I think your readers are nothing but supportive!

  9. I agree with Dannielle.. I’d wish you talk more about your issues. I think many of the girls here go through these so-called issues, and don’t realize just how many other women go through the same thing. It’s comforting knowing that you’re not alone. You’re a very inspiring woman… I think it will help a lot of people if you talk more about your issues.

  10. Hi Tina! This post really hit home for me…one because of the sweets and two because of the protein.

    I know I don’t get enough protein or healthy fats but within the past six months, meat has become pretty unappealing to me. I have it about twice a week and I have my “meat fill.” I love love love anything with beans, but most of the time there’s not much fat involved. I should definitely make it a habit to eat more greek yogurt.

    Unfortunately I probably get most of my fat (the unhealthy kind) from sweets such as cookies 🙁

    Great post and ya, you aren’t the only one with a cookie problem!

  11. so I never gave tofu a chance until I joined this crazy food blogging community!! Although tofu doesn’t really have a “taste”, I REALLY enjoy it…even my bf has sucked it up and ate some of my tofu meals. 🙂

  12. I actually sometimes notice that your lunches in particular are missing fat completely, and saw that this correlated to it not “holding you over” more often than not. I found that this makes a HUGE difference to me, and now make sure that I incorporate it into every meal. If I don’t (and even if my meal is LOADED with protein and fiber), I will be hungry in no time at all– particularly when exercising regularly. HEAB also talked about this a lot recently.

  13. I love that we all vicariously went to a nutritionist through you. Ha.

    This is great advice, and I feel like it applies to so many of us. I think my problem is that I’m subconsiously trying to make my meals low cal (pumping them full of veggies, but not a whole lot else), which ultimately backfires. I always end up with sugar cravings, too.

  14. The Twilight book is MUCH better than the movie!!! I’m 27 and couldn’t put any of them down. I felt like such a tweenie bopper reading them, but I got my mom into them too. Haha. But I recommend reading the books. Although then it makes the movies dissapointing of course but they’re excellent. 🙂

  15. Long time reader, first time commenter! (is that even a real word or did I make that up?) Anyway, for long work days, I sometimes throw a small serving of almonds, walnuts, or cashews in my purse to munch on to keep me going in between meals. Healthy fat, good source of protein – keeps me and going!

  16. Wow, that’s crazy to me! I always end a meal and want something sweet. Always! And if I eat something junky for a meal I especially want something sweet. When I started eating greek yogurt I usually felt more satisfied and I thought it was because I was eating vanilla and it was sweet. Hmm.. maybe the protein thing does help? I always feel like when I eat more carbs (i forget what they are know the bad ones… example, bread and pasta) I am always craving sweets. But if I eat fruits I am more satisfied.. hmm… things to think about…

  17. What a wonderful “assignment” you’ve received! Eat more fat! Wahoo! 🙂 Avocadoes are the best. I could give you an awesome rock star vinaigrette recipe (that contains both olive and flax oils) if you’re interested, because I see you eat a ton of salads.

    P.S. Have you ever tried tempeh? It is VERY high in protein, very filling, and has a wonderful, almost “meaty” texture when prepared properly. Let me know if you’d like some tips!

  18. i’m glad you shared that a) even you sometimes have a problem saying no to sweets, and b) shared the help that you got that could help solve it! i’ve never thought about the fact that maybe my dinner wasn’t satisfying in some form or fashion, but it totally makes sense!

    Thanks girl 🙂

  19. I have indeed wondered how in the world you could survive on so little protein and fat, but apparently I was on to something! I’d love to be able to reduce my protein intake more (being against conventional meat-packing methods, and quality meat is EXPENSIVE and requires an all-day trip out of town to procure), but my body doesn’t respond well to it. Sure, I feel proud of my fiberous, veggie-dense meals, but I’m STARVED a few hours later, and it takes a LOT more beans/legumes to fill me up than a smaller serving of actual meat and a reasonable serving of fat. I don’t end up saving any money and I still far prefer the taste of meat over beans.

    I’ve found that I do best by making sure I get protein, fat, and fiber in each meal, with a little more emphasis on protein. The most satisfying breakfasts I’ve had were eggs/egg whites (fried or in an omelette with veggies and sometimes bacon and cheese), a glass of milk, and some kind of whole grain product. Pretty much the only thing that keeps me satisfied until lunch.

  20. Tina, I really like this post.
    It’s always tough for me to even want to get more protein and fats, rather than yummy sweets, because I ALWAYS want sweets. But maybe adding that stuff in will help me? Hmm, worth a try.
    Thanks for this!

  21. Ah yes, the cookie binge! I’m well aware of this problem. Mine sounds a bit bigger than yours (well, what you say on the blog anyway!) but the whole physiological reasoning has been touched on with my problem too. It makes sense that after a while, your body is really craving more food, more fat, or whatever if it hasn’t been getting it before – it wants it, NOW. It’s a hard thing to balance, but having filling lunches I found really works for me. Good luck with it!!

  22. Tina, I know commenting on this post is a bit late, but I think it’s great that you brought up the binge issue with the nutritionist. I really believe it happens due to a lack of something in one’s diet. For me, I always thought there were foods that I had to limit – mostly fatty ones like nut butters, cheese, avocado, etc. Once I took restrictions off and told myself I could have anything I want, I feel much more satisfied and don’t binge. Hard to change the mindset, but makes a big difference!

  23. Tina – thanks for sharing all you are learning.

    It was one of those “umm…duh…of course!” moments when I read your post and realized that perhaps one of the reasons I “cookie binge” is because I’m not being satisfied by my meals – I mean, that’s pretty obvious – but I don’t know why I never thought to change the nutrients/kinds of food I’m eating in each meal to make sure I hit all the areas that need hiting (protein, fiber, etc.)

    I’m going to be doing some more reading and research on how I should be balancing out each meal & hope to see a positive change in my habits! THANK YOU 🙂 xo

  24. This is a very interesting post Tina! I sometime OD on peanut butter and it may be for similar reasons. I wonder if adding some more protien and fat in my diet could be beneficial to me also… thanks for sharing!

  25. I completely agree with your nutritionist; I always make sure to have protein and healthy fats in each meal and snack throughout the day…it’s the only way to keep myself satisfied and happy!

  26. I agree with Laura 100% ! I abide by the rule of “sugar begats sugar” – the more you eat, the more you want; so its tough to stop at one cookie (or one scoop of ice cream in my case). More protein and fat DEFINITELY helped in my case; if I’m full and sated from lunch, I’m less likely to go searching for crackers to eat an hour later. Good luck!

  27. Don’t be afraid of cooking tofu! I couldn’t believe no one posted this quick tofu trick I learned years ago from a vegan friend, and so I had to add it, even though I know this is a really late post. FREEZE your TOFU! After it’s completely frozen, remove and let it thaw (which can take a few hours – it’s best to take it out the night before). Then squish, drain, and cook like usual. It makes the tofu much more firm – great for stir-fries or sandwiches. (Buying the firm tofu is best for this.)

  28. “Laura also mentioned that some of the soy milk products on the market contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Eden soy products, however, are made from non-GMO soybeans, so she suggest their brand of soy milk. Laura also mentioned that Eden’s products are BPA-free.”

    Yeah, not only milk products but there are a lot of products in the market that are GMO’s. I’m really favor in labeling products that are organic and products that are GMO.

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