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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Hump Day!

First things first! Some exciting news: As I prepare to run the Boston Marathon, I’m raising money for Girls on the Run of Greater Boston. I know the strength, confidence, and FUN that can come from running, so I am thrilled to support such an amazing organization. I hope you consider making a donation!

Ok, so there’s a lot of snow outside.

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And, honestly, there’s just nowhere to run.

photo 1 (28) (800x600)

And it was really cold yesterday. Brrrr.

photo 3 (451x800)

Sooooo, I did my long run on the treadmill once again. This week’s long run was 2:00. Two hours, people. On a treadmill. Yowsahs. But, I came prepared with a movie this time: 22 Jump Street. It was ridiculous and entertaining. Perfect.

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The first 30 minutes of my run were pretty rough. I just had no energy and felt terrible. I almost decided to scrap the run all together, but then I decided to eat a package of GU to see if it would give me a little boost. It did, and just 15 minutes later, I felt so much better. (I took GU #2 just after the 60-minute mark.) I actually picked up my pace for the final 20 minutes and felt great. I finished 12.54 miles in 2 hours. Not too shabby!

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After my run, I drove home, chugged a protein shake, iced my knees, took a shower, and then threw together a chicken salad sandwich with chopped spinach, broccoli, and crumbled feta. It was DELICIOUS!

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After my wrap, I whipped up a single-serving French toast cookie/cake made with 2 tablespoons of buttermilk-flavored FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix (FYI: I’m one of their new ambassadors – so excited), 3 teaspoons of water, 2 teaspoons of maple syrup, 1 teaspoon of canola oil, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mix together. Nuke in the microwave for 30 seconds. Grab a spoon. So much deliciousness. Next time: Butterscotch chips.

photo 2 (19) (800x800)

Questions of the Day

Has anyone trained for a half or full marathon primarily on a treadmill? Boston Marathon peeps: How much running did you/are you doing on a treadmill? Any advice for training in the winter/snow? 

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  1. I’m totally in the minority with this but I actually like running on the treadmill (or don’t mind it at least). It’s so easy to distract myself that way – there’s always something on Netflix and I don’t have to give any thought to my actual running since I just go steady on the treadmill.

  2. When I trained for my marathon I remember times where I’d get on the treadmill and just have no energy or desire to be there! So I would tell myself, “self, run 10 minutes, just get through 10 minutes and you can stop” So I’d get to my 10 minutes and think that wasn’t so bad, try another 10. And before I knew it I was into the run and I wasn’t looking back. I quickly learned that I really did have the energy I just had to mentally get into it.

    And sometimes I would also seek out another runner at the gym and think to myself “if they can do it, I can do it. And I’m totally going to out run them” hahaha, horrible I know. But it helped me.

    I guess for me it was just always mind over matter! Great job on the 2 hour run, its really the best feeling after. Nothing better than a runners high!

  3. I’ve never trained for a marathon on a treadmill but do some extensive running for my college team on them in the winter. I find that after about half an hour my feet hurt so badly! Not to mention all of the other people at the gym who realize you’ve been on the treadmill for over an hour and think you’re absolutely crazy. Kudos for making it two hours on there!

  4. I trained for the Boston Marathon Shadow Run in Afghanistan almost entirely on the treadmill (we had really poor air quality outside). It was really tough to knock out anymore more than 2 hours! It gets boring quickly, but I made it by watching the mounted gym TVs and making a GREAT playlist!

  5. I also live in Boston and I’m training for the Boston marathon again. I’ve run several marathons, and from my experience, treadmill running doesn’t cut it. I did a few long runs on the treadmill a few years ago for Boston and was totally unprepared for the race. Its worth sucking it up and getting outside. I’ve been braving the snow and cold for the last few weekends, and its really not so bad.

  6. So, this is super random, but all I have been craving after having my baby is iced coffee! I was considering buying some bags online from MaryLou’s and seen that you always have a cup! Is it already sweetened or is it just flavored? Also, can you actually taste the flavors, because most flavored beans I can’t even tell!


  7. I hate running on the treadmill, but took your advice and listened to a podcast this morning. While it wasn’t a 2 hour run, it made a HUGE difference. Thank you!

  8. I cannot imagine running for 2 hours on a treadmill!!! Way to go!! i just ran 4 miles yesterday on my new treadmill and was watching the clock almost the entire time. It didn’t help that my ipod was dead!

  9. I tried for my Ironman by running and cycling pretty much exclusively indoors. I had to train late nights or early mornings and to be honest, the road biking can be dangerous and intermittent near me (stop signs, street lights, etc). I did a few long runs and bike rides outdoors to test out equipment and gear, but otherwise, all indoors. I’d do it again too. Whatever works!

    I used to watch Netflix on the treadmill and bike. Lots and lots of Netflix. 🙂

  10. My old gym had a cardio cinema where you could run in the dark and watch a movie on a giant screen. Those were the days. I could knock out 9 or 10 miles no prob and actually I wanted to do more so that I could finish watching the movie!

    I am having more trouble now on the treadmill since I discovered the joys of running w a friend. It seems so much longer now!

  11. OMG. Yeah – 5 degrees? I’d definitely not run outside. I’m not hardcore enough for that- I like running to be enjoyable (I mean, for the most part…), and running when I’m that cold just doesn’t do it for me. 😉 Kudos to you on sticking with the treadmill for that long, though! I mean, I personally don’t mind the treadmill usually, but all my runs of 7mi and over have always been outdoors.

  12. Two things…1. I love that you’re running to support Girls on the Run! I’ve coached for 2 seasons and absolutely love the program, it’s incredible! Thank you for helping make our work possible! 2. 21 Jump Street was funnier, BUT 22 Jump Street was still a good laugh! I love how they make fun of their sequel in the movie.

  13. I know it’s a hike for you, but if you can get up to Newton and run on the carriage road on Comm Ave, you get the benefits of a safe street to run on and practice on the course. It’s especially fun on weekends, when it’s full of runners training for Boston.

  14. I have been trying to run outside too, and it’s been pretty nasty and kind of dangerous in more urban areas. I wish I had access to a treadmill, but I’ve been trying to avoid getting a gym membership since I would probably only use it a couple of months out of the year. I might break down though.

    Julia, it’s good to know about Comm Ave, I’ll have to figure out how to get there for some long runs on the weekend–not training for Boston unfortunately, but I do have some races coming up in the spring that I need to train for!

  15. Oh man, the longest run I’ve done on a treadmill was 10miles. I think I took a break in the middle to go to the bathroom just to break it up.

    Luckily when I was training for my first half while living in Boston, we had a super mild winter (2012). I did all of my running on the Charles River Greenway in Watertown/Waltham/Cambridge.

  16. 2 hours on a treadmill?! amazing! The longest I’ve ever done is 10 miles, and I watched bridesmaids. Movies definitely make those long runs better!

    For training for Boston, I’m reallllly trying to go outdoors as much as possible, especially for anything longer than 4, but it is SO hard! I did my 13 mile run outside on Saturday when it was -7 degrees out, and I got a terrible sinus infection and haven’t been able to run since 🙁

  17. It’s a bit of a hike for you- but if the Red Line ever sorts itself out, you should plan a run on the Arlington Minuteman Bikeway! You can get on it right at Alewife and it runs out to Bedford, and I’ve been walking on it daily even this week- they are amazing at keeping it plowed for commuters to walk/bike on. It’s also VERY pretty! It’s about 11 miles long. 🙂 Anyhoo- congrats on the treadmill 2 hours. If I had a treadmill, or a gym membership, I would SO be on it… but the bikeway is in our backyard so we take advantage!

  18. Just to make you feel better, I was injured one year and did a month or two of training on the arc trainer. Not even running. And it wasn’t ideal but kept me in cardiovascular shape enough to run. Of course I did do long runs too but after I healed. You’ll get outside soon

  19. I had to do 20, 22, 24 and 26.2 on a treadmill preparing for the Chicago Marathon a couple years ago due to injuries. Knowing that I could run 26.2 on a treadmill boosted my confidence going in big time!! They can be pretty boring, but when you are done you feel pretty pumped!

  20. Awesome treadmill run! Running in place for that long will definitely help build mental toughness for the marathon. Right now I’m not particularly training for anything but I’m building my base for a spring half, and I’ve done like 80% or more of my runs on the treadmill because literally everything is covered in snow. I play with the incline to mimic the changing terrain of the outdoors, and I find it helps me transition back to road running better.

  21. I did LOTS of treadmill training for my first marathon several years ago. It was blazing hot outside and my “running time” was during the hottest part of the day. I even did my 20 mile long run on the treadmill! It sounds horrible, but I ended up not hating the treadmill at all.

    I’m currently training for the Flying Pig Marathon and do about half on the treadmill and half outside. I spend the whole day at the gym personal training, so it’s just easy to hop on and go.

  22. I’ve done a lot of training on the treadmill! Sometimes it just has to be done on the ‘mill. I find that I get a lot of speed training done this way, and I really push my pace more, way more so than when I’m running outside! Plus it’s convenient to hop off and throw some weights into the mix for a little strength training.

  23. Wow, that’s impressive! I am not a fan of the treadmill, but this time of year it’s a necessary evil. I have an old one so I really struggle to do any more than 5 miles on it at a time. Hoping to run my third half-marathon Columbus Day weekend so I can train through the summer.

  24. I used to be a Girls on the Run coach, and it’s a great program! I loved that it focused on physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s awesome that you’re raising money for them. There are a lot girls out there who will benefit!

  25. never trained for a marathon on the treadmill but i’m a fan of it in cold weather, you bet. and 5 degrees? HA. i’d be in the gym in 55 degrees. WHEW. good luck to ya

  26. I’m so OVER the snow. The MBTA is running terribly now. It all needs to melt ASAP lol.

    That cake looks so yummy!

  27. I traIned for all three of my half marathons entirely on the treadmill. Other than races, I hate running outside. And all three times my pace was faster in the race than on the treadmill.

  28. I trained for my half on a treadmill for most of my runs. My long runs would fall on the weekend and usually I would do those outside but it was super hot and humid where I lived and I was pregnant so sometimes those were done inside. I also followed the F.I.R.S.T. training program that had me do 3 runs a week-long, tempo and speed plus two other days of alternate workouts which I did weights and elliptical or a slow run. I always bring magazine and then I like to ‘race’ the people around me. I always think hmm I can go 5 minutes more than you. Crazy but was able to go another 5 minutes

  29. I’m in the same boat as you with the treadmill training as I live in Southwestern Ontario. I have only just started training for a half but I feel yah!! I have been keeping the incline at 1% to somewhat simulate the actual outdoors. Do you vary the incline at all?

  30. I ran my first marathon last year (the marine corps in dc) and on a very sad lonely saturday afternoon i had to run a half marathon on the treadmill. it was awful. just awful. it had been raining outside and it was my only window to run that weekend so I had to do it, but it was definitely the low point of marathon training. i was there for so long and people came and went, while i was still there running like a crazy person.

  31. I cannot imagine spending two hours on a treadmill- kudos! I did 50mins this morning of intervals and couldn’t wait to jump off and into a coffee!!

  32. Wow! Great job! I’m running a half in April in Chicago and don’t belong to a gym so I thought I could train outside. However in chicago it is currently below zero with 20 inches of snow everywhere! I’m hoping to run on the streets tomorrow morning. I am considering buying a montly pass at a gym to use the treadmill!

  33. I’d love to watch movies on the treadmill – that would make it so much easier! The ones at my gym literally only have a hole to put a drinks bottle (which is ridiculous because the screens are massive!) 🙁

  34. Girls on the Run is a great organization. And I won’t complain about the 1-2″ ‘dustings’ that we keep getting (with warm weather in between to melt it off), although there’s usually ice accompanying the snow – not fun for driving!

    I WANT to be a runner, but I don’t think I’m cut out for it. Maybe I’ll try the C25K program again once the weather warms up.

  35. The snow and cold got in the way of my 14 miler while training for Boston last year so I set out for the treadmill. I lasted 12 on the treadmill then jumped to the elliptical for the last two. Also, finding winter races helped for the long runs because the roads were usually properly blocked off…Black Cat 10/20 miler, Hyannis half. Good luck!!!

  36. Right there with you. Training for Boston also and only getting 1-2 runs of 4 per week outside these days. I live in Newton, so I’m lucky to be able to train on the carriage path on Comm Ave, which is plowed. And as someone mentioned, the Saturday morning runs there are awesome with thousands of other Boston runners in it together – I do recommend it. I’m stuck most early mornings in the basement on the ‘mill though. Just commiserating!

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