Not-On-My-List Target Purchases + Men Drinking Breast Milk

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Most random blog post title ever? I think so! Haha!

Yesterday, my “morning” started at 4:30 AM when I heard Quinn crying. Mal actually got up with him, so I could sleep a little longer. Well, I’m actually not sleeping very much/at all during this flare. I wake up every hour or so in pain because the cramping is so bad or to go to the bathroom or to change my clothes because I have sweat through them, thanks to some intense night sweats. And, of course, I have a baby to feed, so I am a complete mess. And so tired. Blah. Things are not great right now, but I am trying my hardest to stay positive. I’m actually looking forward to starting Remicade next week. Anyway, let’s turn this post around and talk about happy stuff, shall we?

Breakfast was an egg sandwich made with bacon, Spicy Pepper Jack from The Laughing Cow, and an extra buttery toasted English muffin. My fav.

photo 1 (4) (800x800)

Part II of breakfast was CAKE! Also, my fav.

My mom gave me a huge piece of leftover cake from her birthday, so I ate a few bites (of what was left of it) with my iced coffee. Cake + iced coffee = the best. Well, a few bites turned into me eating all of the frosting off of the chocolate cake. The cake is simply the vehicle for eating the frosting, right? Yep.

photo 2 (9) (800x600)

It rained all day yesterday, and, as you know, I’m still flaring pretty bad, so there was no jogging stroller adventures for Quinn and me yesterday morning. Whomp whomp. But, we had a blast playing with his new bouncer (I totally didn’t want a house packed full of baby stuff, but now we have that house! AHH!) and singing songs. Quinn was an instant fan of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”

photo 1 (19) (600x800) photo 2 (16) (600x800) photo 5 (3) (600x800)

I really enjoy getting outside and starting our day with some activity (+ iced coffee, obviously), so by mid-morning yesterday, I was itching to get out. I think Quinn was too. He was fussier than usual and it took a bit more effort to get him down for his morning nap. I’ve noticed that he likes being out and about””looking around, smiling at strangers, and exploring the world around him. It’s really cool to see his little personality coming through.

While Quinn napped (he slept for almost an hour – holy crap!), I worked on my post and started this one. When he woke up, we played a little and then he ate again before we packed up our things and headed out for a trip to Target.

photo 2 (13) (800x600)

PSA: Target sells French Bulldog and English Bulldog cookie jars. If there was a pug one, I obviously would have purchased it.

photo 1 (17) (800x800)

Going into Target, here are the things I planned to buy:

photo 3 (17) (800x600)

Things that were not on my shopping list, but I bought anyway:

photo 4 (7) (800x600)

Yep, it happens every time.

When we got home, I was starving for lunch, so I reheated some leftovers from lunch at Legal Sea Food. (There were actually 3 slices of pizza, but I ate one while waiting for the other two to heat up in the microwave. Feed me!)

photo 4 (5) (800x600)

I sat down with my lunch in the living room and read this month’s issue of Parents magazine. In it, I stumbled upon a short piece about grown men drinking breast milk for its “health benefits and all-natural energy boost.” Say what?


At first, I was like: Really??? Eww. But, then I read both sides of the argument and there’s some good points on each:

Would you allow your partner to use your breast milk as an energy drink?


“Sure””but he has to nurse. I hate pumping.”

“My whole family used my milk when I was breastfeeding! It works wonders for earaches, conjunctivitis, sore throat, rashes. I miss that natural ”˜medicine’ now that I’m done breastfeeding.”

“It’s sad that we live in a society where we’re comfortable giving our families things like packaged mac and cheese, but we say ”˜eww’ to something completely natural.”


“No. No. No. A grown man has more energy than I do. He uses it as an energy drink after I work hard and I’m tired from producing it?! Heck no!”

“No way! Mine was like gold! I cried when I accidently spilled any. I don’t think it’s gross; I just didn’t produce enough milk to share it.”

“Heck no! That stuff was too valuable when I was pumping! Buy a Red Bull.”

I guess I am still more on the ”˜NO’ side””only because I don’t have an oversupply and every little bit goes to Quinn. But, hey, if other women have an oversupply and the man in their life wants to drink breast milk as an energy drink, the more power to him! (This photo below is amazing, isn’t it?! Haha!)

SAM_0536 (800x533)

Questions of the Day

What do you think about this new “trend?” Would you allow your partner to use your breast milk as an energy drink?

What wonderful, not-on-your-list item have you recently bought at Target?

What’s your favorite food to pair with coffee?

P.S. IBD peeps: Just wanted to share this free webcast from the CCFA: What to know about biologic therapy in IBD. It’s Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 8:00 PM-9:15 PM EST. You just need to register online to participate. 

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  1. I’m so sorry you’re having a flare – it sounds awful! I’ve been having trouble since about March with my digestive tract; but, obviously, nothing in comparison to you! After reading about your flare I should consider myself fine!

    I LOVE/HATE Target! I recently was on their website and bought two sweaters (BOGO50%- just like in the store). I need to change the clear liner in my shower so I figured why not buy a new shower curtain too…and then of course that led to new towels. Bye-bye paycheck! I almost always buy M&Ms at Target – I feel like they have the best price and they usually have a coupon and a Cartwheel.

    I’m not a mom, but the breastmilk thing sounds gross.

    I feel like anything goes with coffee – especially baked goods for some reason. I also love to get a frozen latte from Crimson Cup and have it with my overnight oats (with PB!).

  2. I recently bought a pair black combat boots at Target when I went in to get a birthday card. Close enough, right?

    I like to pair something sweet with my coffee since I typically drink it pretty sweet. So I really prefer something like oatmeal with fruit or…a doughnut!

  3. Oh man. Target is my favorite trap. I need contact solution, but leave with contact solution, chocolate covered acai, and glitter pumpkins. My life.

  4. Haha its called the “Target Trap” I went in for bananas and came out with a whole new bedset, some washcloths and a zucchini shredder! Go figure!

    I went the formula route but if I had an overflow, my hubby could totally drink some (whatever floats his boat)

    I don’t think I have a favorite thing to pair with coffee but this morning it was a glazed donut. #oops totally not helping me lose this baby weight.

  5. I am breastfeeding 6 month old twins so Daddy will not get to drink my milk. In fact, I don’t even let him touch my breast milk because once he accidentally threw out 2 ounces and I have never gotten over it… 😉

  6. Blown away by that article. Not saying it is right or wrong, I would want to see more studies down on the subject. In my opinion, an adult should be able to make the right food choices and be active enough to sustain their energy throughout the day. Save the milk for the babies!

  7. If you have a surplus, than why not. I actually recently heard it is good for cuts, scrapes, baby acne, etc. My friend’s little guy got bit on the face at a plaudits the day before his 1 year photos. Someone told her to put breast milk on it, so she did and it cleared it right up!

  8. Target – every single time I go in, I know that I won’t stick to my list of ‘needs’. I come out having spent much more money than I intended to! LOL

  9. I always check out the clearance sections of target and get sucked’s like a black hole, but I do it to myself!

  10. I just went over the weekend….unplanned purchases…Archer Farms Hot Buttered Rum and Pecan Pie bags of coffee and some Justin’s vanilla almond butter – all good!

  11. Okay I think your positivity through out your flare is astonishing. I have personal annoying health issues going on and really they are more annoying than anything. I had a talk with my husband last night and said “I complain too much. CarrotsandCakes chick never complains and always is hopeful”. So thanks for kicking the negativity out of me. 🙂

    No way on the breast milk. Drain me to energize you? Nope. Wouldn’t do it. I would say “Go get a coffee! And while you’re at it get me one too”.

    Oh that dollar section right as you walk into Target gets me EVERYTIME! Than I complain because my house is filled with random dollar toys for the kids.

  12. I did the exact same thing at Target this morning! I went in for bread and sparkling water and ended up scoring on a pair of running shorts for $5 – how could I resist?!

  13. I didn’t breastfeed, but I’m thinking NO. haha. Cake and iced coffee is such a delightful combo…and with donuts! Love the Target trap-every. single. time. I plan on going there soon for some Halloween candy and a couple birthday cards…..wish me luck.;)

  14. I went to Target last weekend for a wedding card for a friend and left with a spacedye print long sleeve tee and hairspray. Relatively normal add-on purchases, I guess, but not planned. I sort of feel like Amazon is the same…must buy all the things I never knew I needed to make the free shipping! haha one time I ordered protein powder on there and ended up with an army of baking supplies including silicone cupcake liners and baking mat and a really cheap phone case.

  15. I have a pug and I saw those same cookie jars at Target yesterday. I’m so sorry about your flare up. I know what it’s like to live with chronic illness even though I don’t have UC. Really hope the new medicine works for you.

  16. What is the Jedi mind trick that Target is able to pull?! One of my gal friends and I have frequent conversations that involve “I just went in for one thing!! How did I spend $100?!” Lol I do love that store though.

    I am so sorry that you are having a flare and not feeling well. Please know you are in my prayers and I am amazed by your positivity.

  17. Energy drink? Well…I just don’t know how I feel about that! I am currently at 27 weeks prego, and hope to have a successful time a breastfeeding. I suppose if I had an oversupply then maybe, but it just seems weird! As for Target, I recently went and ended up with a new pair of exercise pants and sports bra because they had already switched out the maternity shorts to PANTS…hello…we live in Hawaii. Anyone thinking I’m living in skinny jeans at 27 weeks with 85% humidity and no air con must be joking. Target…you’s a jokester.

  18. Hubby and I were pretty tipsy one night, and he took a big swig of breast milk that was in the fridge. Shockingly, he loved it, but it hasn’t happened again…. I couldn’t stop laughing. Too weird to do it on the regular, that’s for sure!!!!

  19. I have crohns so I know what you’re going through! In sure you’ve tried, but would adjusting your diet help? I saw a natropath and did an allergy test. No dairy, gluten, leguems, caffeine, red meat, raw veggies, sugar or processed foods. I hope you get some relief.

  20. I have to agree that cake is just a tool to have frosting!! I love frosting!
    No don’t think people drinking breast milk seems right to me but then i bet we thought that about alot of thins that are just normal now.
    My fav thing to have with coffee is something sweet like a mini choc chilli bite.

  21. It’s not uncommon for cancer patients to be given breastmilk as part of their diet and apparently it’s the one food / drink that humans can live on as a single complete source of nutrition!

  22. Target is actually the closest store to my house. It’s kinda dangerous- imagine if whenever you ran out to the corner store for something that corner store was Target! I go in for almond milk and come out with almond milk, shampoo, an outfit for my daughter, and some socks!

  23. Oh, Target, how I love to spend money on you and then hate to see my bank account…

    I actually polled people on Facebook regarding the breast milk thing, and the general consensus was that while it is not disgusting since it is natural, most moms only have enough milk to feed their baby, so it would be wasteful.

  24. I just got a Bath and Body Works air freshener in the Cinnamon Pumpkin Waffles scent, and I seriously LOVE it! And the breastmilk article is very interesting… it seems a little weird to me, but hey, if that’s something a couple decides to do I’m not gonna judge. haha

  25. Hey,

    So about the breast milk thing. Yes, we have done it before 🙂 Apparently, breast milk is really delicious. Who knew?

    The thing about breastfeeding is, if you are more in demand for breastmilk (i.e., if you pump more or if you were say breastfeeding another baby) you will produce more breastmilk. So, in terms of not having enough supply) your supply would increase quickly…

    Not that I’m encouraging breastfeeding extra for your husband…Breastfeeding one baby–on top of dealing with the Colitis issue–is tough enough. I hope things get easier for you soon.

  26. A recent not-on-my-list purchase was pumpkin noosa yogurt. It was totally worth it, and they only sell it at target! I definitely recommend trying it!

  27. I’m so sorry about your flare! That sounds absolutely terrible! Here’s hoping the Revlimid works!
    I also heard about the trend of men drinking breast milk on a recent Jillian Michaels podcast. Some people have even gone so far as to post on Craigslist (that sounds safe) and go to milk banks! I just can’t imagine that something meant for a newborn to two-year old would be adequate for an adult.

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