No-Bake Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies {Gluten- & Nut-Free}

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Hello, friends!

I have quite the delicious recipe for you! Listen to this: No-Bake. DOUBLE chocolate. Oatmeal cookies. Made with vanilla cake batter coconut butter. Holy yum, right? They are. So yum. So, so, so yum.

IMG_0647 (600x800)

Obviously, these babies are quite delectable, but perhaps the best part about them is how quickly and easily you can whip them up. (It took me maybe 5 minutes.) Honestly, the hardest part was waiting for them to chill in the refrigerator and that was only about 30 minutes. And for those of you who are avoiding gluten and/or nuts in your diet, you will enjoy this recipe too!

IMG_0641 (1) (800x800)



Place coconut butter and butter in a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 20-25 seconds in the microwave (or until softened).

Combine coconut butter + butter with remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl; add the chocolate chips last (so they don’t melt).

IMG_0625 (800x600)

Roll batter into large 1-inch balls and flatten with the palm of your hand on a piece of wax paper.

IMG_0626 (800x600)

Chill cookies in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before enjoying.

IMG_0645 (1) (800x600)

Makes 10 cookies



  1. I love how you introduced these cookies. Makes them sound so epic! I absolutely love no-bake cookies (especially when it starts warming up!). I’ve got to give hese a try! The 10 cookies = 1 serving size, right? (I honestly might just eat it out of the shame)

  2. These are right up my alley! You had me at “double chocolate” and “cake batter.” The no bake part is just an added bonus. I will definitely be making these soon. I love that they are gluten and nut free too. I will have to pass this on to my friend/trainer. Her husband has celiacs and her daughter has a peanut allergy! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love the no-bake idea and oatmeal cookies are my FAVE. ( Although as someone with a tree nut allergy, I must say the the title is decieving. It says “no-nut” but the ingredients list almond milk AND coconut! *sad face*)

  4. Growing up, my dad made a variation of this that I was OBSESSED with. Though, they were not made to be healthy. Full of butter and sugar”¦ just perfect! These sound intriguing though- especially considering I live in a college dorm room. I don’t have access to a full functioning kitchen so “no-bake” is certainly enticing. Thank you for the recipe Tuna!

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