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I had myself a nice little Monday today. It included a relaxing yoga class, a trip to Whole Foods and Lululemon, delicious leftovers for lunch, and some quality pug playtime. Not a bad way to start the work week! 😀


After breakfast, I enjoyed a 75-minute restorative yoga class. We did a ton hip-opening exercises, which felt incredible on my tight legs– just what I needed after yesterday’s race!



After yoga, I headed home for lunch, which included leftovers from Lime Leaf (Mal and I ordered take-out for dinner last night) and garlic hummus with carrots and red bell pepper slices.

_MG_1701 (640x426)

On the side, I enjoyed two Matt Damon Cookies made with coconut flour, tortilla chips, chocolate chips, chopped dates, flaxseeds, and pecans. Two cookies actually turned into four cookies, but, hey, who’s counting? 😉

_MG_1695 (640x426)

After lunch, I went to Whole Foods to do the grocery shopping for the week. While there, I learned that yams are sweet potatoes. Yams are actually a variety of sweet potatoes. Whole Foods is so smart!

IMG_0001 (480x640)

While I was out, I ran some other errands, like window shopping at Lululemon and popping into Rite Aid to buy few items as well as a new toy for Murphy. The pug only has a few toys left since he’s destroyed them all. Murphy has a weird obsession with tearing open stuffed toys and eating the insides. Once he breaks them open, they need to be thrown away– otherwise, Murphy eats the stuffing and it comes out his other end. It’s not pretty. The plastic toys, however, hold up pretty well in our house!

Murphy also really likes pug-o-war-type games, so I bought him a rope toy at Rite Aid. (It was $1!) I thought he would love it, but he acted like it was no big deal”¦ well, at first. 

IMG_0012 (480x640)

He knew exactly what to do with it! (Sometimes, Murphy acts too cool for school.)

IMG_0003 (640x480)

IMG_0005 (640x480)IMG_0007 (640x480)

IMG_0008 (640x480)

IMG_0023 (640x480)

IMG_0024 (640x480)

IMG_0025 (640x480)

IMG_0022 (640x480)

Clearly, Murphy and I had a blast playing with his new toy!


Just now, I threw together a quick snack: an apple and a glass of soda water with a splash of pomegranate juice. I’ll probably start making dinner in a little while, so I wanted something small to hold me over.

_MG_1705 (640x426)

How was your Monday? The blog world seems sort of quiet today.



  1. My Monday was a little off…must be the time change thing. Hopin’ tomorrow is much better:)

    My pups destroy the chew toys they get also. They love chewing the squeakers out of them and the fluff.

    Just wondering with your cookies…did you use coconut flour in place of whole wheat?

  2. that soda water + pomegranate juice looks so refreshing !

    pug-of-war looks fun! my dog & i play it too but since she’s a german shepherd, i feel like im getting my arm workouts just tugging and pulling haha

  3. My dog rips open stuffed toys and eats the squeakers. Surprisingly, an old Build a Bear duck is the only thing he hasn’t destroyed.

  4. The blog world DID seem quiet today. Weird.
    My Monday was great! I got a lot done at work and then kicked ass at a 10-miler. I’m loving the extra daylight!

  5. My dog is the same way about toys with stuffing. If she plays with them for too long, it gets destroyed. At Pet Smart, they do carry toys with no stuffing in them. They are kind of made of the same material as stuffed animals, but they don’t have anything inside them. They are wonderful. My Callie loves them and she has’t destroyed them.

  6. Spring break is happening for a lot of schools (college and public)around us. Probably contributed to the slowness.

  7. Haha pug-o-war got me! Monday has been good so far but it was impossible to wake up this morning since the sun didn’t rise until almost 8am. I don’t even want to think about forcing myself out of bed tomorrow morning to go for a run!

  8. My dog Tracker LOVES rope tugs, but I think mostly because he likes eating the string once it gets really worn, so you might not want to leave Murphy with it 🙂

  9. Have you heard of Barking Deals? It’s a great site (similar to Groupon and Living Social) that offers dog toys/treats at a heavily discounted price. It’s wonderful! We blogged about it today in case you’re interested. Although, $1 for a toy he obviously enjoyed is a pretty rockin’ price!

  10. I had a good day~it’s all about attitude ya know? 🙂 But still just hoping and praying for the world, including Japan. Crazy~! hehe those pics of Murphy are soooooooooo hysterical!!

  11. My pup has that same obsession with tearing open stuffed toys and eating the insides. Sometimes she doesn’t actually eat the inside stuffing but loves to pull it out. I’ll come home and there are little tufts of stuffing all over the house, ugh.

  12. ALERT!!!!! I just wanted to get your attention because I know that the toy that you got Murphy (this style of the ropes/threads) can lead to a huge problem. My daughter’s a vet tech in an animal ER. She sees TONS of dogs who come in with bowel blockages. The dogs get pieces of the string which then wrap around their intestines, etc. and end up causing horrid issues & often death. If they can be operated on we are talking thousands of dollars!!! It’s okay to play with him with this if you’re holding it and pulling, etc. but NEVER leave him with it unwatched because they truly are very bad for dogs. It’s like rawhides. They often block stomachs/intestines also yet everyone thinks because they’re out there they must be safe! I just wanted to warn you. I’m so in love with Murph I’d be heartbroken if something happened & I hadn’t told you!

  13. I took a mental health/sick day. After Sunday I needed it (too much day!) but totally like me, I debated calling in to work up until the last minute. I always feel so guilty! Anyways, it turned out to be one of those great days where I got a lot accomplished but also fit in some r&r, AKA a much needed short nap, catching up on some of my fave TV shows (anyone else watching Fairly Legal?) and I made banana bread. Feel so much better today!

  14. Can you post the cookie recipe with the variation of coconut flour? My husband can’t have wheat and it sounds perfect. Thanks!

  15. The title of this post reminds me of Old School. Except you’re not Will Ferrell and you’re not talking about going to Home Depot. Love it!

  16. Sounds like a great day! Whole Foods and Lululemon always go together-they are about 30 minutes away from my house and in the same shopping center 🙂

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