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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

A new year means one thing, a new you! Lots of people sign up for a new gym membership, but gyms can be crowded, especially at this time of year, and don’t offer the convenience of a home workout. Sportline recently introduced a bunch of new home fitness products to help you achieve the new you that you want in 2013 and they offered to give away the products below to one lucky CNC reader! Check out what you can win!

Quick Adjustâ„¢ Suspension Cross Trainer allows you to target every major muscle group for the upper and lower body. You can modify exercise intensity by quickly adjusting the rope length with innovative Lock-n Load Quick Adjust Pods. A foot cradle adds a dynamic element to your workout with static and sliding actions so you can change lower body exercises quickly and easily. By customizing the rope length you can also change intensity levels and move from one exercise to the next to improve your athletic performance and agility while burning calories and improving your cardiovascular fitness. The system includes two Quick Adjust pods with suspension rope, a door anchor, two handles, two foot straps, a foot cradle and an instructional DVD. The system mounts to standard doors without screws or drilling, so you can easily set up, store and travel with this quality home gym unit.

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Weighted Resistance Ball. Weight lifting, stretching and abdomen training using the Weighted Resistance Ball is one of the most affordable, portable and versatile fitness tools on the market today. Plus, it’s small enough to be conveniently stored. Because it’s weighted with sand and covered with thick rubber, it is highly durable and easy to grip. It comes with an easy-to-fill air pump and a measuring tape so you know when it’s fully inflated and ready to use for any total-body tone-up. In addition to upper body training the Weighted Resistance Ball can be used for overall core training, and more specifically, to tone abdominal muscles, hips, waistline and lower back. Using a weighted ball encourages proper posture and alignment. Since this ball is an unstable source of support, it strengthens and develops your belly, back and waistline muscles literally any time you use it.


Weighted Resistance Ball

Plank + Ab Station is a highly effective ergonomic design for lumbar and core support used for a wide variety of floor exercises including sit-ups, crunches, back extensions and front and slide planks. The Station, made from compression molded comfort foam with alignment contouring, is compression molded Comfort Foam (EVA) provides comfort assistance for front and side planks, yoga and Pilates moves. Lightweight and multi functional it has a textured bottom surfaced for slip-resistance and can also be used for lower back support for crunches, sit-ups, and is ideal for back-extensions, wrist + knee support for push-ups and floor exercises and can be used with P90X2 on all Sphinx exercises. It is designed for durability, easy to store and simple to clean.


Solo 925 Heart Rate Monitor is the first fitness device with FitTrac and MoveTrac technologies and a built-in Calorie Genius (24 hour calorie burn tracking), is designed to track your resting heart rate over time and also record the intensity of movement 24 hours-a-day to show users how they are improving fitness condition and burning calories. Take your workouts to the next level.

Sportline 965 Women's

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post about one of your fitness goals for 2013.

I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday morning. Good luck!



  1. Starting adding more strength training into my workouts. I know it is extremely important, but find I get discouraged when I can’t do as many reps as I would. I just need to keep at it! Seeing what you do with Crossfit and strength training is inspiring.

    Thanks to you and Sportline for the giveaway!

  2. My boyfriend and I are cleaning up our eats and trying to focus on losing body fat and gaining muscle! CrossFit looks like a blast–it may have to go on the list!

  3. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I think the plank and ab station looks especially useful, because sometimes I find that a yoga mat doesn’t provide enough support and my back ends up tiring fast (before my core)!

  4. I want to lean down, get strong and increase my all round aerobic fitness. Summed up. I want to be a new man and live an active lifestyle with my 4 children this year and for years to come.

  5. My fitness goal is to push myself harder! I think it’s so easy to become comfortable in a certain weight range or routine and I want to see bigger changes so I hope to beat my the mental part of myself that holds me back from reaching my goals!!

  6. My goal this yr is to loose my last 44 lbs!!! Love reading your blog for motivation- really hoping our little town will start a crossfit box soon 🙂

  7. this is a lot of really great stuff…in terms of fitness this year I plan to run at least 5 races (at least 2 half marathons) and stick to a well-rounded workout schedule–strength training, running, core work, circuits, fitness classes, etc.

  8. To try at least one new activity every 3 months (e.g. Barre classes, rock-climbing, Bikram, etc.). Mixing it up keeps me motivated!

  9. My 2013 goal is to start strength training and stop being such a cardio nut! I love the way strength training makes me feel:)

  10. I wish I had some training gear here at the house for those days I don’t want to run. We don’t have a gym in town and I get tired of exercise videos after awhile…

  11. This would be amazing! I am getting married this summer so my fiancé and I have both set goals to get in our best shape for the wedding. This would really make it happen!

  12. I need to get back to working out. All this gear would help out! I was running 5K’s in the spring, but now have plantar fasciitis and it has slowed me down!

  13. My fitness goals for 2013 are to run a few 5ks. Last year I did my first ones!

    To run 3 10ks.

    AND to try Crossfit!

    My boyfriend needs some work in the exercise department and I think it would be a great thing to do together!

    We just moved to Jersey and I looked up CrossFit places thanks to you!!

  14. i want to work on my flexibility and build muscle tone this year- the latter seems harder to attain than i had thought!

  15. I am still working on my goals for CrossFit for this year, but I definately want to lose 40lbs as an overall health goal! Being able to do a pull-up would be awesome, since right now I can only hang from the bar for about 20 seconds!

  16. I actually kept my fitness resolutions of Jan 2012, which was to do something fitness-wise every day. Fibromyalgia sometimes makes it difficult to keep up with this, but I have for the most part stuck with it. Now, all this great fitness equipment would allow me to really up my exercise game. A terrific package!

  17. I am a new mom and just started trying to get back in shape and loose this baby weight. I would love to win these products to give me some motivation in my journey to becoming healthier and more fit! Thank you for posting this wonderful opportunity. I really enjoy reading your blog for tips!

  18. One of my fitness goal is to complete at least 2 strength workouts a week. I know it helps my running, but it’s the first thing to go when I get busy.

  19. My goal for 2013 is a new me. I have four kids and I am through having babies. So now it’s time for me. Starting off with a healthier me by losing weight and toning my body. So I can really use this gym gear

  20. I have lost weight but I desperately need to start weight training. I don’t have time to go to the gym due to my work schedule. But I do have the time to get up and extra hour early to do a workout. My goal is to lose 60 more pounds and get tone.

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