New Training Plan & Head-to-Toe Summer Running Gear

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hello, hello!

I’m running a half marathon this fall, so my friend Abby hooked me up with a personalized training plan. It incorporates running and CrossFit, and it’s amazing.


Abby makes these customized training plans for all kinds of runners with all types of goals, so if you’re interested in working with her, drop her an email at

I told Abby that I wanted to increase my mileage and kick butt at my half marathon, but I didn’t want to stop CrossFit all together. In the past, I struggled with balancing running, CrossFit, and rest days, so Abby successfully pieced together all of these different elements into one cohesive training plan.

My weekly workouts basically look like this:

  • 3 running workouts
  • 2-3 CrossFit workouts
  • 1-2 rest days

I’ll adjust the CrossFit and rest days based on how I feel each week. For instance, if I need a rest day, I’ll skip CrossFit, but if I’m feeling good, I’ll go. It just depends on how I feel from week to week. I have a feeling once my mileage increases, I’ll need to cut back on my CrossFit workouts, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m definitely excited to get started! Don’t new training plans always get you super motivated?!

Head-to-Toe Summer Running Gear

When I was getting ready for my run last night, I started to think about how some of my gear changes with the season, so I decided to give you guys a head-to-toe rundown of my summer running gear. Here’s what I wear on almost all of my runs nowadays!

027 (450x600)

Headband: I usually wear a BIC Band for my summer runs. They have velvet on the inside that sticks to your hair, so they totally stay put.

IMG_2583 (600x450)

Sunglasses: I love my sunglasses. They’re the Oakley Women’s Overtime Sunglasses (I got them at the FITNESS Magazine Meet & Tweet back in 2012), and I wear them all the time””for everyday activities as well as running. They’re so comfortable.

Sunblock: I bought this Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunblock at Target for the cruise we went on last year. The little 1-ounce bottles are airplane-friendly, which saved us money because we didn’t need buy crazy-expensive sunblock on the cruise ship. Long story short, it’s the best workout sunblock. It doesn’t drip and burn my eyes when I start to sweat.

002 (450x600)

iPhone + Koss headphones: I’m totally hooked on the Koss Fit Series Headphones. I received them at the product launch event with Dara Torres back in May, and I’ve worn them for all of my runs since. I like both styles of headphones, but prefer the FitClips because once they’re in your ears, they’re not going anywhere!

006 (600x450)

Tank top with built-in sports bra: For summer runs, I prefer fitted tank tops with a sports bra built in. I usually double up on sports bras for added support, so the fitted tank cuts out an extra layer of clothing.

Shorts: In the summer, I’m all about shorts. I sweat like crazy, so I try to stay as cool as possible.

Spibelt: Now that the weather is warm hot, I’ve swapped my FlipBelt for my Spibelt, which is made with less fabric. I prefer the FlipBelt (it doesn’t bounce around at all), but it’s too hot to wear for summer runs.

014 (600x450)

Timex GPS Watch: I love this watch in a major way. It’s the best. Here’s my full review!

IMG_2567 (600x450)

Sneakers: I received these ONE Cushion sneakers from Reebok a few weeks ago, and I fall more and more in love with them every time I wear them. After wearing lightweight sneakers (Nanos) at CrossFit, I wasn’t a fan of regular running sneakers””they were so big and bulky! These ONE Cushion sneakers, however, are incredibly light, but supportive at the same time. They’re awesome, and I’ve been recommending them to anyone and everyone who asks me about new running shoes.

IMG_2570 (600x450)

Questions of the Day

How do you change up your running/workout gear in the summer?

Have you started training for any fall races yet?

P.S. Check out my recent post on the Wayfair blog: 6 Tips for a Healthier Summer Barbeque!



  1. Good non-jiggly sunglasses are a must in summer! I won those Koss FitClips in your giveaway, and I’m never going back. I will keep buying them until I have run my last run; they are perfect! Now I just need to get on the Bic Band Bandwagon–my hair has been driving me crazy this summer!

  2. Changing up workout wear for outdoors isn’t too challenging for me since I tend to just walk around in shorts and a tank in the Winter, but I just bring a jacket along and I always (even in the Winter) wear a good quality sunscreen. I think that’s probably the most important thing for caring for skin in the Summer weather, especially being outdoors running.
    And sunglasses for sure is important!
    No training for me, but I’m thinking of doing a 10K this Fall, which is a big deal for me considering I’m not a huge runner;)

  3. You say you love wearing shorts in the summer, do you chaff at all? I find I am ok for shorter runs (4/5 miles) but I couldn’t wear shorts for longer ones as I chaff like crazy in between my thighs 🙁 I put anti chaffing gel but it seems to end around mile 5. Any tips?

      1. @Tina: lucky you 🙂 I have something called gel anti chafing – I’m in France so I’m not sure if we have the same brand but thanks, i’ll check it out!

  4. mixing cross fit & running for 2 months gave me muscle fatigue for 1.5 months 🙁 It was tough! now I’m working with a coach… I miss bootcamp-crossfit, but my legs feel much better
    3 days of running
    2 days of strength
    1 day of swimming

  5. I just started my fall marathon (RNR St. Louis) this week. It has been very humid and muggy in Atlanta so choosing the right running gear is a must. I love my Spibelt. I need to try the BIC bands. I’m stuck in a hat. All headbands I’ve tried slip back. Hope your training goes well.

  6. Oh my gosh, my headphones drive me CRAZY! Within the first 5 minutes of a run, I’m sweating so badly that mine fall out. Definitely going to have to check out those Koss FitClips!

  7. Do you find the built in bras to be too small? I wear a small tank top, but the built in bra is never big enough!

    1. It does mile splits, but I don’t think it does intervals. Or at least I don’t know that it does? Let me check the website and see if I can find anything.

      1. @Tina: Hmm…maybe. I like to run with intervals of running and walking…so I’ll run for 5 minutes, and walk for 1. My friend’s Garmin lets you set those 2 intervals, and making a chirp sound when it’s time to start running, or start walking, etc…

  8. My SpiBelt got lost when I moved and I needed something on short notice, so I got a Nike Lightweight Running Slim Waistpack and I like it SO much better than the SpiBelt. It doesn’t bounce at all, I definitely recommend!

  9. I’m training for a 10-miler in September. It will be my longest “official” race. I’m pretty pumped!

    Is that Bic Band a thick one or a thin one?

    1. That’s the regular one. There’s also thin and thick. The 15% off coupon code on CNC (right column) should still work too! 🙂

  10. I find fanny packs from like the 80’s are the best for running. Super light weight, any one remember those? ha ha and in funky fun colors. I like that you changed up your posts with this fitness subject, however I can’t wait to hear about your new recipe 🙂

  11. Started training this week for my marathon in December. Also, I have a 5k planned in OCT, and a 10k and 1/2 marathon planned for fun in NOV. I am also trying to incorporate strength training and fun workouts in to help me stay strong, toned, and to beat the monotony (hoping it doesn’t get boring, but probably will) I really can’t wait for track workouts though. I love speed work

  12. Do you have the brown sunglasses or the black? they look brown in the picture but I have found most of the brown ones I like have really light lens (these lens look dark in the picture so maybe they are the black ones?)

  13. I’m pregnant this summer so my training AND my clothes have been completely different. I wish I was training for fall races but I don’t feel comfortable running long distances anymore 🙁
    I cant wait to start training in the winter after I have my baby!

  14. Which half marathon are you doing this fall? I live in Boston and am always looking for good New England race suggestions.

  15. That training plan is just perfect! I am the exact same way as you Tina. I absolutely love running, but I am not about to give up Crossfit to run everyday. I love that this is a way to have a good balance between the two. Thank you for sharing!

  16. i definitely wear more light-weight tank tops in the summer to keep cool! shorts are a must as well.

    i have two fall half marathons coming up (my 8th & 9th!!!) so i am gearin’ up for those!

  17. Love your running gear!!

    As a new resident of South Weymouth, where are the best running trails?! I’ve been running the same trail everytime on the old naval air base and want to switch it up!

    1. I run at Pond Meadow Park sometimes. Bare Cove Park in Hingham is great too! I actually don’t know too many around here. I actually didn’t know about the one at the old naval base. I’ll have to check it out!

  18. The bic bands look like they work so well. I always have the problem of my headbands sliding to the back of my head all day. So frustrating!

  19. Definitely shorts and Lululemon running skirts for summer! Body glide is a must have. I started training yesterday for a half marathon in the fall. First race post baby #2 born in Feb 🙂

  20. I bought a SpiBelt after reading about it on CNC last year and I LOVE it! It seriously holds everything I need for a run outside or even just walking our dog to the park!

  21. I’m training for the Canada Army Run Half – my second time around and really the only half that I do (I love 5K’s). I started training awhile ago, but I still need to work on getting my weekly long run in – it is just hard to get an hour to myself at this time of the year, especially with hot, humid conditions.

    Really – the only thing that changes for my running gear is that I wear tank tops and I make sure to wear a hat if it is really sunny out!

  22. I don’t want to think about fall yet! Summer is going by way too quickly as it is…Lots of tank tops is a must for me in summer. I typically wear ones that have a built in bra and then double up. I need to keep “the ladies” in place. Happy training!

  23. Well, being that I live in south FL, my wardrobe doesn’t change much season to season 😛 I started training two weeks ago for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Disney in November! It’ll be my first real race since high school!

  24. Good luck with the half marathon! I just did the Gold Coast, Australia half marathon. My training included running and CrossFit at the same time. I get too bored and injured if I just run. My next quest is to see if I can maintain it and then maybe do a full marathon one day.

    Did you find you gained weight when you started CrossFit? I feel like I am eating the same but seem to be gaining weight?

  25. My training gear changes throughout the year from thick long bottoms with a t-shirt and fleece. In the summer the less the better. I wear thin 3/4 bottoms and need to invest in shorts as it really hot in england this summer.

  26. Hmmm this is really interesting for me, especially the part about the FlipBelt. I’ve still been using mine in the summer but I totally know what you mean about it being too hot…I throw mine in the wash all the time because it gets all sweaty during my runs! Maybe I’ll have to look into a more summer-appropriate version, like yours.

  27. I love my Spibelt! I don’t have a problem with it bouncing around. Move it down further on your hips and put the zippered pouch on your backside. No bouncing whatsoever. And make sure it’s snug. Thinking I may need to look into a watch, will have to read your review. I just wish they weren’t so huge.

  28. OK, I have been wanting to get a Bic Band for a while and you have now convinced me because the chevron is too darn cute!!

    This summer my staples are: Brooks Glycerin 2-in-1 shorts, Old navy mesh running top (the sorta see through kind), Brooks visor, my waterproof SpiBelt and bug spray! My favorite path is along a canal and I forgot bug spray last time… big oops! I got eaten up for 13 miles.

    I have been on my fall marathon training plan for 6 weeks already. I’m training for the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 17th!

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