New Fall-Inspired Macro Plan

If you had a FUN summer (like me!) and you feel like you need a little kick in the behind to get on track, I have just the thing for you! Introducing CNC’s new Fall Macro Plan!

Gain access to a single customized, macronutrient calculation, based off your body composition, personal goals, activity level, and caloric needs. Plus, get our new fall guide, which is filled with all sorts of delicious recipes that you can enjoy this season! Just a sampling of macro-friendly recipes: Apple Pie Pancakes, Sausage and Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash, Warm Carrot and Sweet Potato Salad, Maple Pumpkin Popcorn, and more!

This plan is perfect for anyone who is striving to get a better handle on tracking macros and needs some motivation to achieve their personal goals. FYI: This plan does not include one-on-one coaching. If you need some extra support and accountability, please check out our 4- and 8-week options.


  • Personal protein, carb, and fat goals
  • Established daily calorie goals
  • Fall Season Meal Planning E-Guide
  • 7 Days of Sample Meal Plans
  • How to Track Macros Quick Guide
  • Macro Cheat Sheet
  • Ebook Download with 12 additional Macro-Friendly Recipes


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