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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m sure you guys can relate to the feeling of having no time! I had a nice weekend and accomplished a lot, but my To Do list is still jam-packed with tasks. 😐 I honestly wish that the day had a few more hours in it just so that I could get everything done. How do you guys manage it all? Do you have any tips or trick for simplifying your lives? I need some serious guidance in this department!


I made my favorite combination of oats for breakfast this morning (banana-peanut butter), but with some fun additions. Mmmmm!

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup dry oats
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tbsp chopped walnuts
  • 1/4 cup Peace Cereal
  • 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter 

My oats were excellent this morning! A good bowl of oats can do wonders for your outlook on the day! 😀 While typing this blog post, I made myself an iced coffee with agave nectar and chocolate soy milk. I’ll be taking it to go with me on my commute to work this morning. 

And speaking of my commute, I have some new reading material for the T. The lovely people of Pom sent me a book: Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business, which is filled with real-life tales of marketing strategies that the author and her husband had great success with– companies like Fiji Water, Teleflora, the Franklin Mint and Pom Wonderful. I’m definitely looking forward to starting it this morning! 

Yoga Challenge: The Final Stretch 

Well, guys. For those of you who have made it to this point in the 31 Day Yoga Challenge, CONGRATS!!! I, however, have been a bum and have slacked off on my daily practice. I’ve skipped so many days now that I’ve lost track. 😕 I was truly enjoying the Yoga Challenge, so I don’t know what happen? I guess life just got too busy and my priorities shifted. Hopefully, I will get back on track with my yoga practice soon. I pre-paid for 9 more classes at Healing Tree Yoga, so that should be motivation enough! 

So, I have thought long and hard about how to determine the “winners” of the Challenge. I have three wonderful yoga prizes to give away, so I have decided to hold an “essay” contest to pick the winners. While I know that some of you practiced yoga for 31 days in a row, I want to give everyone who participated in the Challenge a chance to win a prize. (Plus, I have no way of really knowing who participated every single day and who didn’t.) Even if you practiced yoga just one day during the Yoga Challenge, you are eligible to enter the contest. Here’s how it will work:

I’m very interested in what you guys have to say about your progress from the start of the Challenge to the end– how yoga has benefited you both mentally and physically as well as any other insights that you might have into the Challenge or yoga in general. So, to enter, please email me ( with your thoughts, insights, and opinions about your experience with the 31 Day Yoga Challenge. I’m not expecting you to write a real essay– just a paragraph or two on your experience. Once I receive all of your entries, I will post them on the blog and the CNC readers will pick the three winners based on the thoughtfulness of your essay. The deadline to submit your “essay” is by the end of the day on Wednesday, April 1, 2009. If you have any questions about the contest, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Also, leave your comments about your practice for Days 27-30 on this morning’s post. I should hopefully have time to compile them this evening. Discount

Only two days left: is giving all CNC readers 50% off all downloads for the month of March! The coupon code to enter at checkout is CarrotsNCake!



  1. To manage it all, I LIVE by my to-do lists – that way, I don’t forget to do anything. And I set aside specific amounts of time to complete it all.

    Hooray for more yoga!! I’m continuing to advance in each pose, especially temple poses (which I used to despise, since they’d hurt my tailbone).

  2. I def believe in the ability for oats to make my morning better!I guess my key to getting things done is always making sure I do whatever’s on my mind/bothering me first. It usually means doing something active or CLEANING my workspace b/f I try to get anything done. And planners are my life<3

  3. I hope your schedule calms down. I can relate, but unfortunately can’t help. I just did a post on how crazy things have been! Ahhh, this time of year is scary i think!

  4. oats make everything better! i’m having the same problem with time — there is literally not enough of it. what we should all probably do is cut back on the amount of things we’re trying to do … but i can’t get myself to do that! i really don’t think there’s a magic fix for streamlining things, but let me know if you figure out what it is 🙂

  5. Time management is a hard one. Life can get so busy sometimes that you don’t know which way is up!! For me, the key is planning to have some down time and then prioritize the rest. Sometimes, we just can’t do it all and if we aren’t taking care of ourselves first then we really can’t. I have been trying to focus on doing less and trying to live more freely. It is hard but I just say no now where as before, I didn’t.

  6. Time management – take a good look at all the things you’re doing – if there are things on the list that you really, really, REALLY detest doing, ask yourself why you keep doing them. If you answer is something like, “because I have to…”, ask yourself why you HAVE to. Also, if there are lots of things you don’t like, see if you can pay someone else to do them, make them better by bribing yourself with a reward after you finish the awful task, or trade out that task with someone else. All in all, make sure your life is filled with lots of things you like to do and trim the junk that doesn’t feel good!

  7. One thing I do to try to simplify my life is taking my huge to-do list and actually spacing it out over several days in my planner so that it seems less overwhelming. Multitasking sometimes helps too, like returning phone calls while cleaning.

  8. I definitely feel like entire DAYS are slipping right away from me recently. It’s definitely from just having a way too full plate right now. I’d love some tips!! 🙂

  9. I feel the exact same way as you. Being a senior in high school and having to finish up these last few months of school, plus getting ready to go to college has practically turned my 1 page to-do list into a to- do list book! 🙂

    One thing that has really helped me take some stress away from my to- do list is to stop calling it a “to-do list” as it kind of makes me dread doing anything on the list! The name itself seems to be a little depressing! Instead, I call it a “ta-da! list” and everytime I complete a task I say a little “ta-da!”. Sure, people stare a little , but atleast you have something to look forward to when you’re done!

    Also, I always tend to overbook myself, as I’m always wishfully thinking there are about 32 hours in a day. To keep myself from trying to pack too much in a period of time I’ll put how much time at max. I’m thinking I’ll spend on the task, that way I can visually see how much time I’m looking to spend and whether or not I need to put off a task for another day 🙂

  10. I make a lot of lists, use a planner and google calendar, and sometimes I’ll even schedule myself out for little things because I have a horrible concept of time. For example, I’ll actually block out my schedule for when I need to study (broken down by subjects), go to gym, shower, etc.

    Yoga Days 27-30: I have been keeping up! Although it hasn’t been everyday, it is when I can find time and energy to fit it in. I love the way that it’s been making me feel!!

  11. oh my, i feel the same way! i may have dropped out pretty early from the yoga challenge, but I did enjoy it, and was glad I tried it out. I WILL be incorporating it more, just at a slower pace to make sure I don’t overdo it with my wrists! Last night I did a couple of polly’s 10min videos 🙂 Thank you for introducing this into my life!

  12. I must admit, I try my damndest to get stuff done during the week after work — dishes, laundry, errands, returning library books, etc. I have to take an hour break at work, so I use that time to run an errand every now and then — pick up cat litter, go to the bank or ATM, etc. I have a Franklin Covey planner, and it goes (almost) everywhere with me.

    Other things that helped me find more time: I got very lucky and found a job very close to my apartment, so my commute is almost nothing (less than ten-minute walk,) and I stopped watching TV, which resulted in a TON more free time! I never even watched “that much,” but it’s surprising how even an extra hour per day really adds up!

    I’m also okay with rolling things over on my to-do list. Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch and drink a cup of tea. 🙂

  13. awwww what an excellent sounding book! i’d love to hear what it’s all about and read it, too 🙂

    and hm, sometimes i find myself wishing there were more hours in a day, also. usually, if that happens, i make sure to get enough rest and get up bright and early and start doing work, allowing myself to get into the mood of accomplishing things :).

  14. Tina, I totally agree with ” the Not enough time” problem. I like coming over here in the morning and seeing your fun breakfast dishes… I always make time for that.

  15. I totally slacked the last two weeks because of vacation and then I wanted to return the DVD’s to Netflix. haha But I think I will pick it up again next month. I did really enjoy the challenge

  16. I can relate to feeling like you never have any time to get stuff done – with a full time job, a boyfriend/social life, trying to help start a non-profit organization, trying to lose weight/stay in shape, and attending school part-time, it’s starting to seem impossible! To be honest for me I have to take it one day at a time, but this is what usually works for me:
    1. To-do lists, with preferred deadlines
    2. Working out during my lunch break (major time saver! although this month has been full of lunch time meetings…blah)
    3. Try to stay a week ahead of schedule with my classes, by starting HW assignments a week before the semester starts, if I can
    4. Keeping my social life vibrant, but not insane (Friday nights in sometimes are the BEST thing I could do for myself)
    5. Not beating myself up if it doesn’t all get done or if I run out of energy!

  17. Don’t beat yourself up for skipping days of yoga. Honestly, why does it matter? As long as you did some and made an effort, that’s what counts.

  18. I know how you feel about never having enough time. But I think something important about dealing with it is to not be upset if not everything gets done. There are just some things that can always wait. 🙂

  19. I totally understand what you mean about never enough time…I work 2 jobs (6 days a week) and even when I DO have time, all I want to do is loaf on my couch…one of my tricks is to try to get all my errands done early in the morning etc this way I can have a “choregasim”!

    My yoga practice has still be going strong but I have to admit ayer I was super tired and skipped my morning class. I usually force myself to go but the days that I do that, I never really enjoy the class.

    I plan on doing some Namaste Yoga tonight before bed…

  20. I try to get a little done each day so that I’m not killing myself on the weekends. I make a to-do list Monday mornings and decide what needs to be taken care of each day. Makes it a little easier. Of course the bulk is still done on the weekends but reminding myself of everything I want to do each day instead of waiting for the weekend makes it a little more manageable, if I only have an hour free each night I try to get a lot of the little tasks done, if I have more time I’ll tackle a bigger task.

  21. I totally understand what you mean about not having enough time! I’m incredibly busy all the time, but have somehow learned to manage it all. The one thing I’ve learned is to make sure that you take some time to take care of yourself. I think it’s the one thing that is often left off the to-do list, but is one of the most important parts of making sure that we get everything done. Taking time to take care of ourselves means that we’re better equipped to do everything else on our lists.

    Last night I tried Core yoga and got incredibly frustrated and starting crying. Core strength is an area that I really need to work on but last night’s practice frustrated me rather than motivated me. I think I’m going to try Polly’s yoga for core video and work on that for a few weeks before I head back to that session.

    My new yoga goal is going to be to start working towards inversions – head and handstands. I was talking to my fiance about it Sunday morning and then Polly did a video on it so I guess it’s kismet.

  22. As you can see on my post yesterday, my weekend was pretty insane too. They always are.

    My tips:
    1. Don’t sign up for too much. When my friends ask me to go out I almost never say no, but then I end up rushing around all day and night. I am starting to learn to commit less. That definitely helps with time management.
    2. Let one of your items on your to do list double for something else. For example, instead of watching tv to unwind (which I love to do), I either cook up a healthy meal while watching a show (or not) or go for a run to unwind. It totally helps with time.
    3. You can’t do everything. (kind of like point number 1). Pick the things you really want or need to do and then do only those.
    4. Schedule a chunk of time every Sunday or Monday night to organize your house and life for the week. For me this means getting the laundry done and the house cleaned, looking over my schedule for the week, + cook up a few meals, grocery shop, and plan my exercise.

  23. My top tips are to cut back on social events and abandon the long term to do list.

    Re: social events – it’s hard to say no, but you have to take at least one day/night for yourself each weekend. I also don’t really do anything “out” during the week.” Yes, this kinda makes me a fuddy duddy, but rest is really important to me as is my sanity!

    Re: the list – ditch it. For real. Pick one or two tasks to accomplish each weekend, but don’t be a slave to some huge list. It may mean your house isn’t as clean or your laundry piles up a bit, but you will be MUCH happier.

  24. I understand about never having enough time. Some advice I have is to sit down on Sundays and write a sketch out of your week, planning meals, to do lists, cleaning, workouts etc…If you plan to utilize every minute of everyday, you will get the most out of it!!!

    My yoga has been going ok. I too have been a bit of a slacker but have been much better then I was before I did this challenge. This week I plan on finishing strong!

  25. LOVE peanute butter and banana — one of the best combos ever!

    I totally hear you on feeling like you have a million things to do and not having enough time! My advice? prioritizing. yes you might have a big list but what needs to get done RIGHT NOW?! Do those items first and the rest will fall into place.

  26. It seems like a lot of good advice is being shared. My strategy has been to not be afraid to say no and to prioritize what is most important for me to get done and put the things I cannot get done in perspective. I do have some OCD tendencies so I always want things to be 100% perfect so it’s been helpful for me to decide what things I have to do and consider non negoatiable, which things I’d like to get done, and which don’t matter so much. It’s been helpful becaues it’s been unrealistic for me to do EVERYTHING and just giving myself permission to be okay with that has helped a lot.

    Saying no has also helped immensely. I used to feel like I had to go to every get together or belong to every organization and I’e since reprioritized. It’s helped a lot to stay balanced and not overload myself with things I think I should do vs. those that really matter.

  27. Tina ~ I am so with you on never having enough time in a day. You do an awesome job at balancing it all though. I am with you on the yoga challenge – I enjoyed it and started off so great. Then, somehow along the way, I missed a day, then, two and now I’ve missed too many to go back now 🙂 I AM making it a priority again soon because well it makes my day that much better.

    have a great Monday!

  28. wow, you got so many great tips already! i have no advice on managing it all- i always feel overwhelmed, and now that it’s warmer, i want to be playing outside, not checking off my to-do list!

  29. I totally agree about how a good bowl of oats can do wonders for your outlook of the day. For example, this morning my oats were just FABULOUS! I already feel like today will be great after consuming that bowl of deliciousness. Your oats look so scrumptious also!!

    I’m a total list maker. It helps me keep organized. If I don’t make lists, I end up forgetting about something, which isn’t good!!

    I do hate the feeling of not having enough time! 🙁 That is seriously the worst! Good luck.. you’ll get everything done eventually!! Just breath, and take one thing at a time. Don’t stress.. if I stress about everything that I need to do it just makes things worse. If you do things efficiently, but calmly, you will be able to get the job done!!

  30. I always feel like I don’t have enough time or enough money to do the things I want to do…it can get SO frustrating and overwhelming! Planning my days (Google Calendar is my best friend!) helps, but also learning to say no and accepting that you can’t do everything all the time is huge for me…something I’m still working on 🙂

  31. When you’re a blog addict like myself, it’s hard to cut down on internet time, but I find that I can be a little more productive if I attack my to-do list without digital distractions. For example, I knew that today was going to be a busy morning at work, so I didn’t log-in to gmail until noon. I find that checking my email every 5 minutes is a real time waster. Other than that…my Outlook calendar and handy to-do list are life savers!

  32. Day 27: Sadie Nardini’s 70min Yoga Cardio

    Day 28: Challenging 70min of Sadie Nardini’s Fire Detox

    Day 29: Booty Asana Flow + Yoga for Core + Fists of Fire Detox

    Day 30: 70min of Vinyasa Flow + Sadie Nardini’s Challenge

    Day 31: Sadie Nardini’s 70min Yoga Cardio + meditation + Core Yoga

  33. It’s funny, because for the last week I’ve been majorly feeling like I just don’t have time to do it all. I think a lot of it is time management though. And procrastination!

  34. I started reading that book last week for when I cool down on the bike after running. It’s quite fascinating–the whole field of marketing (esp food marketing) is so interesting to me!

  35. Day 30
    I took a long hiatus!! My lovely husband encouraged me to do some yoga tonight and it felt super good. I did the Gentle Hatha Yoga #2 and it felt really good. I don’t know why I don’t want to do yoga some days, I always feel amazing during and after. I’ve definitely decided that yoga does not work for me as a workout substitute. When I do yoga I want to be focusing on fluidity, flexibility and be able to clear my mind. When I do challenging yoga that is made to make you sweat, I don’t enjoy it near as much.

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