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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning, blog friends! 😎

After Body Pump last night, I slept like a baby. Apparently, the class kicked my butt!

This morning, I planned to wake up and do some writing, but somehow I slept through my alarm. πŸ˜• Maybe some writing will happen this afternoon? Will someone please give me a little kick it the butt? πŸ˜‰


I felt like a mad scientist in the kitchen this morning. I had so many ingredients that I wanted to add to my oats. I just kept throwing different things into the pot!


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup non-fat milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Wheatberries
  • Chia seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • 1 banana
  • 2 scoops of peanut butter


And, I enjoyed some iced coffee with breakfast.


Project: Anti-Clutter Bug

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand clutter. For some reason, it just stresses me out. So, my goal for our new apartment is organize it in such a way that discourages clutter. Like most people, I have a crazy-busy life, so creating ways to keep everything in its place will make life so much easier down the road.

Here are just a few ideas that I’ve implemented in our new home:


Instead of stacking our towels, I roll them and put them in a big basket in the bathroom closet. Rolling the towels takes up less space and it looks pretty. πŸ˜‰



I forget where this idea came from (I think Martha Stewart?), but it’s one of my favorites!

I keep my sheet sets organized by storing them inside one of the pillow cases from each set. I fold the flat and fitted sheets and all of the pillow cases except for one, which I then use to put all of the sheets and other pillow cases inside. So, when I need a set of sheets, they’re all together in one place.


Pet Supplies

I keep all of Murphy’s doggie supplies in a basket near the door. It makes taking him out so much easier because I’m not wandering around the house looking for his leash or poop bags.


Everyday Items

Similarly, Mal and I keep our everyday items, like car keys and sunglasses, in a bowl near the door. That way, we can just grab and go on our way out. I really hate forgetting my sunglasses, so this is a foolproof way to make sure that I remember them.




I’m not an expert when it comes to wine, but a wine rep (and friend of mine) told me that I should lay my bottles on their side, so the wine stays in contact with the cork, which prevents it from oxidizing.


I love the way that this wine rack looks, too!


Question of the Day

Are you a neat freak or a clutter bug? Or a combination of the two?

Don’t forgot to vote for your favorite dress! Be sure to include the full name of the dress in the comments; I can’t count your vote otherwise.

And, does anyone get Woman’s World Magazine? Rumor has it that I am quoted in this month’s issue!?!



  1. I’ve started rolling my towels in our new place, too! I got a big “vase” for it that is perfect to put by the shower.
    This reminds me that we really need a wine rack! Interesting tid bit about storing them on their sides. I have always wondered about that.

  2. I hadn’t heard that before about keeping wine on it’s side. Good to know!

    I think i’m a combo of mess and organized. When it comes to the kitchen i’m a neat freak and like things organized but the rest of the house seems to get pretty cluttered πŸ™

    Luckily my hubs doesn’t like messes either so he tends to clean it up.

  3. Hey! 1) Great idea on the pillowcase sheet storage trick! 2) Where did you find your curtains that appeared on that post about apartment decorating? Love ’em! They look like my 4-year-old could maybe not destroy them. 3) Thanks for the tip on the dog Furminator tool – may save me money at the groomer’s. πŸ™‚
    And SO glad you liked the salted cashews we sent!

  4. I just bought some wheatberries! I’ll have to try them in oatmeal soon. They’re so yummy & chewy.

    The pillowcase trick = genius! I’m getting off the computer to do that as soon as I leave this comment.

  5. I like what you did there with the towels and with your sheets. My towls get stacked and thrown under the sink but it takes up so much room. I’ll keep these in mind for when I move in a couple of months!

    Like you, I can’t stand clutter. When I decide to clean, I tend to clean for a full day and a full pot of coffee.

  6. I am a little of both! I have been decluttering, and post about it with pics on my blog for accountability! I do the same thing with my sheets.
    I just made a mini mud room in our laundry room to keep all of our running stuff, etc. ont he shelf and hooks and it is working out great!

  7. Love your suggestions. The one about the sheets is such a good idea! My husband and I are really bad about clutter. Things just seem to accumulate throughout the work week. I wish one of use cared more about the clutter!

  8. My hubby and I live in a small home, so we try and keep it really clean, but that doesn’t always happen. I love that you linked to that one day, because they have been super inspiring lately as well! It’s the perfect time for all these extra tips-Spring Cleaning!!

  9. I am SUCH a neat freak! I can’t study or concentrate or even sleep when my room is cluttered. It stresses me out too. I love have little bowls around for “everyday items” it’s nice to have them out but not spread out everywhere!

    And I love wine racks too! I didn’t know that about storing bottles on their sides though. Neat!

  10. I love magazines and have a hard time throwing them away. Once I bought a new coffee table I also purchased two baskets that fit underneath the table. Once the baskets are full I clean them out. Voila. A great way to keep the magazine clutter confined to only two small baskets. I love the sheet/pillowcase idea.

  11. I slept through my alarm this morning too – which put me in a panic as I had to get a train from Oxford to London, then a tube within London, then another train to Gatwick airport, then a bus to my B&B… Wish I’d had your breakfast to get me through the stress!

    I think I’m a mix of neat freak and clutter bug… can get very cluttery when I’m in the midst of studying!

  12. Like you, clutter stresses me out. My boyfriend finds it funny to leave things in a place where it doesn’t belong to see me get all flustered ha. UNfortunately, I just moved as well and I am still in the process of organizing my small apartment. For now a lot of things are hidden behind closet doors πŸ™

  13. I’m a clutterbug by habit, but would be a neat freak if I had the time and energy to put into it. I love being in a clean, orderly environment, I just don’t like having to make it that way!

  14. I love this tip for storing sheets!!! My linen closet is SO unorganized mostly because sheets are so weird to fold properly – at least this will make them look orderly! Thanks Tina!

  15. I’m sensing a theme — baskets!

    I am a major clutter bug, but I am organized about some small things. For instance, my toilet paper and paper products sit in a basket in my bathroom. I have a set of mini shelves that store my jewelry collection (one section for bracelets, rings, etc.).

  16. Tina, these are great ideas! I especially love the sheets inside a pillow case! I’m somewhat cluttered, but really thrive when my surroundings are clean and clutter free so it’s a constant struggle. Doing some organizing and cleaning tonight, in fact!

  17. I can be a bit of a cluttered young thing, haha! Although when I do clean, I do it well, so it really depends on what day of the week it is, if someone’s coming to visit me, and my mood. πŸ˜‰

  18. I have to admit that I’m a neat freak. I like everything in it’s place; however, in some drawers like my desk, are not as organized as I’d like them. Oh well!

  19. I am SUCH a neat freak. I’m a college student and my bedroom in my apartment is REALLY small (as has been the two rooms I’ve lived in before, here) so I have to keep it 100% neat or it drives me crazy and makes me nervous. My mom sent me this mini-vacuum which I’m now OBSESSED with and vacuum every day. I’m still guilty of piling books on the floor because I don’t have enough room on my bookshelf (which I also use as my dresser–oh college!), though!

  20. I’m a little bit of both. I’m kind of bi-polar when it comes to mess. I prefer things to be really clean, but I’m never home long enough with enough energy to keep it clean. I’ll get into “episodes” of SUPER-CLEANLINESS and then a few days later it will suddenly explode with clutter.

  21. I’ve moved many times in life & that has helped keep down my level of clutter. If I have clutter near me, especially clutter made up of my own things, it muddles my thinking somewhat. I love your ideas of using a basket for rolled towels and putting sheets into the matching pillowcase. I’ll definitely try those! I already keep a basket near my front door for keys, stamps, & odds & ends. Very convenient.

  22. I’m definitely a combination of the two! I’m good at gathering clutter, but then every once in a while I’ll go at it like crazy to organize it all! I like your towel idea. We have a bin in the closet for dog stuff, but I really should organize it better!


  23. I do not like clutter. I try to keep what we use on a daily basis within eye sight or I will forget where I put it. Other than that everything has a spot behind a door.

  24. Living with a clutter freak can be destructive for one who needs balance and organization. It can cause physical and mental damage for a neat one to live in chaos. My husband doesn’t know the real me because of his destructive habits. I am not an unhappy person mearly a clutter dominated person. (His clutter dominates and overwhelms me, though I’ve learned to uncomfortably ignore it.) Supposedly I am suppose to clean, tidy and organize all the chaotic disaster he makes. Unfortunately when I do that he makes an even more messy chaotic mess. What’s a wife to do?

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