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Happy National Running Day! Did you get your run on today?

I participated in National Running Day with a 4-mile run on the treadmill at the gym. I was in a cranky mood all morning, so a sweaty run was just what I needed to snap out of a funk.

IMG_0208 (500x373)

Some really good music on my iPod also helped improve my mood! I rocked out to Adele, Chemical Romance, and Citizen Cope (among other favorites) while running along.

After my run, I felt a zillion times better! It’s amazing that a “runner’s high” can cure just about any bad mood.

IMG_0206 (500x373)

After my workout, I took the quickest shower ever (yay, sopping wet hair!) and whipped up a banana smoothie to take with me to NuVal. In the mix: frozen banana, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, vanilla extract, and chia seeds.

IMG_0013 (375x500)IMG_0059 (375x500)

I spent the next few hours at NuVal working away and catching up with coworkers.

On the way home from NuVal, I needed a little pick-me-up, so I stopped by Marylou’s for an Almond Joy iced coffee. (I swear, they add crack to their iced coffee.)

IMG_0014 (500x375)

In honor of National Running Day, I registered for another race: Rock ”˜N’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon!!!


I know that I complained about pricey race registration costs the other day, but this time, I’m paying for a pretty awesome experience too. The Rock ”˜N’ Roll Las Vegas is run at night (and you know how much I love night running!) and the race route goes right down the Vegas strip!! How cool is that?!?

I decided to bite the bullet and register today because the Rock ”˜N’ Roll Las Vegas folks are hosting a “Special Registration Week,” which means for only $130, you can register for the half marathon. (The marathon is $140.) I still can’t believe I paid that much money, but I saved $10 off the registration price with the code 10RNRLV. Every little bit helps!

Oh, yea. I almost forgot. Another reason that I registered for the Rock ”˜N’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon is because I’ll just happen to be in Vegas for the Urban Running: Blogger Summit!!!


Say what?!? Running and blogging at the same conference?! Ooooh, yes!

My friend Skinny Runner is hosting it, and there’s already a whole slew of great speakers confirmed, including yours truly as the keynote speaker! Yikes! It might kill me, but I’m trying to come from A Place of Yes in my life.

If you’re interested in attending the Urban Running: Blogger Summit, send an email to to get updates about the venue, speakers, and room accommodations.



  1. I love it when I’m in a bad mood and a workout is the cure! That registration fee is outrageous, but at least LV hotels are cheap and you can get free booze if you gamble – just play the penny slots 😉

  2. I am on the verge of signing up for LV R&R too as long as I wont be traveling for work! I am almost more excited about the conference too! Finally something (near) the west coast for bloggers! 🙂

  3. Marylou’s looks like a little enchanted cottage… I like this.
    I too need to sign up for another race, but (as you said the other day), costs are just out of this world right now, and I’m a struggling little grad student 🙁

  4. That Summitt sounds awesome, I am seriously going to consider it and I have always wanted to run a Rock n’ Roll Marathon! Already signed up for the updates!

  5. Very exciting news! Good luck being key note speaker and with training! I wish National Running Day came along more than once a year 😉

  6. The Summit sounds great! Thanks for advertising it. I’m signing up for the RNR LA in October and the RNR Phoenix in January, so i’ll probably sit out the Las Vegas run. But I would definitely consider the summit since I’m 4 hours away from sin city.

  7. I’m jealous of everyone running vegas! I couldn’t swing traveling out there so close to holiday travel. I think my goal will be to do one “big” race a year. NYC will be my big one this year! 🙂

  8. I ran the Vegas Rock n Roll half last year and am planning to do it again this year. It was really fun. Last year it was during the day, so I’m really looking forward to running down the strip at night.

  9. I did!
    I ran 3 miles including a song’s length aerobic interval for each to mile to the songs
    “white people for peace” – against me!,
    “S&M” – Rihanna, and
    “For you and your denial” – Yellowcard

  10. You are like wonder woman in blogger form. So motivating! Minutes before I read this post I actually just signed up for the Savannah Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon! I’m pumped!

  11. I would loveeeee to see you and Skinny Runner at the summit (I would feel like I was seeing celebrities :), but I don’t know if I can justify flying from PA to Las Vegas and sign up for the race!

  12. Woot for Vegas! I signed up months ago when they first announced the whole Strip at Night thing. Can’t wait! I am a little nervous b/c it’s only a month after my first marathon. Hopefully I won’t be burned out (and I will be able to run).

  13. I didn’t even know it was national running day! Good thing I was able to get out for a good 5 miler! 🙂

    I don’t even drink coffee much anymore but every time you talk about Marylou’s you make me crave it! 😛

    I am definitely going to check out that conference. I am SO excited to snag a ticket to the HLS (my first conference!) yey! 🙂

  14. Can you believe that today of all days was my running rest day? Bad timing on my part, definitely!
    I’m trying desperately to convince hubs that we need to hit up Vegas in December for the conference, but for some reason a female-dominated weekend about blogging and running isn’t exciting him. Can’t imagine why not!

  15. RnR Las Vegas sounds awesome!!! It’s expensive but it will definitely be a unique experience.

    Awesome run today, too! You sure are speedy! I did a terrible job at celebrating National Running Day…I procrastinated this morning and then work got pretty hectic…when I finally got home it was late and I was hungry so I ended up not running. Oh well, I’ll just celebrate belated running day tomorrow. 😉

  16. I just signed up for the Las Vegas Half too! It will be my first so I am extremely nervous but I am sure it will be fun. Hopefully I won’t injure myself between now and then! Would love to run into you!

  17. I wish races weren’t so expensive to! But the LV sounds worth every penny! good luck! and I totally agree, a good sweat session can get me out of bad mood!
    The blogger summit sounds fun! Ill look into it!

  18. Congrats on the next Half Marathon registration – Vegas at night sounds like an awesome experience 🙂

    Loved Heather’s review of your book over on Hangrypants – makes me wanna read it even more. I’ll be at BN for it this weekend for sure.

  19. I ran on Monday and I was the same before my run – in a bad mood! It really is amazing how a good run (and good music) can turn you around! I did 5.4 in the scorching heat and to return happy after that tells ya something about running!

  20. I celebrated with a 90+ degree 5 mile run pushing my 30 pound toddler in the stroller! Good thing it was National Running Day because that made all the sweat that much more worth it! I’m glad your run put you in a good mood! It always works wonders on my moods too!

  21. Hurrah for a special day reserved for all us running nuts! 🙂 congrats on signing up for that half marathon,(ugh, i’m with you on the fact that it’s INSANE how expensive races have gotten!) and i agree that one of the best ways to bust out of a funk or bad mood is with cranking out some miles. i hit the treadmill up today too. have an awesome time at the blogger’s summit too! oh, and haha, i too am no stranger to the super-fast shower. 😉

  22. I have lived in Vegas for 6 years and am relocating to Chicago and will not be able to make it out for the newest addition of the vegas marathon! I ran the full four times (once as Elvis), the half once and just had to cheer the last time b/c of an injury! I am jealous!!!

  23. That’s going to be such an amazing weekend! I would love to do an R&R race but I have to get over the registration price first. I have heard that those races are worth that much money though! 🙂

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