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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Goooooood morning and happy National Pizza Day! To help you celebrate the day, here are some of my very favorite pizza recipes:

Mal was home from school again yesterday, so we had another nice morning with our boys. Breakfast was egg sandwiches made with Light Creamy Swiss from The Laughing Cow, bacon, and buttery, toasted English muffins. Mmm!

photo 4 (13) (800x800)

After breakfast, we got Quinn and Murphy ready for a trip to the park for a family walk. Hoodie twins!

photo 3 (22) (800x800)

The park was lovely. The weather was a little chilly, but sunny and beautiful at the same time. I loved being out and about with my boys.

photo 2 (2) (800x600)

photo 1 (14) (800x600)

My first born.

photo 3 (21) (800x800)

(My hoodie is from Reebok. It comes in teal too!)

photo 5 (800x600)

On the way home from the park, we stopped to get iced coffees and donuts at Dunkin Donuts. (Mal has THE BEST ideas! Haha!) I ordered a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles, which, of course was deeeelicious, and a sugar cookie iced coffee, which was DISGUSTING. I ordered it with just milk (no sugar) and it was still insanely sweet and just not good. Eww. I don’t recommend it.

photo 4 (7) (800x800)

Back at home, I fed Quinn and did a few things around the house, including making a new pizza recipe for Of course, the pug wanted to be right near the action. #foodpotential


The pizza turned out so well! Holy yum! I devoured a couple of pieces for lunch. I’ll definitely let you know when the recipe is live on!

SAM_0099 (800x533)

After that, I headed out to tackle my long run for the week: 85-minutes. Kerrie met me for 5 miles of it, and it was so nice to have a buddy to chat with. It made the time fly by!

photo 1 (4) (800x800)

When I got home, I refueled with a protein shake made with SFH vanilla Recovery, almond milk, and SO Delicious Nog Coconut Milk (yep, I broke into the eggnog already). I’m really trying to pay attention to pre- and post-run fueling, so I made it a point to leave my shaker out on the kitchen counter, so I wouldn’t forget to drink a protein shake as soon as I finished my run. Usually, I’m not very hungry after a long run or tough workout, so this was a great reminder.

SAM_0113 (800x533)

Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?

What’s your go-to drink/snack/meal for refueling?


I love Buffalo Chicken Pizza and the “Sporkie” from Bertucci’s.

My go-to refueling: protein shakes, protein smoothies, nut butter + banana, and egg sandwiches.



  1. Protein shakes are a must for when I’m training for a race and doing CrossFit. Last spring, I used the Progenex recovery powder after my long runs or really tough workouts. It’s super expensive, but worth the price tag; although the SFH vanilla is so versatile and delicious!

  2. LOVE green smoothies and lots of WATER (ICE ICE ICE water). Oh yummmm Pizza! It is my favorite thing EVER and currently having a baby that cannot tolerate dairy is KILLING ME. I am also a vegetarian so no meat and no dairy makes me feel like I am slowly starving to death LOL. I am NOT but my hair has told me I need more protein in my life – so back to my protein shakes! (Vegan that is).

  3. I think I need to try that sweet potato crust, sounds incredible! And awesome run! I have very few run buddies but when I do run with someone I love having the chat time while letting the miles fly by. Very excited to follow your training for Boston 🙂

  4. I am definitely celebrating this holiday!!! My favorite pizza is probably mushroom, spinach and pepperoni. But honestly, give me any type of pizza and I will love it. I like to refuel with my favorite coconut SFH protein + almond milk.

  5. My go-to refuel is anything with nut butter – fruit, veggies, sweet potato, toast, or just a spoon!! & Holy guacamole I cannot wait to try that Sweet Potato Crust pizza! YUM – How perfectly Fall. Also nice job on the long run! You’re going to be amazing at Boston!!

  6. Your walk looks beautiful! We haven’t had leaves on our trees for about a month – I miss the fall colors. Quinn looks so grown up in that picture with Mal.

    I am all about smoothies after a workout. I never feel like eating and an ice cold smoothie always hits the spot!

  7. I’m definitely curious about that sweet potato crust pizza! I tried an iced coffee from DD one time when we were on an east coast trip and it was so gross, I through it out and found a local coffee shop to order a good iced latte from.

  8. Whenever I get a coffee at Dunkin Donuts I ask for 1 pump of syrup. Anything more and it is totally gross. And I totally bought the Silk Nog for my coffee already. I’d love to find the So Delicious so I can compare 🙂

  9. I also love SFH Recovery Protein! After a long run I love to refuel with a simple smoothie made with 1 banana, chocolate SFH recovery protein, almond butter and chocolate coconut water. Perfect balance of carbs and protein!

  10. The simple vegan pizza from Minimalist Baker! So good and I don’t miss the cheese one bit, and neither does the non-veg husband. I also do shakes post-run and sometimes oatmeal topped with nut butter if it’s too cold for a smoothie.

  11. Great run! National pizza day!? Oh my gosh I love pizza! My favorite kind is white pizza with LOTS of veggies 🙂 Usually, my post workout refuels are smoothies or a nut butter quinoa porridge.

  12. Awesome run!

    My absolute favorite pizza is deep dish pizza from Pi Restaurant in St. Louis, but since I don’t live there anymore, I’ve been making pizza at home. I recently made a pizza with a whole wheat crust, olive oil and garlic base, and then topped with mozzarella, corn, black beans, shallots, and shredded steak – soooo good!

  13. I don’t do any pre or post workout drinks. I really don’t work out hard enought to need the extra food. Guess I need to up my game, and maybe slow down the “eat all the things” phase I am going thru, if I still want to fit my pants.

    I love 4 cheese pizza. But I am not a big fan of tomato pizza sauce, I usually substitute at home with pesto sauce, or just order easy on the sauce.

  14. Love pizza with arugula, goat cheese, bell peppers, ‘shrooms, and pesto sauce! I always want chocolate milk after running or an intense workout.

  15. I love barbeque chicken pizza, but I’m open to all kinds. My go-to after a workout is a protein smoothie or tuna on a salad or sandwich.

    Funny you say that about the sugar cookie iced coffee at DD – I don’t know how they messed it up but I couldn’t even finish mine. Gross.

  16. I have learned that pre and post run fueling makes ALL the difference in how my body responds. I am using the same pre-long run fuel every time to prepare for an out of state race (so need to be able to eat this in a hotel room). Even though I don’t feel like eating when I get home, refueling immediately truly determines how I recover. I have been using a vegan protein powder (Vega One) with a banana and some blueberries mixed up in a smoothie. Then I stretch and roll out muscles and I am good to go. It may be important to note that I am in my 50’s. If this keeps me on my feet then imagine what it can do for you younger and fitter ladies 🙂

  17. I am terrible at refueling after a long run or hard workout. Good idea leaving the shaker out to remind you fueling properly is an important part of training.

  18. Well, our dinner plans have now changed. I read this and mentioned to my daughter that it’s National Pizza Day so we’re making a quick grocery store stop to make our own pizzas. She’ll have black olives and meatballs, I’ll go for spinach and mushrooms with maybe a little chicken.

  19. I was excited when I ordered the DD Sugar Cookie coffee, but I was so disappointed with its taste too. I did like the Snickerdoodle iced coffee though.

  20. normally things aren’t too sweet for me,but the last time I was at DD and got their sugar cookie coffee I too was disappointed as it was too sweet. I had just found out I was pregnant so at first I thought it was just pregnancy making me crazy. I love jamocha almond fudge,but it isn’t in season right now.

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