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It’s Cookie Friday, but if you really need an excuse to eat some cookies, it’s also National Oatmeal Cookie Day!! :mrgreen:

Earlier this week, Christina gave me the heads-up about National Oatmeal Cookie Day, so, of course, I had to do something for the big day. Obviously, oatmeal cookies are tasty, but they’re also fairly good for you with healthy carbs and fiber from the oats. Isn’t that a good reason to eat them!? 😉

Here are a few of my favorite oatmeal cookie recipes:

Obviously, Cookie Friday + National Oatmeal Cookie Day is a reason to celebrate, so I got started first thing this morning.


On Twitter the other day, Julie gave me a delicious idea for breakfast: Oatmeal M&M Cookies. Oh, yes! 😀

Unfortunately, my baking experiment didn’t turn out very well. The cookies tasted fine, but they were flimsy and flat. I wanted to make a healthy-ish cookie using pinto beans, but my plan bombed. 😕

I was hungry when I woke up, so I rushed to make breakfast. I threw a whole bunch of ingredients together and didn’t really think about the outcome, so sadly, my cookies weren’t anything special.

Even still, I ate a few cookies, plus a banana and a glass of iced coffee for breakfast.

Cookie Friday

Here’s some delicious inspiration for your day! :mrgreen:

Question of the Day

What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten for breakfast in the name of saving time?

P.S. You can read about my April Budget Challenge over on Trading Up Downtown.



  1. When I was on a trip, I added flavored oatmeal to plain greek yogurt and topped with a Barney Butter squeeze pack. Nowadays, that’s just overnight oats, but at the time it felt crazy to eat!

  2. Awh I think those cookies are cute! Darn it, if I’d known it was Cookie Day TODAY, I would’ve saved my last cookie yesterday, instead of having it for dessert :'( alas!
    I had chickpeas for breakfast this morning…that’s a bit odd right?

  3. Mmmmm…I think their flatness makes them look like delicious muffin tops! Yum!

    When I was a nanny, I ate Clif bars every morning for breakfast on my way to take care of the bebe. I guess it’s not that weird, but now that I’m used to having full-on breakfast dishes, like oats, it seems weird to me that I was just eating this little bar for breakfast every day. Although they were delicious!

    Have a great Friday!

  4. I don’t what’s the weirdest thing I’ve eaten.. I’ve eaten pizza for breakfast, does that count? ahah But that’s not weird, just unhealthy :p Well, the pizza I ate was unhealthy at least. 😉

  5. In honor of cookie Friday, your M&M breakfast cookies remind me of my all time favorite cookie: Mrs. Field’s M&M sugar cookie, which must be eaten in a mall. omg. Bad for you, but good for the soul!

  6. They look so cute with the little m&m sunken in the top! I only really eat cereal for breakfast. I always try to make time for it too as it’s my favourite meal of the day! I think I might have to make some oatmeal cookies now in honour of this day!

  7. I sometimes eat leftovers for breakfast… I don’t usually crave “breakfasty” foods (eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon, etc) except for oatmeal!

    The cookies look mmmmmmm… Hope you perfect the recipe soon, cos they sound really good! 😀

    Have a great day ahead! 🙂


  8. Aww, those cookie pancake look yummy anyway. 🙂

    I eat all sorts of food for breakfast, even lunch and dinner foods. So I guess cold pizza or egg rolls might strike some as weird. 😛


  9. nothing really weird but I usually grab a protein bar during the week. I have been known in former years to grab anything edible in the car…cupcakes….candy…anything left on the counter.

  10. i’ll admit, ive definitely stuck a spoon into the pb and jelly jars and ran out the door. usually if im really in a hurry, i throw some cereal, banana slices, and milk in a cup and bolt. GIVEAWAY on my site today!!! check it out!!

  11. Oatmeal cookies…yum. I have to make those soon!
    I always have time for proper breakfast 🙂 But quick ones…hm, maybe some cereal or a slice of bread with some spread on top of it, cheese and ham.
    I don’t like when I have to rush my mornings :/

  12. those cookies look pretty dang good to me 🙂 i’m glad you had cookies for breakfast- i might have to celebrate cookie friday today 😀
    my favorite weird breakfast is salad for breakfast- i love it 🙂
    have a happy friday, lovely friend

  13. YUM! I don’t know, i think those look pretty good too! I can’t wait to bake oatmeal cookies later, what a great excuse!

  14. I ate my lunch for breakfast once because I was in a rush and didn’t have time to make anything…so I ate what I packed the night before! A smoked salmon wrap with POM juice. Not tooo weird but mustard at breakfast just seems off to me!

  15. I love m&ms in cookies…so delicious! I used to eat cookies for breakfast in high school because they were freshly baked in our cafeteria every morning.

  16. Happy Oatmeal Cookie Day! I love m&ms in cookies – my favorite!

    I need to get an oatmeal cookie on my way home today. Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. When I was little I hated breakfast foods, especially cereal! The only way my mom could get me to eat breakfast was to give me leftovers. There were many mornings of pasta, chicken, etc. My favorite was my mom’s noodle kugel. I will still opt for that if it’s around!

  18. I think the cookies look special! I think ANY cookie for breakfast looks special—Ive eaten spaghetti for breakfast before. It was leftovers and I needed something quick and that was the first thing I saw!

  19. Since I am Korean, from time to time i eat a traditional korean meal…which is VERY different from the Western world. I would have seaweed soup, spicy chicken stew, or brisket/oxtail soup…along with the staple foods rice, kimchi, and other side dishes called banchan (they are usually vegetables). I usually eat a Korean breakfast during the weekends, when I go back home to my parents from school. Other than that…I eat cereal, pb&j sandwich, eggs.

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