My Worst Hotel Experience

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Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

I woke up bright and early to meet Kerrie for a track workout this morning. My half marathon training plan had a speed workout on it for today, so we decided to tackle it:

2 mi up, 2 x 200m (:45), 2 x 800 (3:40), 1 x 1600 (8:10) –> full recovery between sets, 1 mi down

morning track workout

Unfortunately, I didn’t last very long. I only made it through the 200s before my stomach started hating me, and I needed to call it quits. I ended up finishing the majority of the workout (the 1600m @ 8:10 just wasn’t going to happen) once I got home and my stomach had a chance to chill out, which was annoying (UC is really starting to get on my nerves), but I’m glad I didn’t quit all together.

My Worst Hotel Experience

When Jess and Scott were over the other night, we somehow got on the topic of crappy hotels we’ve stayed in. We all had hilariously awful stories to tell, so I thought it would be a fun topic for CNC. I know you guys have some good stories!

On my list is The Warwick Hotel in New York City. I blogged about my experience here. Let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite hotel stay.

worst hotel

Also on my list is the Days Inn on Broadway in New York City. Mal and I stayed there when I ran the New York City Marathon, and it was awful. I wish I had taken photos of our room because it was so nasty””the carpet and curtains were ripped and stained, the towels had brown stains on them (ewww!), and our room was tiny, hot and stuffy, and tucked away in an emergency stairwell. I still can’t believe we stayed there for two nights and paid $600 for it.

worst hotel pic

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Question of the Day

What’s your worst hotel experience?

P.S. I saw this on Twitter the other day and just had to share: Turtle Disguised As Burger Smuggled Through Airport In China. Haha! Amazing.

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  1. I have only had one bad hotel experience and it was when I was attending a show choir competition that my brother and sister were competing in. I don’t have pictures, but to put it simply I didn’t take my clothes off I wouldn’t shower and I slept on top of the sheets…the whole night I thought someone may break into our hotel room because it was a motel with outdoor access (kind of like a horror movie!!). My mom found it on priceline, and we NEVER let her live that one down…luckily we can all laugh about it now, and luckily we didn’t pay $600 like you did!! YIKES!

  2. gross!!! my worst was at a place in florida that looked beautiful online and ended up being totally gross…i didn’t even want to lay in the beds in fear of catching disease…we ended up changing hotels early. nothing like a gross hotel room! ick!

  3. Those pictures are so disgusting!! The worst hotel I ever stayed at was in Ocean City, MD last summer. My two year old son was walking around barefoot for not even one minute and the bottom of his feet were black from the carpet!! So nasty!!

  4. Tina, i am SO glad i just saw this post! I found a “great” deal for the warwick for this weekend and was going to book it! everything looked great online. HA! Close call – THANK YOU! 🙂

  5. My worst hotel experience was at a Super 8 near Chicago. Our room was dirty, there were dirty kleenexes left in the bathroom. It was very apparent no one really cleaned the room before we came. The breakfast was a joke, with icky looking jars of PB/jelly. No way I was going to eat that. I try to check tripadvisor before we go places now.

  6. i think my worst hotel experience was a marriott in boston, actually. the room was okay, but super expensive because it was the weekend of the boston marathon. the night before the race (i was running it!), someone pulled the fire alarm at 3 a.m. talk about a terrible pre-race sleep!

  7. Knock on wood I have not really had any bad hotel experiences. I did once have to share a hotel room with my manager from work who was trying to save expense $. That was awkward and not the hotel’s fault, but still not the greatest experience.

  8. I stayed in a hotel once with my husband in which the sheets were covered in hair when we pulled them back. I was so grossed out that I went and asked for new sheets. The new set of sheets had blood on them! All of the hotels in the area were booked due to a big football game, so we couldn’t switch hotels. We ended up going to the store and buying linens, and I slept on top of them covering up with my coat. I think it would have been better to sleep in my car.

  9. I haven’t had an awful experience — other than once when my old roommate and I stayed in a hotel in the DR with our then-boyfriends, the owner kept telling us that his hotel was “visitor friendly.” Thanks… lol!

  10. My husband and I stayed at a la Quinta Inn one night on our honeymoon when we were between Sequoia National Park and Cambria and it was sooooo gross. Stains everywhere, mold in the bathroom, just gross. But it was our honeymoon so it wasn’t that bad 😉.

  11. Ugh those pictures are so gross! My worst hotel experience was actually a Bed and Breakfast. I don’t want to say the name because it was small and family owned and I don’t want to kill their business! It wasn’t gross or bad necessarily, it was more awkward. The family that owned it also lived there, and it really just felt like you were their house guests. The floors were creaky so my husband and I felt super uncomfortable being intimate for fear that they could hear us!

    The one thing that really bugged me was that we weren’t allowed to fill our water bottles up using the water cooler, we were only allowed to use the tiny shot-sized cups they provided. That was so annoying since we were hanging at the beach all day long. We paid a lot for this place but were still forced to purchase disposable water bottles at the store. They caught me filling my bottle up before I knew that was the rule, and the next day there was a sticky note on the cooler reminding us. Ha! I really felt like I was staying at a pesky relative’s house or something.

    Definitely better than stains and ripped furniture though!!

  12. Hotels can always be somewhat frightening, haha! We stayed at a hotel in St. Louis once that had formerly been an apartment building. After checking in, 2 policemen knocked on our door with a photo of a wanted poster and asked if we had seen the person! Needless to say, we found a new hotel 😉

  13. Bad hotels are the worst! We stayed in a small, no-name place near Williamsburg, VA and it was pretty shady. However, I believe we only paid about $50 for the night so I guess you get what you pay for! Except when you pay $300 a night in NYC and you get a nasty room… 🙁

  14. That’s gross! My husband and I, and a couple of friends stayed in a ‘floating’ hotel off the coast of a small island in Indonesia. It looked so idyllic! That was until the middle of the night, when we could here rats(!) running in between the walls and under the base of our bed! That’s by far the worst place I’ve stayed.

  15. Thats my kind of workout! awesome!!!! Sorry about the UC :(((
    I think I’ve been in one horrible hotel, but it was so long ago I can’t remember the name of it. One hotel I love staying at is the Clairion Inn in Sevierville, TN. I go there a lot and we love this hotel. Best breakfast in the morning, can’t hear anyone walking around or up above you, and everything is set in Gone With The Wind days. It’s got pictures of Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable everywhere. And it’s absolutely beautiful during Christmas. They go all out w/ decorations

  16. worst hotel experience: Ryan and I crashed at a hotel in Narraganset for a night. we got there pretty late and just went right to bed. when i woke up the next morning, i found a bandaid in the bed. it wasnt mine or ryan’s. i freaked out. blech. a bandaid in the bed!!! how gross!!!

  17. That workout in your Health article looks great – pinned it and will try it soon! My husband and I both travel every week for work (ugh), and he had the nastiest experience 2 weeks ago … he was getting in bed after a long day of work around midnight, and when he laid down he realized that the bed was WET and smelled like urine! He sprinted to the shower, disgusted, then called the lobby and all they did was bring him a new set of sheets and plop them on the bed! Needless to say, he said that wasn’t acceptable, and ended up changing rooms :).

  18. Those are some nasty looking hotel rooms! We’ve stayed in some pretty wompy rooms as well- one room had a foot of space in between the front door and the floor! It was weird and I literally thought someone could crawl right under at any minute!

    As a fellow (very new) resident of Weymouth, can I ask where you run your track workouts! I’ve been running the same route around my home and have been trying to figure out where I can run some sprints! Thanks!

  19. Reading all the comments is making me a little queasy 🙂
    During a trip to Spain with a friend who had never traveled to Europe, we stayed at a very centrally-located hostel in Madrid. We checked in and moved the beds apart (very European to have the 2 twin beds pushed together)…we found items under the bed that showed that there had probably been a couple staying there before us. I’ll leave it at that. I am fluent in Spanish so was tasked with explaining to the manager what was left behind and needed cleaning!

  20. Ugh, those pictures are gross. Bad hotels freak me out (I hate other people’s germs and bodily fluids). I recently stayed in a hotel where there was a dark liquid sprayed all over one of the bathroom walls. EEEEEEEK!

    I have a question/comment about your intestinal disease that I have been wondering lately looking at the pictures of the food you ate on the trip to Cabo. Have any doctors ever suggested that there might be a correlation between flare-ups and what you have eaten recently before? Or do you notice flare-ups after certain meals or days of eating certain foods? My dad has very bad colon issues (diverticulitis with polyps and some other painful thing I can’t recall) and he cannot eat a whole range of things he’s identified that make it flare. He cannot eat red meat, onions, fried foods, and a whole list of other stuff. The foods that you pictured from Cabo would absolutely tear him up inside. I have a milder IBS that also corresponds to what I eat, but I’m still in the process of figuring out what those things are (definitely wheat and cheese, but probably also onions and garlic; I don’t eat meat so I can’t say how that affects me but my dad hasn’t been able to eat red meat for years – he eats white meat and fish and those seem not to cause him that searing pain/bathroom trips that beef did). I am a relatively new reader, so I don’t know the whole history of your IBD/UC, and I hope you understand I’m just offering a thought/question and not being critical of your diet in any way. I just hope for you that you can find a way to control the intestinal problems you suffer from – mine are far milder and they just about kill me, so I can’t imagine being as active and chipper as you are with such a severe case. All best, Sarah

  21. A few months ago my husband and I were driving back from Niagara Falls and were getting pretty tired so we decided to stop somewhere near Syracuse. The hotel we booked on the road via a travel site app was closed when we arrived. No one was working, and the front doors were locked. Next door was a Red Carpet Inn….ummm scariest 5-10 minutes of my life. We walked into the room, I freaked, we left. Better to be insanely tired and take short driving shifts with a lot of energy drinks than be 10 feet near that nasty hotel room.

  22. My worst hotel experience was years ago when I was actually on a road trip with a friends family. We were traveling for a soccer tournament, and had a large group so we traveled in style in an RV :). Not only did we get in a wreck on the way there (whole ‘nother story), the hotel was so gross that literally half the boys decided to stay in the RV with us. We all went 3 days without showers because we refused to use their bathrooms, and we had no running water. Oh yeah!

  23. Worst hotel experience ever was in Daytona, FL in 2009. A few people and I went down for bike week as an impromptu trip, so no hotel booked in advanced. We spent about 2 hours riding around Daytona looking for a “vacancy” sign when we finally stumbled across a motel that looked skeevy. Checked in and when we walked into the room it smelled musty. Carpet was sticky (ew!). Beds were as hard as rocks. Sheets were stained. Bathroom was stained (and outdated). Towels were pretty much see-through. To top it off, there was a pool for the hotel but it was filled in with dirt and had grass growing. Although that’s probably a good thing. No telling how dirty the water might’ve been had there been any. It was a bad, bad experience…

  24. Let me preface this by saying that I have not read your blog long enough to know if you have ever addressed this before, been asked it in the comment section (I rarely read the comments) or tried what I am about to mention. So I will apologize if you have already thought about this and it is not meant to offend.

    You mention UC a bit and how much pain it causes you, being on immune suppressant drugs and so forth. Have you ever tried going 100% gluten free/Paleo to see the impact this has on your health and UC? Maybe trying whole 30 AIP for a month? I went to an event sponsored by AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Disease Association) and was fascinated by the information on the impact diet and specifically gluten have on the immune system and immune response. One of the speakers was someone how struggled for years with UC to the point of being totally pumped full of drug and not being able to leave her house due to her intestinal issues. Then when she drastically changed her diet she had major improvements to the point where she was in tear during her talk. Her life changed that much and up until then no doctor had never mentioned a change in diet as a treatment option. This was the first time I has ever heard mention of autoimmune disordered being treated by diet, specifically gluten. I’ve know other who have also successfully treated RA by cutting gluten. Just wondering if this is something you have ever tired or considered.

    Thank you for your blog. I recently tried crossfit/signed up for the fundamentals class thanks to your inspiration!

  25. I once stayed in this hotel in Ohio that smelled like wet blanket. Good thing I was so tired because of my trip with my poor little boy, we both crashed. We didn’t have to struggle to sleep. Never again will I spend 200 bucks for such a lousy hotel.

  26. I stayed in a Hard Rock Hotel and the shower had some kind of animal droppings in it! We called the front desk and we were able to switch rooms. But its really makes you think just how well they clean the rooms, if at all.

  27. Bed bugs in Hanoi, Vietnam. Yeah…that’s what our group got for staying in a EXTRA cheap hotel. And with parents on the trip, too!

  28. I stayed in the Riverside Tower Hotel in New York..there are no words! The double bed…half of it was underneath. When you took it out there was literally NO room left in the room!

  29. Last October I stayed in a motel for a wedding (small town, only option) and it was kinda gross. It was a tiny room first of all and smelled slightly of beets from the beet truck drivers that had stayed in it for the week prior. The shower was a gross because after you were in it for a few minutes, you were basically standing in water due to a clogged drain…ugh!

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