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Good morning!

I’ve received quite a few questions about my winter running gear, so here’s a little recap of what I wore on a recent long run. (FYI: It was 21 degrees when I started running and 25 degrees when I finished.) They’re items that I absolutely love and recommend 100%!


Brooks Running Women’s Seattle Shell (<– on sale right now!) 

The Seattle Shell is a great all-around winter running jacket. It totally protects you from the elements. It’s waterproof, but fully breathable, and offers protection from the wind too. There’s also a full-zip chin guard and warm fuzzy neck lining as well as a hood that zips into the collar for when you need it. Other cool features: Front pockets that zip and one even has an inner pocket that perfectly fits my iPhone, which means I don’t need to wear my SPIbelt during my run, and it’s one less thing to have on my body.


I also love the “media port” on the zipper to hold your headphones, so they don’t bounce around while you run.

_MG_9491 (1024x682)

And, finally, I love that the length of this jacket is on the longer side and has an adjustable cinch cord at the bottom, so I don’t get cold winter-y drafts when I run. It’s truly an awesome piece of gear for cold weather. Another winter running jacket that I highly recommend is the Nike ”˜Shield Max’ Water Repellent Hooded Running Jacket. It got me through the most insane (weather-wise) marathon training last year. Full review here.

Brooks Running Women’s Distance Long Sleeve

Under my running jacket, I wore the Brooks Running Women’s Distance Long Sleeve, but sometimes I’ll wear a
short sleeve
 underneath. It just depends on the temperature and how brave I’m feeling. I will also sometimes wear the long sleeve alone with gloves if the temps are a bit warmer (40s). And I’ll sometimes just wear it around the house or running errands because it’s just so soft and cozy. (I’m also wearing the Brooks Running Women’s Streaker Capri in black. I actually own two pairs of these capris now because I love them so much. FYI: Some colors are on sale right now!)

_MG_8170 (1024x683)

Brooks Running Women’s Seattle Tight

On my bottom half, I wore tights from Brooks. They’re breathable, but have wind and waterproof protection where it’s needed most, like on the quads. They’re stretchy (no chafing) with a drawstring waistband, so you don’t have to worry about them falling down either.

_MG_9422 (1) (1024x682)

And probably what I like best is the length of these tights. I’m 5’4″ and they fit perfectly. There’s a zipper at the ankle, which does not bother me at all. I loved my winter running pants from last year, but it always bugged me that the zippers sometimes rubbed on my ankles because they were too long despite the correct sizing.

_MG_9451 (1024x682)

Brooks Running Drift Glove

These gloves are the bomb! I honestly can’t stop raving about them. They have multiple layers of warmth, including a windproof mitt cover for extra protection that can easily be tucked away if you don’t need it.

_MG_9456 (1024x682)

They also have a tech-tipped thumb and index finger, so you can switch up your music/podcast or take pictures of your run without exposing your hands. They really are the best gloves! Highly recommend.

_MG_9463 (1024x682)

Brooks Running Unisex Greenlight Headband

And, finally, to keep my ears warm and hair out of my face, I wore the Greenlight Headband from Brooks. I love this headband because, obviously, it’s two-in-one (ear warmer + headband), but also because it’s comfy and stays put. In addition to black, it comes in bright, fun colors with a reversible pattern on one side, which now I wish I picked (so cute), and they’re on sale for just $19!

_MG_9479 (1024x682)

Question of the Day

Which do you prefer: Running in colder temps or warmer temps? 

P.S. The photos in this post were taken by the wonderful and amazing Lucie Wicker!



  1. I love the Brooks jacket & headband….might just have to stretch the budget to add another jacket to my running gear! I love both types of weather for different reasons….love the chillier temps bc it’s not muggy & the air isn’t heavy. Love the warmer temps bc I don’t need 5 layers to run comforbably!

  2. I feel blessed to be running no matter what, when it’s hot outside I want it to be cold when it’s cold outside I want it to be hot… there is no winning! All that gear looks amazing, I have the headband now I just need the rest of the outfit. (I Think we might have the same shoes to? I’ve got the glycerins, Brooks is my favorite running brand for sure!)

  3. Fall is my favorite time to run; the crisp air and gorgeous colors make for the most refreshing workouts. The gloves you are wearing are so awesome. I love how they are two-in-one!

  4. Since moving to Florida, I really covet my few cold workout days a year. I think the ideal temp is around 50, but I warm up so quickly that 30 degree weather feels perfect to me after about 5 minutes. I do remember my days of running when the temperature was in the ‘teens, and it was sleeting or snowing; I guess I don’t miss that quite so much!

  5. Give me cold temps any day of the week! I live in northern Wisconsin so we only get a couple months of warm weather but with warm weather comes horrible humidity. My body just can’t get used to breathing in that wet, warm air. During the dead of winter, I still run outside! -20 degrees? I run in my winter boots and even wear ski goggles so my skin is protected LOL. Bring it on! Ok, now I sound a little crazy 🙂

  6. I favor cold runs! I use to love running in the heat but have come to adore cold weather runs. Coldest I think I’ve run in is 9 degrees though. Usually try to pull it inside when its falls below double digits and the wind chills in the negatives. The right gear makes all the difference (I’m a Brooks fan as well head to toe). Happy running!

  7. I love warmer temps – the less clothing I can wear, the better. But I have started to build up my cold weather gear collection as I’ve pushed myself to run in 30 temps but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to run in the 20’s! Thanks for the recommendations!

  8. When I lived in CA I never ran outside when it was below 55 (aka CA freezing). Now that I live in CO, a sunny day in the 20s or 30s is perfect for running outside- it’s all about perspective!

  9. I love Brooks Running gear and shoes and have totally been looking for some mittens for the really cold weather so I’ll definitely check those out!

  10. Oh my goodness those gloves look insane! I also really need to invest in some full length tights as running in the English winter with 3/4 lengths makes for some pretty chilly ankles! Whilst I love summer running I do enjoy not completely melting and turning into a beetroot during the winter! Particularly if you can get out in the daylight or catch the sunrise! I think Spring and Autumn are the best times 🙂

  11. Put the Drift gloves on my Christmas list after your stocking stuffer post. Love love love them – thank you so much for the recommendation!

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