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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty low-key and included lots of rest and relaxation, family time, delicious food, and I didn’t turn on my computer once all weekend, which was amazing. That said, here are some snapshots from my weekend!


1. Mal and I ordered Chinese food and watched World War Z on Friday night. It was a great way to end the week.

2. On Saturday night, Mal built the first fire of the season in our fireplace. Murphy, the little sneak, tried to snag kindling all night long.

3. Saturday night’s dinner was Cheesy Garlic & Herb Brussels Sprouts with Sausage. We used frozen Brussels sprouts instead of fresh to make it, which I would not recommend. The meal still tasted fine, but it was pretty mushy.

4. I also whipped up a batch of my Mom’s Apple Crisp on Saturday night. It was the first of the season and tasted incredible!

5. Matthew met Murphy for the first time on Sunday afternoon. He wasn’t sure what to think.

6. On Sunday morning, I went for a 3-mile run, and it was so peaceful and relaxing. The weather and colors of the season were perfect.

7. When I was cleaning the house on Saturday morning, I spotted Murphy sleeping while sitting up on the sun porch. So cute.

8. Appetizers for my mom’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon.

9. My sister and Matthew. Don’t you love his onesie? Adorable!


10. My sister suggested Make-Your-Own-Sandwiches for my mom’s birthday lunch, which sounded great, so I bought all sorts of goodies for it.

11. My sandwich creation: Whole Food’s Sonoma chicken salad with Swiss cheese and cucumber slices on an onion roll. Delish!

12. Murphy tried on his Halloween costume to make sure he still liked it. (He does.)

13. The Cutest Baby on Earth at our family portrait photo shoot yesterday afternoon. (My sister and I coordinated it for my mom. We’ve never had a professional photo taken as a family.)

14. My mom’s chocolate mousse birthday cake. It was heavenly!

15. Grandma with Matthew during the photo shoot.

16. Mal skipping rocks at the photo shoot. Him and my brother-in-law were playing some sort of game. Boys.

17. Another scene from the photo shoot. I can’t wait to see how the photos came out!

18. After the photo shoot, Mal and I went out to dinner at Hingham Beer Works. Part of my dinner included the loaded mashed potatoes. Holy yum!

Questions of the Day

How was your weekend?

Has your family ever taken a professional family photo together?

P.S. You still have time to enter the Sweet Pea Bakery giveaway! I will pick a winner this afternoon!



  1. I think the fall weather is so peaceful too, I took my dog on a long walk on Sunday and enjoyed getting lost in the beauty of nature. In addition to your nice fall run it looks like you had a great weekend celebrating your moms birthday! Make your own sandwiches is always a good way to please everyone.

  2. I think there is some pull for men that skipping stones on the water is a moral imperative no matter what your age. Any time we were near water a few weeks ago, the Mr had to search for flat rocks and skip them. When we looked through pics, he was like “wow, I guess I skipped a lot of stones, didn’t I?” Yes sir, you did!

    We’ve done family photos at holidays but nothing “professional.” I always travel with the tripod so it works fine for our family.

  3. Love Murphy’s costume! Our cat hates any of the ones we’ve bought her, but she loves her Christmas sweater, such a weird cat.
    Me and my husband have done professional photos but nothing with my Mom and brothers yet. I always say I’d at least like to do them with my brothers as a gift for my Mom but we have not done it yet.

  4. last Christmas my siblings and I did a photo shoot for our mom. It was pretty fun + ridiculous, doing all the typical baby poses with three 20+ year olds…

  5. Went apple-picking a few weeks ago, and made my first-ever apple crisp from your mom’s recipe. It was delicious!! Thanks for that. 🙂

  6. I love your website, Tina! This weekend I was shopping at my favorite store –Trader Joe’s in Hingham — and I saw a couple who looked exactly like you and Mal. If it wasn’t you, you have a twin on the South Shore!

    1. Weird my weekend included pizza and Ben and Jerry’s. “Half Baked” was my B&J flavor of choice.

      That fire looks nice. We had our first fire of the season on Saturday too. Guess most people have a similar view on what a good weekend consists of or I just copied everyone else.

  7. Tina, do you still love your Powershot S90? Looking to ask for a nicer camera for my birthday. We’re getting our professional wedding photos this week….eek! So excited:)

    1. I do! I’m actually blogging about it in a post tomorrow. I have the S95 now, and I’m thinking about upgrading soon. It’s an awesome camera!

  8. We get professional photos done every year. (actually my picture is one of them from this year). One of my friends is a photog and he’s amazing! (Bob Bossinger) Anyway, we use the photos for our family Christmas cards and usually do them in our backyard in fall. My hubby always says we can never have too many pictures.

    Looks like you had a wonderful weekend Tina! 🙂

  9. It’s been a bittersweet weekend as I was sick and am off work today but I managed to have a nice one nonetheless. I cheered my boyfriend on in a ten mile race yesterday. It was crazy windy for it, poor thing! Growing up our close family friends were photographers, so I have lots of professional pictures of me and my family when I was little. It’s well worth doing I think.

  10. i have used your recipe for the chicken sausage/brussel sprouts but have only used frozen brussel sprouts (no trader joes by me =( ). I will microwave them for about half the time indicated, then cut them in half, then add them to the sausage/cheese in the skillet to finish cooking them for the last couple of minutes while it all mixes together. It has always worked out pretty good this way for me!

  11. My weekend was LOVELY. Rejoined my sis in Texas for my last round of family time before headed back out to my home in Hawaii;) Watched Ohio State SMASH Penn State!

    Yes, my hubby and I recently had pro photos taken in Korea before we headed back stateside because that was such a special time for us as a couple. We figure it was fun to catch us then because usually only pro shots are taken in big moments (engagements, weddings, babies…etc) why not catch us just as us? I’m still treasuring them today!

  12. We do professional photos on the side at major events when there is already a professional photographer there and we’re already dressed up. Its so much pressure because those pics stay on the wall for ages!

  13. My weekend was pretty busy, but also great. Saturday was spent shopping and decorating for Halloween. And a party in the evening with friends. Sunday was for football and baseball.

  14. Ha! Murphy is adorable and so is your nephew. We took our family Halloween portrait (non-professional) but we do professional family photos once every couple years. It’s funny to look back at them to see how the styles have changed.

  15. I’m so jealous of your beauti-fall (<- see what I did there?) run! All I wanted to do all weekend was do that and instead I did stuff I didn't want to do (and frankly, didn't need to do). Ugh. Bright side – it's still fall and there's still time to get a lovely run in! Love your leaves pic!

    We have had the Olan Mills church directory photo taken many times and some at family weddings. Never any one of those fancy, on-the-beach everyone's outfit is coordinated pics though.

  16. We used to take professional family pics but now we just have friends take some of us by the lake at our cottage every year – it works for us!! My weekend was fun and filled with bowling, shopping, football and pumpkin carving – kind of perfect! Looks like yours was good, too!

  17. Your Friday looked alot like my Saturday, dinner was chinese in front of the tv, then fell asleep way too early! lol

  18. Your sister and nephew are both gorgeous!! He’s such a cutie! Sounds like an awesome weekend! And Chinese food, fireplaces and movies sounds a lot like how I used to spend my fall weekends in Boston way back when 🙂

  19. saturday we picked up our daughter at college and went apple picking,shopping and out to dinner, sunday we went to a BBQ, then tea with a friend, also did spin on saturday and ran on sunday, a really nice weekend for sure

  20. My weekend was very locket as well. I’m glad because I’ve been pretty busy lately..

    We had a family portrait done a few years ago and it came out terribly! We have a new addition to the family, so I’m sure we will be getting a new one soon.

    Looks like you had a nice and relaxing weekend.

  21. I went for a Sunday morning run as well. The weather was perfect and I got to explore part of our neighborhood that’s new to me since moving into our home in March. Last time my family and I took a prof. pic was for my grandparents 50th anniversary.

  22. My weekend was great, we spent the weekend in Big Bear, Ca, which was only about an hour and a half drive. It was nice to finally see some fall leaves (we don’t see those much in So Cal 🙂
    I love the picture of Murphy sleeping upright, it actually made me laugh out loud..he’s super cute.
    The photo shoot looked like fun, we did one when we got married and it was a blast!!

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