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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and canโ€™t lose weight no matter what they do.

Wow. What a crazy-awesome day. Never in a million years did I think I’d end up on television for a batch of healthy cookies that I baked. I love how random/unpredictable my life is sometimes. Hey, I’m just going with it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Yesterday morning, Theodora and I dressed in our holiday best, freaked out with nervous excitement,ย and then got picked up in a car to appear on The Dr. Oz Show. On Monday, one of producers asked me if I had a friend who might want to appear on the show tooโ€โ€ I knew just the person to ask! Having Theodora with me on The Dr. Oz Show really helped calm my nerves and, of course, it was a lot of fun to share such a cool experience with a friend.ย 

We were onย a holiday-themed show, so it won’t air until sometime in December. I’d love to tell you guys all about it, but I was asked not to talk aboutย the showย until it airs. As soon as I know its air date, I’ll let you know so you can see just how awkward I am my television debut.

Outside the NBC studios!

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Backstage at The Dr. Oz Show!

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As soon as we finished taping at The Dr. Oz Show, I headed straight to Penn Station to hop on a train back to Boston.

For dinner, I grabbed a fabulous salad from Zaro’s. I initially wandered in looking for a sandwich, but I stumbled upon a make-your-own salad station. (Well, someone else physically makes you your salad, but you pick what goes into it). The salad greens are a set price and then each topping is an additional charge. I ended up adding broccoli, beets, artichoke hearts, chickpea, and tomatoes, so I figured that my salad would cost a fortune, but the whole huge thing (along with a grainy whole wheat roll) cost just $7. I know that probably sounds expensive for a salad, but it’s not too shabby for a healthy meal at Penn Station.

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I woke up bright and early this morning (lots to do today!) and made myself a bowl of oatmeal. In the mix: oats, ground flaxseed meal, almond milk, shredded coconut, dried cranberries, and a scoop of Chia Charger nut butter. I also drank an iced coffee with a splash of eggnog.

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Be Thankful Challenge

I’m thankful for blog friends. The friends that I have met through blogging are simply the best. I can’t imagine my life without them now.

fitbook Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered yesterday’s giveaway to win a fitbook! Here are your winners:

Megan: My main fitness goal right now is to look hot in a new years eve dress.. i love tracking my food and workouts- keeps me on track

Alison: Wow, this would be so helpful! My current fitness goal is to tone up and lose about 10lbs for the 6 (yes, 6) weddings that I am in during 2012.

Congrats, Megan and Alison! Please email me at with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize.

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Question of the Day

Have you or someone you know ever appeared on TV? Please share the details!



  1. So exciting! I love those add-what-you-want salads too, they were my go-to lunch when I used to live in NYC, I loved that you can add whatever’s calling your name instead of buying ingredients and having some of them go bad because you can’t eat them quickly enough.

  2. that is awesome!! I’d never watched Dr. Oz b/c I don’t really watch TV. But since I started taking my workouts to the gym, it’s on all the time! So I’m sure I’ll cya there ๐Ÿ™‚ How exciting~

  3. I Love Dr. Oz!! So looking forward to your episode. I was lucky enough to be seen in the audience at Live with Regis and Kelly about 4 years ago. The studio seemed so big on tv, yet when we were actually there, it was quite compact. Very neat to see how a show was taped.

  4. congratulations again on being on TV. NO, i’ve never been on tv. ๐Ÿ™ but i’m so camera shy, I think i’d pass out. So what are you doing for thanksgiving, can’t wait to see what’s on your table.

  5. That is so exciting that you are going to be on tv! I have a sneaking suspicion I should have gotten your autograph when I had the chance at the healthy living summit!

  6. I can’t wait to watch Dr. Oz! Keep us posted! I was on TV twice. Once because a furniture company (Krause Furniture) went bankrupt and I ordered a coach through them during that time, but they never informed me. I was out $1600 and so were several hundreds of people. We appeared on CBS News (local San Francisco) to complain. I never got my money back.

    I was also on Good Morning America. A local radio station was having a contest to win tickets to the Emmy Awards (that was when Brad & Jen were still together). He asked questions about tv shows, why we wanted to go and people online voted for who they thought should win. I didn’t win, I was runner up. Needless to say that was 9/11 happened and the Emmy’s got cancelled that year. It was fun to be on tv though. I’m just so excited for you.

    I just love your Pug too!! He’s so cute!!

  7. SO cool! Can’t wait to hear more about it. I was on a Canadian tv show called “Road to Avonlea” when I was younger…my parents won the chance for my sister and I to be extras at an auction (in truth I was practically cut out in the final edits)…but as an 8 year old, it was SO cool to meet all the people I watched on tv all the time.

  8. I wont get to see it! We don’t get Dr. Oz in Amsterdam! Might I find it online?
    Yes I have been on TV – made my TV Debut last Winter when I was in London. I did the breakfast show ‘This Morning’. It was so much fun. Wish I could do it very morning!
    You might get a regular slot! How cool would that be!

  9. What a fun experience! I was on TV once. My dad is a TV tech for the local NBC station and the local station needed a baby for a promotional commercial and I was that baby! It was the peak of my TV career : )

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