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Spring outfit inspiration! Sharing a few of my favorite outfits you can piece together with a few clothing staples you probably already have on hand. 

Even though the weather outside is frightful, I can’t help but think about warm weather, sunshine, margaritas (who said that?), and fun spring clothes.

As you probably know/have observed from reading CNC, I have the worst sense of style. I’m totally happy wearing workout clothes with sneakers or jeans and a t-shirt with flip flops, and I honestly have no idea how to dress myself. Obviously, this is somewhat problematic since I attend all sorts of nice events for CNC and need to look put together… oh, and my husband likes to see me in something other than my sweats every once in awhile.

Recently, I started a Pinterest board, appropriately named “I Can’t Dress Myself,” to help inspire me/teach me how to dress more fashionably. I actually have a lot of nice clothes in my closet; I just can’t figure out how to wear them together. I dunno, I guess they don’t make sense in my closet.


But, after creating this Pinterest board, I realized I already own quite a few pieces to make the outfits that I pinned, but I’m missing a few key things to pull the looks together. Instead of buying random pieces and hoping for the best (like I usually do), I decided to focus on specific items that I want to add to my wardrobe this Spring. On my list”¦

Colorful Shorts

How fun is this outfit?! I actually have a lot of striped and plain tops, so some brightly colored shorts (and, ok, some funky jewelry too) would definitely spice things up. I’m pretty casual with my style, so I could easily get away with wearing flip flops or other flats with an outfit like this. Maybe I should buy a colorful cardigan too? I love this look in a major way.


Shop the look:


Oh, how I love stripes. I actually own quite a few striped shirts, but I want to add a black and white top to my wardrobe to wear with my brightly-colored shorts (and jeans). It’s classic, but fun at the same time.


Shop the look:

Casual White Tees

A casual white tee is such a simple addition to my wardrobe. I’m sure I could find them cheap too. Target or H&M perhaps? I just need to add a fun scarf or jewelry to jazz it up. Easy style. Love it.

white t-shirt and scarflong casual white tee

Shop the look:

Patterned/Floral Skirt

I love the look below. It seems like such effortless style. Like I mentioned, I have tons of plain tank tops, so I just need a fun/patterned/floral skirt to go with them. This would be a great outfit for a blog event or date night with Mal.


Shop the look:

It snowed all day yesterday and last night. It actually still might be snowing right now. Boo. What’s up with the snow, Mother Nature?


It’s actually kind of funny because, just the other day, Mal and I agreed it seemed like something had changed with the weather and maybe Spring was upon us.


I guess we were wrong.


Really wrong. Whomp whomp.


Yesterday afternoon, I literally had to push Murphy out the front door into the snow to do his business.


He was not a fan.


He quickly did his thing and ran immediately back to the house”¦


”¦where he did the “pug breakdance” to get all of the snow off himself.




Questions of the Day

Do you consider yourself a stylish dresser?

What pieces do you want to add to your wardrobe this Spring?

P.S. Fun fact of the day: A group of pugs is called a “grumble.”



  1. Maybe a helpful hint: Pick one thing you like and work around that. And the frenchman’s rule qualifies 90% of the time: before you leave the house, remove ONE accessory! When you’re planning your outfit you don’t realize before you leave you put on your watch, throw on a scaft, put on your shoes etc. And too much fuss takes the focus away from your statement piece and you’re not longer the ‘fun effortless dresser’ but rather the one that lookslike they tired too hard!

    And you aren’t the worst dresser. A lot of your outfits are really cute! (also just fyi you wrote ‘worse’ instead of ‘worst’… but add ‘than ____’ after worse because you’re not the worst in any means!)

  2. For someone who has ‘no style’ you sure pick out adorable things! I’m the same as you though … I can live in jeans and a t-shirt and I tried to go to the mall last weekend to get some new pieces for spring and I ended up with earrings. I just can’t shop!

  3. Ohhh how I feel ya on the Spring anticipation.
    Last weekend all I wanted to do after the gym was put on a sundress! I ended up buying a bathing suit and bright blur nail polish without even thinking about it haha!

    Dresses are a go-to for me in the spring/summer. Everyone comments how nice you look, when really, you just have to put on one piece of clothing instead of three or four!

    Jcrew Outlet is wonderful for almost everything on your list!

  4. I think you have awesome style! And I love the outfits you picked out here.

    I CAN have good style if I put my mind to it, but oftentimes, I’m just too lazy/too tired and end up wearing the same things over and over which just gets so boring! This gave me some serious motivation. 😀

    Oh, and THANK YOU for this bright and cheery post as I’m getting bombarded with snow right now as well. 😉 Happy Friday!

  5. I am addicted to pinterest fashion and the moment too. Especially the DIY fashion. I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 5 years and was a waitress part time so I NEVER got to dress myself up. (I’m only 25)
    I’m starting college in the Fall for Psychology and I’m pinning like crazy and saving up for back to school shopping.
    I really want more jewelry. My style is usually really plain and dressed up with jewelry, scarves, and headbands.

  6. Fashion is never something I’ve been into, but creating a pinterest board for this purpose is a good idea! I think owning a few nice things, and maybe more fun necklaces to switch up an outfit might be the way to go? Yet, I don’t follow this either…

  7. Yes, I think I could call myself somewhat “fashionable”. To a degree, of course. I really want to add in some colored shorts, like you said, I think they are so fun and colorful!

    I know you’re probably thinking opposite, but you’re so lucky you have snow! It snowed, I think, once here on Christmas, and that’s been it. I wouldn’t have minded a few more white days because its so…..beautiful. (A DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL!)

  8. Yup def. not spring time haha. I am from your neck of the woods ando had to basically lay on the door to my house this morning to get out. I left at 5 to go to the train station and there was already 10 inches of snow! Those crazy weather men said it was gonna rain… See if I ever listen to you again. Didn’t know if my little car would make it to the train station on unplowed driveway and roads but I did. This post has got me dreaming of spring and summer though and I am on the hunt for cute colored shorts red or hunter green and some cute boat shoes 🙂

  9. Ahahahaha I love that Murph would rather hold it than go out in the snow! My brother’s dog, Molly, is the exact opposite. She LOVES the snow! We got a lot here in Chicago this week so I took her out to the park and she was literally leaping around in it, like a deer? No good way to describe her insanity.

  10. I have no style whatsoever. I love how easy outfits look to put together but I normally end up wearing jeans and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. I have been thinking how fun colored shorts would be. I love the pictures of poor little murphy man avoiding the snow!

  11. Snow is such a pain, but I must admit that it sure does make for pretty pictures!

    LOVE all of the outfits and trends that you posted here! I am especially love the plain white tee with a cute scarf, AND those yellow shorts are fabulous! Nothing screams Summer like bright clothing :). I think that one thing that is a “must have” for Spring/Summer this year is coral and mint green articles of clothing. Those colors seem SO big right now.

  12. I actually have been pinning so much from your board. After pinning a few ideas I realized as well that I have the clothes, I just need someone to tell me how to wear them! My younger sister is an amazing dresser and I am always asking for her advice, and it is really funny because she is always asking for my recipes! I guess we all have our strengths!:) Have a great day!

  13. Great tips! I really love having one really interesting/bright piece of clothing and keeping everything else pretty simple. Don’t forget about shoes and accessories. I love a good patterned flat to tie it all together. Stripe, metallic or moccasin flats are my staple shoes. Bright solid flats that are complimentary colors are great too. It adds interest without being the first thing you see.

    But the best thing about fashion is that there are no rules. You can dress the part you want to be anyday of the week!

  14. I love stripes too. I have recently lost 30 lbs and I am going on vacation at the end of April so these ideas are really helping me when I go shopping for a few new outfits. I definately like the skirt and need to get a shorter one like this (all mine are long). I like the bright colored shorts too!

  15. Ok, so I totally bought those Lucky sandals that you posted. They were too cute for words! I really love your pins. You have great style!

  16. I love stripes too! It’s funny, it snowed here the other day (I live in Canada) & to cheer myself up, I went spring shopping – I bought a bunch of mint pieces. I’m SO EXCITED to pick up a few more accessories/bottoms. Old Navy has some really cute shorts with seahorses & anchors on them. Want!
    Happy Friday! 😀

  17. I don’t know I in stylish! I think I’m doing ok and generally feel pretty happy with my outfits… Though I wish I had more time and money to dress like a star! My downfall is my hair. I’m always in a rush and never have time to fix it nicely

  18. I dressed a lot better when I was in college, but when I graduated, it’s like I stopped caring. I’ll buy cute shoes, but then I won’t wear them (heels hurt my feet for some reason. 🙁 ).

  19. Not at all! But Pinterest has helped me 😉 I have already bought some stripped tops and colorful shorts thanks to Pinterest. Oh and I love the mint green color, bought pants and shoes in in yesterday!

  20. 1) that teal and yellow outfit is SUPER cute! I’m a big fan of stripes, too!
    2) it seems super appropriate that a group of pugs is a “Grumble.” Can’t you just see all of them just panting and snorting along just like a bunch of grumbling old men?! Lol!

  21. The top outfit is from the blog which is a great blog! You should definitely check it out if you liked her outfit.

  22. This post made me laugh! My boyfriend is always saying I need to dress more like a lady and less like a boy. Haha! I guess I’m in the same boat – other than shoes I’m a total train wreck.

    Speaking of shoes, I’m on the manhunt for some cute coral pumps for my Miami trip.

  23. I am right there with you. I am a graduate student, so on days I’m not at clinical I like to lounge in workout clothes and sweats.
    I need to follow you on Pinterest! I also love striped shirts and bright shorts. Here are a few “go to” items that I got to get my started this spring:
    Chambray shirt (that isn’t huge, more fitted), maxi skirt (black or navy work great), bright/unique shorts (got a teal pair with lace from Target), some fun costume jewelry, an assortment of scarves and a nice cardigan.
    I like to spend more on a good, well fitting pair of jeans and more classic items like oxfords and wedges. I will spend more for names like J Crew, GAP and Hudson denim, but like the cheaper, trendy items at Target and TJ Maxx!

  24. Oh- check out I love this blog, she uses a mix of brands and always looks classically chic!

  25. I need some casual white t-shirts to freshen up my spring wardrobe too, thanks for the reminder! And yes, snow sucks. I’m over it, but sadly we still have realistically another few weeks of winter. Oh well, that’s what makes us hardened New Englanders!

  26. Those outfits are so cute. I especially love the floral skirt.
    Since I started travelling 3 years ago, I’ve lost any dress sense I had (which wasn’t much anyway)! I don’t really shop for clothes anymore.
    By the way, I think you have a great sense of style 🙂

  27. Girl, can I blow your mind for a second? H&M has plain, colored shirts for about $6-8 dollars depending on time/location. When I find the best sales I go and stock up on as many different color options as I can(lame I know) but not only are they super versatile( you can rock them with a winter jack& scarf or spring skirt and funky jewelry) they are a wardrobe stapel!!!

  28. You should check out Audrey has a series on “building a wardrobe from scratch” and “how to build a remixable wardrobe” that really make you look atbyour closet and clothes a lot differently. It sounds like it is just what you need!

  29. I’m the exact same! I buy clothes but just never dress them up. V-neck tee with jeans and a brown belt is my go-to. I definitely need to take advantage of a spring wardrobe overhaul. You have such cute pieces and ideas though! 🙂

  30. Haha I love that you said you can’t dress yourself….I can’t either. Pinterest is for sure a great resource to get ideas from people more fashionable than myself.

    I just bought a ton of stuff online for spring and seriously can’t wait for it to come in! I’m looking forward to pastels, floral prints, and dresses!! 🙂

  31. I am awful at pairing my clothes together in my closet as well! I’ve actually considered hiring a styling consultant to come in and tell me how I can make different outfits 🙂 My goal this summer is to incorporate more statement pieces into my wardrobe.

  32. I am not at all a stylish dresser. I stick to the classics simply because I am like you, I have no idea how to put outfits together. I will say that my style has improved greatly since Pinterest came around because I copycat the cute items I see on there!!

  33. I live in my workout clothes. My friends drag me out to go shopping, and I end up buying more workout clothes. But I’m trying really hard to find cute and comfortable jeans.

  34. I wouldn’t call myself stylish, but I think I’ve finally learned how to at least look put together. For a long time I was stuck in my college uniform of jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, and sneakers. Not exactly the most grown up look. I love the colors that are out for spring. I’m thinking about picking up a few accessories in fun colors that I can mix in with things I already have.

  35. Love the outfits! I used to consider myself a stylish dresser, but I haven’t bought clothes in ages so most things in my closet are either not “in” or have holes in them. I think I need to hit up the mall! (Btw, I’ve been reading your blog for a couple days now…really like it!)

  36. I’m so ready for spring! I consider myself a stylish dresser (kind of have to be when working in fashion/retail). My wardrobe is much more geared towards spring/summer. I just prefer bright clothes over the black drab. Yesterday I wore a chambray shirt with bright red jeans so I think that proves I’m more than over this craptacular snow!

  37. I’m with you on the jeans/t-shirt/workout clothes wardrobe… I work at a hospital, so I wear scrubs daily, so I don’t have any of the traditional ‘work’ clothes. When I’m not in scrubs, I’m in jeans, a sweatshirt and running shoes or jeans, a tee and Birkenstocks. I honestly don’t care either! 😉

  38. I definitely do not count myself as a stylish dresser…but I really do try to looked put together sometimes. However, I feel that I could be a candidate for “What not to Wear” a lot of the times :-/. Maybe a new spring wardrobe is just what I need! I loved that first outfit you posted.

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