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My recipe for a perfect July 4th celebration: friends, laughter, pugs, pulled pork, and watermelon! :mrgreen:

Really, today was such a nice day. Our friends, Erin and Mike, invited a bunch of us over to their house for an afternoon barbeque. It was exactly how I wanted to spend the day, and I throughly enjoyed myself.

_MG_2746 (333x500)

While we waited for everyone to arrive, we mixed and mingled and snacked on some appetizers. (I waited until the main course to dig in. You’ll see why soon!)

_MG_2743 (500x333)

A little while later, it was time to eat! Mike is an amazing cook, so I was psyched to eat his food. I was also wicked hungry!

IMG_2763 (500x333)

IMG_2760 (500x333)

Our hosts cooked homemade pulled pork sandwiches with a lemon citrus coleslaw, grilled pesto chicken, tortellini pasta salad, red potato salad, and corn on the cob. Holy moly!

_MG_2768 (500x333)
_MG_2770 (500x333)_MG_2771 (500x333)

Erin gave me a heads-up about the menu last night, so I brought my own gluten-free bun for my pulled pork sandwich and added some potato salad on the side. Mmm! I totally had a moment with my sandwich. Amazing.

_MG_2777 (500x333)

Happy 3rd of July!!!

IMG_2765 (500x333)

With all of that amazing food, you might be surprised to hear that watermelon was a favorite”¦

_MG_2735 (500x333)

_MG_2748 (500x333)

For the pugs! They went CRAZY over it!

IMG_2808 (500x333)

Seriously, Murphy and Ping were like crack addicts around the watermelon. They followed us around while we were eating it and dug rinds out of the woods and garbage””well, that was more Murphy than Ping. Ping has manners; Murphy doesn’t.

_MG_2780 (500x333)

_MG_2786 (500x333)

I had no clue that Murphy liked watermelon so much! What a nut!

_MG_2783 (500x333)

The barbeque also included some swimming. The water was pretty cold, so the ladies didn’t end up going for a dip in the pool, but a bunch of the guys did.

IMG_2805 (500x333)

IMG_2800 (500x333)

Ping also made an attempt at swimming in the pool.

IMG_2789 (500x333)

IMG_2792 (500x333)

But, he decided that he looked too ridiculous wearing his doggie life jacket and demanded that it be taken off!

IMG_2793 (500x333)

Good times on July 3rd!

IMG_2795 (500x333)

10K in the morning! Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck on the 10K! OMG, Ping’s facial expression in the lifejacket is HILARIOUS!!! As is the fact they loved watermelon. Happy 4th Tina, very glad that you are obviously on the mend!!

  2. the lemon citrus coleslaw sounds really good — can you convince your friend to share the recipe with us? 🙂

  3. My dogs LOVE fruit. But it doesn’t always….agree with them! I don’t want to be sitting with a blanket over my nose all night, or cleaning up a mess on the carpet. So, I try not to give it to them anymore. LOL. None of my dogs that I’ve ever had would be caught dead wearing any kind of clothing outside either!

  4. Love the pug pics!! Looks like it was a great way to spend the holiday 🙂 If you wouldn’t mind though sharing what brand GF bun you were eating? It actually looks like a bun, unlike the frozen Whole Foods “hamburger buns” I bought last week that turned out to look and taste more like biscuits in texture, which didn’t really go well with the burger patty….

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