My Prize

Greetings from New York City!

I arrived at Penn Station just before 1:00 PM, and then I hoofed it about a mile (luggage and all) to my hotel. From door-to-door, the trip was quick and painless.

So, I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing in NYC for the next few days? Remember that behind-the-scenes Food Network video that I filmed at Rialto with Jody Adams? It was part of the California Grapes video challenge, which I won thanks to you guys (you’re the best!) and all of your votes, so my prize for winning is this trip to New York City. Very exciting! It includes a tour of the Food Network, lunch with Ellie Krieger (!!!), and an “influencer” dinner tomorrow night with some pretty fancy people. (I hope I can reign in my awkwardness!) 

Obviously, I’m super excited to be here, but, man, it was hard saying goodbye to a sad pug face this morning!

IMG_0026 (800x600)

Please note the uncurled pug tail in the above photo. I guess Murphy didn’t want to say goodbye either.


This morning’s breakfast was a whole wheat wrap with sunflower butter, sliced banana, shredded carrot, raisins, walnuts, and cinnamon inside. It was an awesome mix of ingredients, and I got a serving of fruit and veggies with breakfast!

IMG_0023 (800x600)

After breakfast, I took Murphy for a long-ish morning walk and then returned home to see a car waiting outside my house to take me to the train station. It was 10 minutes early, so I gave Murphy a quick hug and kiss, packed up my things, and hopped in the car. About 45 minutes later, I was at South Station. Easy-peasy.

IMG_0025 (800x600)

I had about 20 minutes to kill before my train departed, so I grabbed a skim milk latte, which, as soon as I tasted it, wished was made with soy milk. I definitely prefer the creaminess of soy milk over non-fat milk when it comes to lattes. Oh, well, I drank it anyway.

IMG_0001 (800x600)


I packed lunch at home to take with me on the train: roasted broccoli + two slices of leftover pizza. I also brought a bottle of water, so I didn’t spend a single cent on the train!

IMG_0029 (800x600)

I just checked into my hotel room, and I have about six hours of free time until dinner with the PR folks from California Grapes, so I’m going to hit the gym and then meet up with a friend for Happy Hour.


  1. I recently tried a soy latte because I see you and Julie from drink them all the time. I’m not a huge fan of soy milk by itself, but in the latte it was DELICIOUS! I’m curious, besides the creaminess, what are you nutritional reasons for choosing soy milk?

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