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Hi, friends!

Remember when I answered a bunch of post-marathon questions from readers yesterday? Well, I forgot to include a very important one: What is your next running goal? How could I forget?! It’s such an important question and one I’ve thought about quite a lot since crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I seriously considered training for another marathon, but, after giving it some thought, I decided a half marathon would be a much better goal. My new running goal: Break my old half marathon PR (1:54). Ultimately, I would love to run a sub-1:50 half, but we’ll start with this goal and go from there.

Since committing to this goal, I have been on a quest to find the perfect training plan and reading non-stop about how to increase my speed. I’m still undecided on a training plan, so I might actually make my own using what I’ve learned mixed with what works with my current lifestyle/workouts. We shall see. If anyone has a half marathon training plan that they especially like, please feel free to share! I’ve looked at a ton and still can’t seem to make up my mind.

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I kicked off my first week of half marathon training with a new pair of kicks from my friends at Brooks: Purecadence 4, which are lighter shoe, but still have some cushioning.

IMG_1751 (800x800)

I wore them on the treadmill yesterday morning during a speed workout (10 minutes warm-up + 10 X :30 at 7:30 pace followed by 1:00 recovery + 10 minute cool down) and they felt great– comfy, cozy, and light on my feet. Now I can’t wait to try them outside!

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After that, I joined Kerrie for a CrossFit workout at KFIT. We did Open WOD 15.1, but I scaled the weight for the Snatches (#65), so I could really work on my form since I’m a bit out of practice with my Olympic lifts. I ended up getting more reps this time, but I still struggled with the T2B. Meh. I definitely have some work to do!

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Question of the Day

What’s your current/new running goal?



  1. I’m just coming back from a year of injuries. My goal right now is to go without getting injured again. It’s been 3 months now & I’m still fearful of it. I’m comfortable at 8 miles, but I am slow. I would like to work on speed at some point, but for not I just want my body to adjust to the mileage.

  2. I’m impressed at all of the running goals you have set for yourself. I have never been a runner, but would like to try to do a 5K later this summer/early fall. I love long walks so I feel like this is the next natural progression. I have a lot of work to do to get ready before then!

  3. Right now I’m focusing on getting my ankle back to running shape. I sprained it two weeks ago and I’m going crazy! I have several trail races this fall and one that I had to unfortunately pull out of in June. I’m looking forward to trying my hand at trail racing though!

  4. I just finished my first marathon in March and officially have the marathon bug.

    Over the weekend I signed up for my second marathon, in Seattle! I’m moving there this summer (from DC…eeeee, sweat pits!) and can’t wait to explore my new city by foot! Goal = sub 4

  5. I think you should seriously look at Run Less, Run Faster for your next plan. It’s pretty similar to how you trained for the marathon, with only 3 runs per week, and allows for/requires lots of cross training.

  6. I just gave birth to my first child, Waylon in Feb. I worked out and ran moderately through my pregnancy. I was still running in the 8 min range comfortably until my third trimester. Prior to being pregnant, I had done four half marathons. My PR is a 1:42 and I really want to do a sub 1:40……I could easily run four miles with hills and gravel in 30 min. I ran eight miles Sun at an 8:30 pace, with hills and gravel as well. I run a half in Sept. I am anxious to start training and doing speed work. I just went back to work this week and I think it’s going to be hard working full time and trying to train. I am determined though- I had a natural birth with no drugs (only Ibuprofen twice afterward) so I feel like if I can do that, I can do anything!!! Congrats on a great Boston run. My sister did Boston a few years ago and I was cheering from the finish line. The community is awesome and the energy is electric. I don’t have any marathons in my near future, but maybe one day =)

  7. I would love to do another 1/2 marathon and beat my PR of 2:15. I ran it back in 2011 so not sure if 4 years later (and older) I’d be able to beat it but it’s worth a shot! Still up in the air though on if I want to commit! I’m giving myself until July to decide. I’m also going to try and run a least one race every month, I think that is an attainable goal 🙂 I’m doing a 5k in May and a 5 miler in June!

  8. My half PR was pretty close to yours. I had always followed training plans and despite a perfect 12 weeks of training, I never ran what I trained for. My schedule is very inconsistent and sometimes I can only squeeze in a few runs a week. I finally combined the best of what I’ve taken from each training experience, and stayed flexible/adaptable, and ran a 6 minute PR a couple of weeks ago. I’m all for creating your own plan. You have the knowledge and experience, and no one knows your schedule and abilities better than you do!

  9. I’m not much of a runner, crossfit-style is definitely more my speed, but my sister and my bff are doing Mudderella together in June. It is 6 miles so we are training a little bit for it. I am excited since it is my friend’s first obstacle/mudrun and it’s catered toward women. Perfect girls day!

  10. My current running goal is to get back into running shape. My best half marathon was 1:47, and it was a hilly course. This was during the time I trained for a full marathon and ran a half as part of the training. I used the book “Run a Marathon in 4 Hours” to run a 9:00 mile during the full marathon. I shaved a serious amount of time off of the half I’d ran before the PR (2:15) and remember that it was straight up hard work to speed up, but worth it. Right now I’m 3 weeks into a half marathon training plan (Hal Higdon’s intermediate plan) and running .25 splits at 8:27 pace. It is so motivating to see your running posts, thank you for sharing and a huge congrats to you for finishing your race! I absolutely agree that long distance running can be tough on the digestive system, it was one thing no one told me when I started training for long distances. I found that practicing my meals for each run helped me figure out what would work on race day. I saw that you chose PB&J sandwiches 🙂 Any other suggestions? Hope you are great!

  11. I’m off on holidays for 4 weeks and just discovered the Long Island Half Marathon is on while we are in NY. So my goal is to run an international race!! When we come back home to Australia I’m chasing a 1:45 half and I’m also looking for a new half training plan! Love the shoes I wear the 3’s 🙂

  12. Hi Tina! Congrats on finishing Boston! What a huge accomplishment.

    My goal is to fix my chronic knee and blister pain so I can get back to running the distances I love. I might have to bite the bullet and get orthotics for my running shoes. If you know anyone in the Boston area who is great at making custom orthotics, please let me know!

  13. I am running the Beat the Blerch on Sept. 12. This will be my second half marathon, my first being the Seattle Rock-n-roll half marathon which I ran last year. I’m hoping to PR and beat my 2:19 time which should be easy as this is a much flatter course. I’m sure you are used to hills in Boston, but know that the Seattle RNR course is pretty hilly and finishes on a big hill along Mercer St. Its a beautiful course. Hope you enjoy running it this year.

  14. I have run 3 half marathons and 1 full. My last race was in 2009. I’ve had 2 kids since then and i just signed up for a half marathon in Toronto in October. I’m pumped!!
    My PR is 1:48, so my goal is to beat that time. I’d be super happy with 1:45, but I think I’d also be happy with 1:47.
    My youngest is just 6 months old and i also enjoy lifting, so I don’t want to run more than 3x per week. I am looking for a plan also. I think I’m going to focus on HIIT and hill training and one long run per week.
    Please share your plan once you decide!

  15. I’m running a half in less than 4 weeks and have been super slacking on my training. I am definitely active though as I teach classes and take a lot of HIIT ones, but my running game has been off as I’ve been adjusting to new shoes. I think there is still enough time for me to ramp it up before the race though 🙂

  16. I have a half marathon this weekend and really want to run under 2hrs, my PR is 2:04. But I didn’t follow my training plan as strictly as I have in the past so now I don’t know…I am hoping I get through the race this weekend with no injuries and hope to really work on my pace for my third TBD half marathon before the end of the year.

  17. I’m already planning on running a 5K every month this year, but my new goal is to do a 10K, a distance I’ve never raced before. And hopefully someday, a half-marathon…

  18. My goal is to break 2:00 and then 1:58 (random I know!). I really, really think you’d LOVE Run Less, Run Faster. It’s 3 days of running and includes cross training which you do anyway!

  19. I’m 2 weeks post partum so my current goal is walking with the new baby and chasing my toddler. Soon, I’d like to get back to running and in the summer begin my training for the MCM marathon. Can’t wait to follow your half marathon adventures.

  20. My current running goal is to complete the Stockholm Marathon! I don’t want to set myself a time as I don’t want to be disappointed with myself if I don’t make it. Just did 20.54 miles on Sunday in 3:05 hours so feeling pretty good 🙂

    Good luck with your training! Great post as always


  21. have you looked into or considered crossfit endurance plans? just wondering, i love crossfit and am training for a marathon that is in October. I think I am going to try it. It has a lot less volume training and more intervals and skill work

    1. I recently checked out the CrossFit Endurance website, but the workouts don’t seem like they have you running enough to properly train for a half marathon. I think the running workouts are awesome, and I love interval workouts, so I will probably use a few in my training, but I personally think I need long runs in my training.

  22. After two babies in less than 2 years and NO running, I am finally training for a 5k. My ultimate goal is to run it in under 30 minutes 🙂

  23. Have you checked out Another Mother Runner’s website and books? They have all sorts of plans. Each distance they do a “Finish It” plan and a “Own It” plan. I made significant strides with the “Own it” plan for the half. But for my first full I did the “Finish It” and it was great.

    My running plans right now are to finish a 10 miler that I’m running on Sunday ….1 week after my first full. I know it was not smart planning but I’m on a team to raise money for a friend with breast cancer.
    After the run this Sunday I’m going to keep running but focus a little more on strength b/c I fell completely out of my strength plan while training for my full.

  24. After using several different training plans (Chi Running, Hanson’s, Hal Higdon…) the best thing for me has been to use the Adaptive Running method to create my own plan. I highly recommend reading Run Faster by Brad Hudson. The book taught me how to listen to my body, structure workouts that are suited to my body and goals, and create a program that’s just for me, not the general masses. The book teaches you WHY we need to do certain workouts and helps you learn what your particular body needs. He provides sample plans from 5k to marathon, but also teaches you to create your own. This training season has been perfectly fun and challenging. My best season yet! Hopefully I PR at the Flying Pig this weekend!

  25. I would love to hear any resources or advice on getting faster! That’s the one area I’m hoping to improve on over the summer.

  26. After Boston, I thought I could sign up for an impromptu marathon, but my IT band has been flaring so I think my first goal is giving my body the rest it really needs. As far as racing goes, I am running a half in June which I’d love to run around 1:30, and then I’ll be running NYC as my fall marathon and would love to go sub 3:10. I would also like to work on incorporating speed work into my weekly runs. And that may be the hardest goal for me haha. But I’m inspired by your Yasso 800s!

  27. My original running goal for this year was to run a the Maine Half Marathon in October, but i havn’t start training yet so I don’t think it’s gonna happen (I’m a beginner runnah). I think i’m gonna stick with 5k’s and maybe a 10k in the fall. All of your posts about running are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing and congrats again on the Boston Marathon!!!

  28. I’m currently training for the San Diego Rock n Roll Half. Halfs are SO much easier to train for! I suggest reading “Run Less Run Faster” and trying their plan for speed. Running 3 days a week allows for fitting in your other workouts and eliminates those “junk miles.”

  29. Half marathons sound so great after a full, don’t they?! I am running my 2nd full in November only because it is in my hometown and there are great training groups I can train with! Afterwards, I may work on my speed more for halfs! I want to hear about what you do!

  30. My first goal is to PR my half-marathon this Saturday during the Oregon Spring Half. I joined a training group this time around, and I really want to come in somewhere between 2:30 and 3 (I’m slow, but dedicated). My second goal – tackling the Portland Marathon in October. I’m excited/nervous but I’ve definitely been bitten by the running bug after YEARS of chasing said bug. Really hoping to make a lot of gains this year!

  31. I have no doubt you’ll achieve your goal, you fit super mama, you! 🙂 At 25 weeks pregnant, I’m happy to just get in 4 or 5 3-mile runs a week right now, and hope to run late into my pregnancy, like I did with my first little one. Those women who can run a half (or full!) marathon while preggers impress the heck out of me.

  32. I’m surprised you’re back to running so quickly after the marathon! Especially doing speed work! I agree that the half marathon is the perfect distance when trying to balance out family life too, especially with a little one. My goal for this year is to continue running at least one 5k a month from now until the end of the year. After spending the last two summers training for a marathon, I want to enjoy running for the simple fact that I like to run. Not because I have to follow a schedule. I think it will be good for me both mentally and physically 🙂

  33. I’ve done two HM’s and finally decided my body is not meant to run long distances, despite loving it. So I took a break and exclusively did spin classes instead. Well, spin can get mind numbing and there’s something about sitting in dark room on a pretty day is just wrong… I’ve started running again. And OMG, I can’t believe how much faster I’m running. I swear it has something to do with the speed of spin class making me run faster. So maybe if speed work or training plans don’t work out (they didn’t for me), give spin a try. There’s no doubt you’re strong, so its got to be foot turnover.

  34. my half mthon pr was 1:32…three years ago..then I got injured and took time off. Ive been healed and running again for 6 months straight and just did a half in 2:00….ouch! my goal now that Im healthy is to get back to the 1:30s by Decembers half!!!!

  35. My goal is just to get back to running! My baby will be 3 months this weekend, and I haven’t been able to run consistently since she was born because I have no one to watch her. I’m aiming for a half marathon in the fall (would be my 5th), so that’ll be my big goal. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to take on runs in the jogging stroller, then I’ll be able to get back on the road. Best of luck with the new PR!

  36. Tina:

    Amby Burfoot’s Pace Chart can help you make sure your training is at a pace that will help you nail a new PR. For a 1:53 half (8:39 pace), here are what your training paces should be (or beat!): long runs at 9:57, tempo runs at 8:22, long intervals at 7:44 and short intervals at 7:06. To run faster, you have to…run faster. Since 3x per week works for you, I recommend 1 speed run, 1 tempo and 1 long. Cheers to a healthy and injury free training season!

    RRCA Certified Running Coach

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