My Meal-Making Process

Hi, friends! How are you? I hope Tuesday is treating you well!


This morning’s breakfast was the usual (French Toast Breakfast Scramble), but I added fresh raspberries and almond butter (x 2) this time. I know, I’m totally unpredictable.

021 (750x563)


After breakfast, I took Murphy to the dog park. I planned to run 5 miles today, but my quads are smoked from yesterday’s WOD, so I switched it up with a 2-mile run/walk with the pug.

IMG_1993 (750x750)

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It took us almost an hour to cover 2 miles, so our workout was a lot more walking and sniffing and being chased by a German Shepard (Murphy, not me) than running, but it was still a great way to get some exercise into our day.

IMG_1994 (750x560)


After the park, I came home and threw together a quick lunch, which was spaghetti squash mixed with pesto and tuna mixed with avocado on top… yes, all mixed together… in a bowl. Told ya, I’m unpredictable!

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I actually used a can of tuna in olive oil for today’s lunch (instead of tuna in water like I normally buy) after reading a short piece in the November/December issue of Fitness.


Apparently, olive oil is better than water at preserving the tuna’s omega-3 fats. I had no idea! I wasn’t sure if I’d like the consistency/texture of tuna in olive oil, but it was actually pretty good and not all that different than tuna in water. I drained some of the olive oil, but still left a good amount so I’d get the healthy fats.

Ok, so I know I’ve been pretty random with my meals lately, but let me explain the method behind my madness. When I’m putting together a meal, I try to 1) not waste food (so I eat a lot of leftovers) and 2) include protein, fat, and carbs, so I’m satisfied.

My meal-making process sort of goes like this:

  • Stare into fridge and access food/leftover situation
  • Consider and select a protein option
  • Consider and select a fat option
  • “Bulk up” the meal with nutrients (veggies and/or fruit) and carbs
  • Add more flavor if needed (spices, condiments, etc.)
  • Eat!!!


A few hours later, I drank a chocolate protein shake that Mal made this morning, but didn’t finish. It was made with chocolate protein powder, milk, and water.

040 (563x750)

I also ate a few spoonfuls of almond butter right from the jar. Holy goodness, I love this stuff. I can’t stop eating it! Someone take the jar away from me!

043 (563x750)

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Question of the Day

What’s your meal-making process?


  1. I hate to waste food as well. So when I look in the refrigerator, I usually make sure I have all the basic food groups no matter what I cooked two days ago. I love too mix my food together and eat it that way. Some how to me it mixing it up makes it tastes better.

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