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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Q and I had a nice, sweaty workout this morning!

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I packed up all of our gear (my diaper bag now doubles as a workout bag) and drove to Southfield to do some running and walking together.

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When I was training for a half marathon last fall, I did a lot of my long runs at Southfield.

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There are miles and miles of paved sidewalks, so it was perfect for the jogging stroller (and long runs).

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The jogging stroller always puts Q right to sleep! Snoozing baby = so cute.

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We ran and walked just over 3 miles in about 40 minutes. It was sort of like interval running with some sprints mixed in, but I also did some straight up jogging with the stroller too. And I walked most of the hills. Running with a jogging stroller is no joke!!

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I’m hoping once Mal goes back to school (and I can’t pop into a CrossFit or spinning class whenever I want), Q and I will make stroller running a regular activity. It’ll be a nice way to get us out of the house and fit in some exercise. Plus, there’s a drive-up iced coffee place on the way home, so we can always hit that up! #icedcoffeeaddict

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Question of the Day

Moms, what kind of exercise do you do with your little one? I’d love some ideas!



  1. I used my double jogger every. Single. Day. And free weights. My husband works long hours so it was my only option. Once the kids slept a little more predictably I did a 5am sprint around the neighborhood alone that I absolutely loved. It was Me Time at its finest. Once the kids turned 1 I found a gym and yoga studio with kidcare and did that. Funny thing with kids is your workout routine never stays routine for long. It’s always changing, but I guess that’s a good thing! Enjoy Q, he’s adorable!

  2. Yeah, unless you want to leave him at home, the jogging stroller is where its at. I’ve been begging the owner of the spin studio I go to to get daycare πŸ™‚

  3. I use my kiddo as a weight. Once their head is stable and they are 3 months old, babies LOVE airplane. Now that my son is almost 19 pounds, you should see my arms!

    Babywearing while doing squats and lunges also helps. I used to march or jog in place while wearing my son to get him to go to sleep.

  4. Lots of mums seem to manage to find gyms with creches. We don’t have them here in Ireland…but would be super handy. Are there super early morning Crossfit classes you could make before Mal leaves for work?

  5. I have two kids and one is too old for the jogger so it is a challenge! When she is in preschool, I take the baby to the park and jog/do lunges etc around a paved path . My doctor said no jogging before six months though so we have just now started to enjoy that– before it was a very early alarm to go running while my husband was home!

  6. While I have a few more weeks until my little one arrives, I plan on using a jogging stroller, workout DVDs and my gym daycare (when baby is older) to get in my workouts. As long as I can keep moving, I’m happy!

  7. So fun! I wish I enjoyed running with the jogging stroller more. Maybe I’ll like it better now that we’re in Arizona and don’t have all the rolling hills like we did in Utah. It just needs to get cooler here now! πŸ˜‰ You’re right – those hills are NO joke when you’re pushing a stroller too! I did lots of at home HIIT and circuit workouts while Hunter napped or played on his mat when he was super tiny. Now that he’s older, he goes to the gym daycare while I teach fitness classes. It’s perfect since he gets some time with his gym daycare friends and I get some time with my gym friends! πŸ™‚ Looking great Lady!

  8. Q is adorable. I have a love hate relationship with the jogging stroller. My baby is 6 months old, but we have pretty much only done walks with the stroller. I’ve done a few jogs/runs but MAN its tough! Also the timing thing is hard! I work part time from 12-5, and its hot where I live in summer. In the mornings when its cool enough she has so much energy and wants to play that I feel bad strapping her into the stroller. And in the evenings its much too hot to take her out for a run. I’m hoping that once it starts to cool down in a few weeks I’ll be able to get out there for a run a few times a week. For now I settle for living room workouts.

  9. I ran with a jogging stroller and a double and no, no joke at all! Especially with that double, I was in incredible shape without realizing it since I never really ran without it. Once my kids were older and I did some runs alone, I realized how fast I’d gotten! For a long time that was my only way of staying fit, but it did the job and was a nice activity to get out of the house. Plus, the kids were (mostly) happy to ride. The times they weren’t though, that was a bad feeling!

  10. Awwww him asleep in the stroller is too cute!

    I like to go on long walks with my baby–she loves just looking at everything while we stroll along. I’ve not gone running with her yet mostly because I’m too lazy after teaching a bunch ‘a fitness classes during the week. hah

  11. I have a 7 month old and he’s almost always happy in the stroller so I try to walk wherever possible…basically any errand that’s possible for me to walk rather than drive, that’s what we do. It’s amazing how much extra exercise you can get just by adding an extra mile or two walk here and there. I’ve also started taking him to a mama & baby yoga class. The babies sit in the middle of the room and play while the teacher keeps an eye on them and leads a (slightly more relaxed) practice. πŸ™‚

  12. I’m sure you could pull off some crossfit style workouts in your driveway by putting Q in a bouncer or pack n play and keeping him in a shaded area. Or keep him in the jogger and incorporate short runs into your driveway workouts to keep him moving.

  13. Your box doesn’t have a place for kids? Everyone brings their babies to mine… babies, toddlers, even pups. All are welcome!

  14. When I only had one kid, I went to mommycise, a workout with your baby. Now that I have 2, I run 3ish miles with them in the double (I have the city select, not even a jogging stroller).That’s enough of a workout!

      1. @Tina: Hi Tina. I used the Chicco jogging stroller and struggled with the bar between the two back wheels. It looks like your version has the same bar. Are you able to keep your stride while running without hitting that bar?

  15. I purchased a treadmill during my maternity leave and it was the best buy ever! My guy is now 18 months and a little unhappy in my jogging stroller so I use the treadmill a lot and I have a big circle gate / play area with toys and he sits in there and watches mom work out while playing. He will play for about 45 mins which lets me get a decent workout in. He is so funny and can do squats, fast feet and stretching from watching me. Cracks me up!

  16. I have a great gym with amazing childcare, so that is where I did most of my workouts. Otherwise I was up before my husband and kids so I could get in runs, or did them after dinner so that my husband could have time with the baby/kids, especially before the little ones were too young to run with in the jogging stroller. I also used to utilize nap time when they were sick or too young to take to the gym (our gym wouldn’t take infants under 8 weeks) and do a HIIT or plyometrics workout or yoga practice at home. The babies schedule always came first to me as I was a total freak about their naps so I just worked around that and it worked out great. I got great sleepers and good workouts out of the respect for the schedule.

  17. I also use the jogger, but sometimes it’s nice to have your workout be a break from being a mommy. Finley does well at our gym’s daycare, and we normally go once or twice a week. This winter when it was horribly cold and snowy, I did lots of workout DVDs (Jillian Micheals) and Youtube videos (Fitness Blender, bootleg Jillian Michaels). You will love having the workout space and equipment in your basement!

  18. That looks like such a nice area to walk/run. Aww, look at the little guy sleeping with his duckie! So adorable!!

  19. Where there’s a will there’s a way! I mix it up, sometimes I do an early morning workout at the gym before my husband goes to work, I ended up doing that a lot last winter because it was just too cold to take the little one out in the jogger. I often run with her in the jogger and then sometimes I use child watch at our YMCA and workout or take a class.

  20. Walking/Jogging with the stroller, walking uphill for a good buns workout for sure. If you want some upper body, walk around a store or your house with just the carrier.. holy smokes.. I have some rather nice guns from having my son.

  21. I love my double hogger! My daughter is about to 4 and about 60lbs, and my son is just over 2 at around 40lbs, adding the weight of the stroller and its tough. I use hills as my step up lunge alternating run x4, sprints and short run a few times a week and a slow run the others. The great thing about my kids being able to play with constant hovering is now I add more core work and use benches or picnic tables.

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