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Good morning! Happy Hump Day!

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He who is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.


It’s funny”¦ the workouts I’m not psyched about doing at CrossFit always end up being my favorites, which is exactly what happened last night.

I’m not a fan of Squat Cleans. They actually might be my least favorite exercise because they’re really hard and my quads burn like a mofo when I do them. So when last night’s WOD called for unbroken Squat Cleans, I knew it’d be rough.


“Good Luck”

For time:


Unbroken Squat Cleans

300 meter shuttle sprint

Adv: (155, 115)
Rx: (135, 95)
L2: (115, 65)
L1: (75, 55)
Beg: (65, 45)

*Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. Penalty is 3 Burpees per penalty. No dumping. Use same load for all sets. Rest as needed between sets.

As expected, the WOD was tough, but it was a good, challenging tough, which, of course, is one of the reasons why I love CrossFit so much. The workout pushed me out of my comfort zone and really made me work for it. I used 75 pounds for the Squat Cleans, managed not to die, and finished in 10:45.

Another great thing about this workout is that Mal and I got to wear our new CrossFit gear for it. (My friends at Reebok sent us some goodies.) I wore my new CrossFit hoodie (it’s fleece-y inside – love), which kept me warm during the shuttle sprints outside before the WOD, and Mal wore a pair of CrossFit Knit Shorts 2 and CrossFit Tri Blend Short Sleeve Top. Mal liked both items, but he really loved the top. It’s made from a cotton blend, so the fabric felt soft and comfy like a regular t-shirt, but acted like a performance top (breathability, sweat-wicking). He also liked the color and how light-weight it felt during the WOD. For the shorts, Mal thought they ran a little large, but maybe they just weren’t his style. He’s normally a medium and the waist fit fine, but the legs were long and wide””Mal said they’d be great for a guy with big thighs! Even still, he liked the way they looked (color, design) and enjoyed working out in them. Thanks, Reebok!

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After CrossFit, Mal and I came home, showered up, and then tagged teamed dinner, which was Make-Your-Own-Tacos. He cooked up the ground beef with a can of Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chilies) mixed in while I prepped the toppings. Tacos are such a great weeknight meal””fast, delicious, nutritious!


Before and after dinner, I snacked on some peanuts. I’m pretty sure I’m going to turn into one at the rate I eat them and peanut butter.


Question of the Day

What’s your least favorite exercise?

P.S. I stumbled upon this old post about Murphy last night. It still cracks me up, so I just wanted to share it. My dog is ridiculous.



  1. Jumping lunges! Ugh, I despise them!! But you are right, sometimes the worsts end up being the best. I think it’s because it’s the overall challenge. Always mind over matter right? 🙂

  2. without a doubt my least favorite workout is THRUSTERS! HATE THEM! And our WOD last night had them in it, it was terrible. the wod was 5RFT 400m run, 10 burpee box jumps (24″), 10 SDLHP (65#), 10 thrusters (65#), rest 1 min between rounds… when i first saw it posted i didn’t think it would be that bad, but the thrusters got me hard and i was ready to puke by the 3rd round. terrible.

  3. Anything involving burpees or HSPU – only because I’m not very good at them….YET. Hopefully they become faves someday like thrusters or box jumps.

  4. I *REALLY* dislike the elliptical..and squats/lunges. I suck it up and do the squats and lunges because they’re so effective..but it’s a daily argument I have with myself before I get going!

  5. Mmm I love taco night!

    My least favorite exercise is lunges – but I know that’s because those are weak muscles and I’m terrible at doing them.

    I get a lot of wrist pain when doing push ups or holding a plank so I am not a fan of those exercises just because they really are painful. I tend to skip doing those or just do one or two and stop before the tears start. 🙂

  6. Last night at crossfit i did wallballs for the first time…. Oh my gosh, the worst! It took me so long to finish them all. The squats were easy, but throwing the ball up was so exhausting. We also practiced kipping pull-ups last night and I finally was able to do one!!! I can’t wait to do the next workout that includes them now. I think they are my new favorite thing at crossfit!

  7. Hands down, my least favorite exercise is the push press. Unlike the strict press, you are allowed to dip and drive, but you can’t drop under the bar like in a jerk. This makes them a strange “in-between” movement at which I seriously suck. We did five rounds of ten at 85 lbs last night in our WOD, so I was not a happy girl.

  8. I think it’s a tie for me between burpees and wallballs. Hate hate hate.
    Loved that post about Murph and his stick though. He’s such a cutie!

  9. Loooove the hoodie!! I want one! I am terrible at overhead squats so those are my least favorite. I used to hate pull ups but I finally figured out kipping so I love them now ;).

    By the way, I just got my reebok journal yesterday. I’m so excited to use it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  10. I’m a fan of Reebok’s knit shorts, but they are the only ones worth buying; the board shorts feel like they are made from a tarp. They are long and a touch loose through the thighs, but that works for me.

  11. Love the quote! I can’t think of my least favorite exercise for some reason.. I’m just kind of a sucker for all of them. (That being said I’ve never been to cross fit and I’m pretty sure I would find some to hate in that case!)

  12. I make tacos like all the time. So easy. Sometimes I’ll make a “burrito” or “fajitas” or “quesadillas,” which require basically the same ingredients, but are crafted in a new form! I feel like I’m being diverse by doing so. Ha.

  13. Gah! I hate hate hate squat cleans! I think it’s psychological but I just cannot do them correctly. Sometimes my trainer gets super frustrated (you have to go faster, he yells!), but that sorta motivates me to get it right. I’m still working on getting the movement right (so I do it with a weighted ball). It sucks. Glad I’m not the only one that hates it.

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