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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning!

Apparently, my body is still on West coast time: I stayed up until 1:00 AM last night and then slept until 9:00 AM this morning. I usually start work by 6:30/7:00 each morning, so now my day is all out of whack. (GAH! How is it already 11:30!?!) I guess I just need to force myself to go to bed and wake up at my usual times, so I can get myself back on track. It’s nuts how much East coast-West coast travel affects me!


This morning’s breakfast started with a deliciously cold and creamy iced coffee. The thought of it alone got me out of bed this morning.

_MG_6048 (800x533)

To eat: cranberry oatmeal with chia seeds, walnuts, and a big scoop of Teddie peanut butter.

_MG_6052 (800x533)

FYI: I finally discovered the bulk bins at Whole Foods. Rolled oats are a whole $1 less per unit than the packaged stuff. Damn, imagine how much money I would have saved over the years if I had been shopping the bulk bins all along! We eat a lot of oatmeal in this house!

_MG_6054 (800x533)

Goals for 2012

I checked my DailyMile stats the other day, and I ran 735.62 miles in 2011! Not too shabby considering all of the injuries I had this past year!


I’ve had a little trouble setting goals for 2012, but after seeing my DailyMile numbers, it motivated me to set another running goal for this year. Even though I’m not planning to run a marathon in 2012, I’d like to run more consistently””meaning, shorter runs more frequently. (The lonnnggg runs were what got me into trouble with my hip.) With that said, my running goal for 2012 is to run more miles than I did in 2011.

I’d also like to participate more in the blogging community. I read a lot of blogs, but I never comment on them, which means those bloggers never know how much I appreciate their posts. You guys leave all sorts of wonderful comments (and links to cute pug photos) on my blog each and every day, so I want to return the favor and share the love by reading and commenting on at least three different blogs each day.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for 2012!

My goals for 2012:

  • Run a sub 24-minute 5K
  • Do three unassisted pull-ups
  • Redo my office
  • Fix the fence in our backyard
  • Complete the NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification
  • Run more than 735.62 miles
  • Read and comment on at least 3 blogs each day
  • Level 1 Prescribed Fran

And to help me reach many of my fitness goals, here are my workouts for this week!

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: WOD at home
  • Monday: CrossFit
  • Tuesday: 4 miles + CrossFit
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: CrossFit
  • Friday: 7 miles + CrossFit
  • Saturday: CrossFit

Question of the Day

Did you set any resolutions and/or goals for 2012? What’s the most challenging resolution/goal on your list? What’s your game plan to achieve it?

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  1. Yes, I have a set of goals/resolutions this year! I do like to make goals/resolutions as the year goes on, but January 1st gives me the “clean slate” feeling. The most challenging goals on my list have to do with my financial situation–I just graduated from law school this year, and I’m still looking for a permanent, salaried job. I have found myself in the mindset of “I’ll save when I get a better job,” which is not productive for me or my finances. Which is why I now resolved to start paying off remaining debt and work on establish an emergency fund TODAY, instead of a undetermined date in the future!

  2. Awesome goals, Tina! I really want to up my running this year and get better at logging my miles in DailyMile! I’m sure I’ve ran more than I logged in, so it would be nice to keep an accurate record to see my progress for next year!

  3. My resolution is to be more mindful. I am always going in a thousand directions, thinking that I’ll get more done by doing many things at once but I think that I actually miss out on the full experience by not devoting my full attention to it. So I am going to try to live more in the moment.

  4. Great job doing all those miles this year! I have a few goal for 2012 but one of the ones I think will be most challenging is to do ONE unassisted pull-up. They’re so hard! I’ve been doing strength training for the past few months and will continue to do so until I can hopefully do a pull-up. Gotta dream big 🙂

  5. Transitioning between East and West coast time is tough. I think you’re right though – it’s best to just suck it up and get back to your normal sleep schedule.

    Also, the bulk bins are totally where it’s at. So much less expensive, and I love that you can try a little of new foods before committing to a whole container.

    One of my goals for the year is to re-commit to strength training. I had to lighten up due to an injury, and I’m so ready to get back into it. I’ve missed bodypump so much!

  6. I would probably include a rest day, especially since crossfit is such an intense workout! As a NASM certified trainer myself, recovery is something that is emphasized. It is critical when it comes to training and with out it, it is really hard for the body to rebuild!

  7. I always read your blog and many others and i rarely leave any comments any where.

    So i think i copy your 2012 goal and i will start leaving more comments around the web.

    Keep up the good work in 2012

  8. I love the mix of fitness and life goals in your 2012 resolutions! They seem like you’ll be challenged, but also able to accomplish everything that you want to accomplish. Doing three unassisted pull-ups would be killer, kudos to you for wanting to prove that girls can do pull-ups too!

  9. I’m really excited, there’s a new CrossFit opening in February *steps* away from my apartment. It could not be closer to me if it tried. I’m definitely giving it a try when it opens!

    My 2012 fitness goal is to complete a sprint triathlon. I hate swimming but I am determined to learn to love it!

  10. I see that you are doing 5 crossfit workouts this week and running 7 miles on one of the same days! The crossfit instructor where I live said he didn’t want to see any of our faces more than 3G a week and wanted us to rest the other days of the week. I always thought you were pretty good about workout but this seems like a whole lot! I know you love exercise and I do too so I understand. I just wonder how your body feels. I’m constantly sore

    1. @Jane: I gotta say I agree with this 🙂

      My xfit coaches say if you can do it every day then you aren’t lifting enough weight 🙂 They have to guzzle recovery drinks 2-3 times a day to be able to do xfit daily.

      I go 3x a week and do cardio on in between days to give myself enough recovery. You might also see muscle loss if you go too frequently. But like you said Tina, you know your limits! Glad you’re keeping that in mind.

      1. I have to agree. You are way overdoing the crossfit. My box doesn’t allow you to do it more than 3 times per week.

        1. @Marie: @ilovefetacheese: Our box doesn’t limit us at all. Ultimately, they’d like to see us come three days in a row and then take one day off and then come three days again. I think it all just depends on your goals and how quickly your body recovers.

          1. @Tina: 3 days in a row? I thought it was a common understanding to do weights one day and rest the next? Your box wants you all there 6 days a week?

          2. Yep, if the week worked out like that. CrossFit also suggests 5 days on, 1 day off. http://crossfit.com/cf-info/faq.html

            As for strength training, depending on the type of workout and exercises you do, you don’t always need to take a rest day the next day. There’s a method to building CrossFit workouts, so you’re able to do them a few days in a row and still maximize your gains.

          3. @Tina: that’s interesting that they want to see you 3x in a row. i know that bikram yoga is like that as well, i was always told to come a few days in succession if possible. i thought crossfit was pretty much the same across the board-as in at mine they say 3 days a week tops and not in succession. but i trust that your instructors know what they are doing and you seem to fuel your body in a way that makes it work in tip top shape! if your body feels good doing it, then why not!

  11. Man I wish I could handle doing crossfit 5X/ week. Or should I say afford to haha. I just did a great workout outside on a playground though and surprised myself by being able to do 2 pullups unassisted! That was one of my new years goals, but I had never attempted one so I guess I should increase my goal.

  12. What fabulous goals! I’m looking forward to getting my NASM certification and also the fitness nutrition specialist certification. I really like the idea of using daily mile too. I’m always curious to see how many miles I actually cover, but I never keep track of it. Hmm… Definitely something to look into.

  13. I like that your goals are very measurable and attainable- sure signs of good goals! I’m still drafting a few, but hopefully I can think out what I want to accomplish during my long run today. Yay for days off!

  14. My 2012 resolution is outwardly focused of helping others versus inwardly focused of self improvement. I already started by today after work attending a Girls on the Run volunteer meeting!

  15. This is the year that I hope to try at least 2 new forms of exercise. I already signed up for one, aerial yoga. It sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a try.

    I also hope to increase my yoga practice. Before kids, I practiced daily. Now it’s more like 1 day/wk if I’m lucky.

  16. I resolved to be able to do 15 “regular” pushups by March 1st. I can’t do anything other than “girl” pushups right now and I am determined to remedy that.

  17. Tina, thanks for sharing your 2012 goals with us. I love reading others’ resolutions and making my own. I’m also excited to watch how your CrossFit work impacts your 5K time…

    As for me, I’m working towards a half-marathon PR (sub 1:40), a half-ironman race (eesh! just survive that one), and the final, final stretch of my PhD this spring. Plus, fun stuff such as learning how to make my own cheese and sourdough bread from scratch.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!

  18. Great goals! I’ve always done resolutions before, but this year I’m going with monthly goals. I hope to make this year overall healthier and happier but after struggling with injury and life-gets-in-the-way last year, I’m breaking it into smaller steps. Good luck with yours!

  19. Thanks for the link to dailymile.com. I was looking for a place to track my mileage this year. With everyone posting how many miles they ran last year it made me wish that I had kept track. I have no idea how many miles I ran, but I know it was a lot! Love your resolutions!

  20. I love the bulk bins at Whole Foods! The Tribecca store has the best I’ve found thus far in Manhattan but the Whole Foods store in Boulder, CO has an amazing bulk food section. We found it when we were visiting the area and it’s seriously as big as our apartment. My husband was even overwhelmed when we saw the huge selection. Such a great way to buy essentials like oats, quinoa, nuts, chia, etc. Glad you found it!

    Hope 2012 is an incredible year for you!

  21. i really dont set resolutions on january 1st anymore. i have decided for me, it is better to set smaller goals throughout the year that are relevant to the specific times.
    good luck with accomplishing your list! i know you can do it 🙂
    ps the re-doing your office would definitely be the hardest goal for me to accomplish. sometimes me and cleaning are not the best of friends!

  22. I too read a lot of blogs but hardly comment. I like that resolution – I think I’ll add that to my list if that’s ok!!
    I try to set realistic goals for the new year…I’m currently working on mine now and will likely blog about them in the near future.
    One goal for sure – make healthy choices when it comes to eating. And try oatmeal…and like it!

  23. I’ve been staying up later than usual as well with New Year’s and all that. Your goals are great! You will do a wonderful job at attaining them. I don’t necessarily make resolutions, but I definitely set some goals I hope to accomplish.

  24. Love those goals! So funny you said the thing about running more than 753 miles because I was thinking a cool goal to make would be to try to run 1,000 miles in 2012 (2.7 miles a day!).

  25. Happy New Year! Great goals. I like your goal about being more part of the blogging community and commenting…its funny because I read your blog a lot and never comment. lol. So you inspired me to. For me, the goal I set that I’ll struggle most with is strength training. I would just rather run. It’s just a matter of being focused and consistent with it, like anything else. Anyway, good luck with your goals and wish you a fab 2012!

  26. These are some great goals! 🙂
    I also discovered the bulk bins at Whole Foods, by a cashier no less, and it was after I had checked out. She cost me an extra dollar! 🙂
    I did set some goals. The main goal that I want to achieve is run a half marathon. 🙂

  27. I would like to get some weight off with better eating, run more miles (I think my goal is about 600 total) — and GET ORGANIZED (a perennial goal, you know… 🙂 ).

  28. I don’t really do new years resolutions perse but I like to make lifestyle changes. A few years back it was to write letters and I am happy to say I still do. Right now I’d like to work on walking my dog daily rather than letting him out in the yard and volunteering more

  29. My goal is similar to yours – to run more than I did last year (or at least keep track of it better). I signed up for a 10 mile race in Foxboro to get me started!

  30. I think goals are always a work in progress and should be revised 🙂 I think my hardest goal will be to keep ‘positive focus’ throughout each day, week, month, etc. I want to be mentally in the game this year!

  31. I have some goals in mind for 2012 but I haven’t shared them on my blog or even said them out loud. I’m not really big into setting major goals, I’m a pretty competitive person by nature so I don’t struggle to accomplish something I set my mind to, I just struggle with making up my mind!

  32. My toughest all-around goal for the year is to make more room for balance in my life. I have a lot going on right now, with work, grad school, and a long distance relationship to keep afloat, and I always seem to find myself spinning my wheels and burning out. My biggest goal is to prioritize and manage all of the things I have going on without feeling like I want to collapse!

    Oh, and I want to PR at my half marathon in DC this spring. No pressure ; )

  33. I didnt set any formal resolutions that started on Jan 1. I try to make tweaks and changes in my life as I go through it, daily and monthly, so there is always something on my list to work on, but not anything I would term a Jan 1st ‘resolution’.

    THanks for sharing your list!

  34. I had to think long and hard about my fitness resolution but decided it was time to make a go for qualifying and running the Boston Marathon again. Third time will be a charm if I can accomplish this goal. I have run many many marathons with good times but the last several have been a bust because of dreaded injuries that interrupted my training or became worse during the actual race. I’m going to be smarter about my training regime to accomplish my goal. I declared awhile ago that I was in marathon retirement but for some crazy reason the last couple marathon flops keep haunting me. I wish you the best with your 2012 goals!

  35. Being that I’m in college, I struggle a lot with balancing schoolwork/time with friends/going out/personal time. I often times find myself spending too much time on one aspect, which throws off all the others. So this year, I’m hoping to lead a more balanced life 🙂

  36. I don’t know how I’m going to get back on schedule after break either…this staying up late and sleeping in isn’t going to work! I didn’t set any resolutions but am just trying to live a little more and be more adventurous 🙂

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