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Monkey Bread is so wrong, but so, so, so right”¦


My Valentine’s Day gift to Mal was a big ol’ homemade Monkey Bread, and he absolutely loved it. I’m also glad he decided to share it with me! It was incredible.

IMG_7164 (675x900)

Mal’s present to me was a gift certificate for a pre-natal massage at a local spa, which was a really nice surprise, especially since I *thought* we had agreed to $5 Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Oh, Mal”¦ but, of course, I am soooo looking forward to my massage.

Remember this card from a few years ago? Mal bought it for me this year and, yes, it was STILL funny! Haha!

IMG_7167 (900x675)

On the card’s envelope, Mal wrote his weird nickname for me, which is “Llama.” As in: “Tina, eat your ham” from Napoleon Dynamite. Mal never actually calls me Llama, but he’ll write it on cards, notes, and stuff like that.

IMG_7175 (900x675)

My weird nickname for Mal is “Malm” as seen in the second photo of this post and in reference to the MALM furniture line at IKEA. This nickname came about back in 2006 when we first moved in together and bought a whole bunch of MALM furniture for our first apartment. My friend Jon was actually the first person to starting using “Malm” to refer to Mal (he still occasionally does), and it just stuck for me. I rarely ever call him Malm, but I write it on a lot of things, like cards and notes for him.

Cute Valentine’s Day pug card from my mom”¦ just had to share!

IMG_7168 (675x900)

After Mal and I exchanged gifts, the rest of our night was pretty low-key. We hung out on the couch, ate dinner, watched The Place Beyond the Pines (which was just okay, but it was filmed in Schenectady, so I thought it was pretty cool), and then went to bed semi-early.

IMG_1387 (900x675)

We also attempted to take a family photo”¦

my family is weird

These two are the weirdest.

the weirdest

And I love them so much.

my weird family

Questions of the Day

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Do you have any weird names for your significant other?

P.S. Last chance to enter my 6th Annual Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt! I will pick a winner tomorrow morning!



  1. I made monkey bread this morning, as my dad in law and brother in law are here this weekend working on the nursery!!

    I’m getting a prenatal massage for my birthday 🙂

    And yeah, The Place Beyond the Pines was okay. I liked the story but it seemed sooo slow!!!

  2. Sound the alarm, I have never had monkey bread! O_O probably for the best.

    My bf and I have a couple funny nicknames, and I think we just started calling each other these when we started dating. Babs (the a is long grammar shmammar), Loves and Squirrls (no e) 🙂

  3. I love the pictures at the end! Looks like you had a great Valentine’s Day. Mine started off a little rocky with a sick kiddo who had the flu, but my beau totally bailed me out by coming over to take care of him while I went to work for a couple hours. Then, my beau brought me flowers, which was completely unexpected 🙂 He’s awesome!

  4. Oh massage!! Sounds awesome!

    We had a low key valentine’s day and are actually going to celebrate tonight because of my crazy schedule we haven’t had a chance yet. Looking forward to a relaxing dinner this evening.

  5. Monkey breaddddd … always reminds me of the holidays but now I’m definitely craving it. What a sweet, low-key Valentine’s Day! Same here. We celebrated the weekend before in Philly. Made some brown sugar glazed salmon, zucchini and sweet potatoes and just vegged out. Perfect!

    I’ve never seen The Place Beyond the Pines but that is really cool it was filmed in Schenectady! Probably halfway point from Rochester to Boston.

  6. Low key Valentine’s here, too. Just the way we like it. That monkey bread looks so cute and it was really sweet of Mal to get you that massage. I’m sure it’s much needed and will be quite enjoyed!

    My husband has some nicknames for me (Lamb, Lambie, Pigeon, Pidge), but I have never had any for him! I don’t know why. There are a bunch of odd nicknames his family members have for each other and we don’t do nicknames (other than shortening of the name) in my family, so maybe that’s why I’ve never come up with one for him? I mean, after 13 year together, you’d think I would have come up with something by now!

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  7. Well, once my boyfriend muttered that I was a “goofball” but I heard “meatball” and asked him what the heck he was talking about. We had a good laugh and now he writes and texts me “Meatball”. My Valentine’s Day card from him said “I love my meatball.”

  8. I heard The Place Beyond the Pines was supposed to be really good, but I thought it was just okay too. I did like how the three different stories were all entwined though.
    My Valentine’s Day was also pretty low-key. I worked till 9pm & my boyfriend picked me up & we spent the weekend together. We just ate a non-fancy late dinner & watched Netflix lol. But we still enjoyed our time together. 🙂

  9. You guys are so cute!! My fiance and I have tons of weird nicknames for each other and there arent really stories behind them we just started one day and they stuck. He calls me “Scooter” and I call him “Puttins” . Don’t ask. We are strange!!!

  10. I call my fiance Stinkbrain and he calls me Smelly. 🙂 I thought The Place Beyond the Pines started out great and then kinda just slowly got weird and bad.

  11. My husbands name is Matt. I started out calling him Matty, which i often refer to him as…but then for some reason I started calling him Mitt, then Mitty, then Minty. Now Mindy. Yes I call my burly 6’2 husband Mindy. And he accepts it.
    I am not sure how he puts up with it 🙂

  12. Weird nicknames: Poot/Pooty. No idea where this started, but it was a play on something one of us said or something my niece may have said. She had articulation issues when she was very young and said a ton of words in a hilarious manner lol

  13. David and I call each other ‘Joe’ – when we first started dating we watched a lot of M*A*S*H, and one of the lines the Korean locals in it used to say was ‘hey Joe, whaddya know?’. So we used to say that to one and other and then it got shortened to just Joe and now we call each other Joe all the time.

    Always makes me smile 🙂

  14. My husband calls me Tinks. It started as “Stinky” and then became “Stinks” and then “Tinks”. A lot of people think its a cute nickname…until they realize what it means! Haha!

  15. Monkey bread is so much fun to make with the kids. I did it with my older two years ago but had forgotten about it. I have a bonus baby who is seven now so I am going to have to give it another try.

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