My First Experience With The Internet

Last night, I helped our CrossFit box move to a new location. Our little family has grown quite a bit over the past several months and we finally outgrew our space, so we needed a bigger home.

Moving Day for CrossFit 781

We had about 20 members come out and help with the move last night. Team work definitely sped things up!

Team work at 781

Before we were knew it (seriously, it took like 15 minutes), the truck was all packed up and were were driving to the new, BIGGER box.


The new space is about 2-3 times larger than our old box. I can’t wait to workout there!

photo (478x640)

Mal and I stayed for awhile and helped unpack and organize equipment before our stomachs started to grumble.


We were starving, so we came home and threw together a quick dinner. I had avocado-chicken salad on gluten-free (Udi’s) bread with Sweet Potato Wedges and ketchup on the side.

avocado chicken salad and sweet potato wedges

After dinner, I satisfied my sweet tooth with some pitted dates.

Sunsweet pitted dates


For breakfast this morning, I had Teddie peanut butter and sliced banana on Udi’s bread/toast with a glass of iced Dandy Blend. Perfect way to start the day!

peanut butter and banana on gf bread with Dandy Blend

My First Experience With The Internet

At one of the Manager’s Receptions at the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk last week, Mal and I started talking about Google, web searches, and privacy policies. I have no idea how we got onto the subject, but we did. (A Mai Tai + 3 Bay Breezes will do that!) Eventually, our conversation led to the first time we ever used the Internet, and a story from my sophomore year of high school (1995-1996) popped into my head. I literally hadn’t thought about it since then.

I look Chemistry my sophomore year of high school. I was a decent student (I graduated in the top 5% of my class), so I got good grades. I wasn’t great at Chemistry, but I worked really hard, asked lots of questions, and took advantage of after-school study sessions. For the most part, my diligence paid off, and I kept a pretty high grade in the class… until… I totally bombed a test. I knew it was going to destroy my grade for the term that I had worked so hard for, so I asked my teacher if I could do an extra credit project to improve my test score. He agreed and set me up with a project, which would introduce me to the Internet for the very first time.

My extra credit project: Download and print information about each of the periodic elements from the Internet.

[image source]

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, think back to 1995-1996. Dial-up internet. Super slow browsing, downloading, and even printing. It took me weeks and weeks and weeks to print out all of the periodic elements. After school, I’d log onto Netscape, use Webcrawler to search for information, and then print out related information one page at a time. It took forever. I definitely worked hard for those extra credit points! Haha!


Telling Mal this story the other night had him totally cracking up. Maybe it was all of the cocktails we had enjoyed, but the both of us had a good laugh about my first experience with the Internet. It’s come a long way since then, huh?

Question of the Day

What was your first experience with the Internet?


  1. I remember that my best friend in middle school had the internet before anyone else…we used to get on AOL and talk to people in chat rooms. It sounds so scary to think about now but, back then, you didn’t think of any dangers and just assumed that you were talking to a cute 14 year old boy and his friends!

  2. My Dad brought home our first computer. He got us all pumped about the wonders of the internet and how cool it is we all had access to all of the information in the world. Since I was a huge science geek (still am) I wanted to look up NASA photos. Can you imagine how long it takes to download Hubble telescope photos on dial-up? I sort of lost interest for a while after that.

  3. I don’t exactly remember my first internet experience but I remember having dial up on our farm. My parents put a rule in place that we could only be on for one hour at a time in case they needed to call home – yep, there was a time without cell phones! I also remember spending A LOT of time on MSN messenger and ICQ chat.

  4. I distinctly remember being in 7th grade in Mr. Trimble’s science class. He talked about how someday we would be able to send our homework to a teacher through the computer and how some teachers would even be able to teach classes on the computer without seeing their students! I was fascinated and amazed!

  5. My cousin and I got in a fender bender accident when I was in high school (early 2000s). We did have a cell phone, but thank to dial-up internet, when we called her parents to let them know what happened, we got a busy signal. Finally, we had to call my parents (who thankfully were not online), who had to drive over to my aunt & uncle’s house to tell them what happened!

  6. Hi Tina!

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, and I have to say you truly are an inspiration for me to get up and get out. You always seem so motivated and full of energy, it really is inspiring and you definitely have gotten me to live a healthier more active lifestyle.

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    Here is the link to the page, its seriously so delicious and tastes just the same!

    Either way, I just figured after reading your blog for so long I’d finally leave you a message and say Hi and let you know how awesome your blog is! Take care 🙂

  7. I remember getting our first family computer – chunky and expensive. And I remember using AOL. It really is remarkable how different it is now, in a relatively short span of time.

  8. It’s so weird to think about life without internet! And it wasn’t even that long ago, wow we’ve come a long way! Ever since reading this I’ve tried to remember my first experience with the internet and I can’t! You’d think that would be pretty memorable but I guess not! I DO remember dial up and how slow it as, can you imagine having to blog with that?!

  9. Remember the sound that AOL dial-up made? I lived with that sound all throughout high school. I think my parents still had dial up when I went off to college. I also thought I was really cool when I used to use AIM 😉

  10. I remember AIM and going in random AOL chatrooms! And dial-up was THE WORST! I remember it would take like 5 minutes to get on and then if your sibling was dumb enough to answer the phone, you’d get kicked off. The worst!

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