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Hooray! I survived my first CrossFit competition! It was tough, but I had an absolute blast!


The SouthCoast Summer Slam Team Competition was a one-day event hosted by CrossFit Dartmouth. Each team included two males and one female, and every team was guaranteed three workouts. There was an Rx and scaled division, and both divisions competed together at the same time throughout the day. <— I liked this!

IMG_1407 (600x450)

My team (Mal and Will) registered for the Rx division, which was definitely a challenge for the three of us. We actually (unofficially and jokingly) changed our team name from “Carrots and Lots of Cake” to “Team JV” after the owners of our box and a bunch of 781 coaches/beasts signed up for the same competition and we realized we were a bit out of our league.

But, we made up for it with matching outfits and really good snacks!

IMG_1413 (600x450)

You bet we worked out in pink polo shirts!

Team JV Workout 1

The first workout of the day was an AMRAP 6 of Burpees and rowing. While one athlete rowed 500 meters, the other two athletes did Burpees, one at a time. As a team, we needed to finish rowing 1500 meters in 6 minutes or we’d be deducted 1 Burpee for every meter not rowed. We actually did pretty well on this event and placed 13th out of 37 teams!

IMG_1433 (600x450)

Our box had 5 teams participating in yesterday’s competition, so we had quite the crew of people from CrossFit 781 supporting us and cheering us on. The owners brought a tent, so everyone hung out outside between workouts.

IMG_1437 (600x450)

IMG_1442 (600x450)

Kerrie was competing on a team yesterday too! (We love neon yellow!)

IMG_1409 (600x450)

The second workout of the competition was a Team 1 Rep Max Squat Clean and Jerk. We had 12 minutes for each athlete to establish a 1 rep max Squat Clean and Jerk and then our maxes would be added together for a total team score.

Olympic lifts are definitely not my forte, so I spent some time on Friday afternoon practicing Squat Clean and Jerks. (I felt like I was cramming for a test!) My previous 1RM was from last August and it was #90. I guess I hadn’t done too many Squat Clean and Jerks since then? I dunno, but I was freaking out a little bit. Thankfully, Coach Mal gave me some good pointers, and I managed to get #125, so I had some confidence going into yesterday’s competition.

During workout 2, I wanted to give the guys plenty of time to get their 1RM, so I went first. I started with #105 and worked my way up to #125 without a problem. I managed to Clean #135 two different times, but I couldn’t Jerk it overhead. Bummer. The guys took over after that and both of them managed to hit PRs!

workout 2

mal workout 2

workout 2 crossfit

Team JV after workout 2!

IMG_1457 (600x450)

The final workout of the day was definitely the most difficult. Check it out:


150 Double Unders (50 each, 1 athlete at a time)
150 Hang Power Snatches (115,75)
150 Pull Ups
150 Thrusters (115,75)

Um”¦ yea. It was a tough one.

Our team practiced this workout last weekend, and we only made it through about half of the pull ups. The Hang Power Snatches were heavy, so it took us forever to get through them. But, we hoped with some competition adrenaline flowing through our veins, we’d get through them quicker this time.

The workout started with each of us doing 50 Double Unders. I’m usually pretty good at Double Unders (when we practiced this workout I did 49 unbroken), but I spazzed out and messed up so many times yesterday. I messed up once and then panicked and totally fell apart. I must have stopped at least 5 or 6 times before completing 50 Double Unders. GAH! Choke artist. It was so frustrating!

IMG_1466 (450x600)

Thankfully, the guys are Double Under pros and got through theirs without any issues.

bro workout 3

I was super worried about the Hang Power Snatches (75 pounds is heavy for me, especially with that type of volume), but they weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be.

workout 3

tina workout 3

Mal, Will, and I split the 150 reps into 5 reps each, so we did them faster than our practice workout, but it still took us awhile to get through them.

mal workout 2

Once we finished the Snatches, we had about 3 minutes left, so we headed straight for the pull-ups. We didn’t get through them all like we had hoped, but I’m still proud of our team. It was a hard workout (and about 3,000 degrees inside the gym), and we powered through it the best we could.

IMG_1480 (600x450)

Team JV ended up placing 25th out of 37 teams, which we were all pretty pumped about, especially since there were moments yesterday when we thought we might come in dead last!

CrossFit 781 had a great showing at yesterday’s competition. We had TWO teams on the podium taking second and third place in the Rx division! Woohoo! Beast mode!

IMG_4308 (600x450)

I absolutely loved competing yesterday and definitely want to do another team competition in the future. It was so much fun being part of Team JV!



  1. I know I already commented on this blog, but I have a quick question…
    Do you have a packing list for an all-day CrossFit competition? I am going to my first one this weekend as an athlete and I have no idea what to pack for food! I have the clothes down pretty well (full change after EACH WOD!), but can you give me an idea what I should be eating between WODs? Or anything else that you think would be handy to have in my gym bag that I might not have thought about? I already have full body wipes and face wash wipes on the list!

    1. One of our coaches gave us the best advice about what to eat. She said: Bring what you know you’ll want to eat. So, for example, don’t pack chicken and broccoli just because it’s healthy. Pack something that sounds appetizing to you after a WOD. For me, I can’t really eat after I workout hard and it was super hot last week, so I packed coconut water, iced tea, and grapes, which is pretty much what I snacked on between WODs. I knew I’d need something a little more substantial, so I also made chicken and avocado for lunch. I only ate a little bit of it during the day, but on the ride home after the competition, I housed it! I was so hungry once my body had a chance to relax. Basically, bring food that you’ll want to eat (even if it’s not healthy – there were lots of treats at our competition) because you’ll need to get calories in your body for energy in anyway that you can.

      1. @Tina: Sounds like a plan! I saw on one google search a sandwich made with wheat bread, nut butter and thinly sliced apples and that sounded so good. So I think that might be what I bring for a meal like option. Then I will just stick to snacks and fruit. I love refreshing stuff when getting sweaty!

  2. The picture of your back mid motion in the snatches is AMAZING! Seriously! Going up on my inspiration board as my back goal!

  3. Tina! I am so glad to see this post on your first Crossfit competition. It seems that there are smaller competitions all over this summer. I know our box has had people competing at quite a few. I have been too intimidated to sign up for one, but seeing this post has inspired me. Looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing!

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