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Hi, friends! Good morning and happy Tuesday!

My day started bright and early with a long walk with my favorite pug.

IMG_2077 (600x450)

It’s been so hot and humid here lately, I’ve cut a lot of our walks short. Even in the early morning and late afternoon, it’s still too hot for squishy-faced pugs. Murphy is always panting like crazy, and, obviously, I don’t want him to overheat, so I let him do his business and then we come straight home.

too hot for pugs

This morning, however, it was quite a bit cooler (it rained last night), so we went for an extra long walk together. Murphy had a great time sniffing (and peeing) on everything. I guess he needed to get back on track with leaving Post-It notes around the neighborhood after slacking off during the heat wave.

IMG_2080 (600x450)

After our walk, I headed out for a run. I’ve slowly built up my mileage a little bit every week, so I’m finally running 5 miles at a pretty good pace without much walking. I actually stopped twice to walk today, but I only allowed myself to rest for 5-10 seconds. The heat and humidity totally zaps my energy, especially on hills, and my run was pretty hilly today. I always feel like garbage when I run up hills when it’s hot outside. Oh, summer running, I both love and hate you.

Speaking of summer running, I’m now registered for two road races: End of Summer Classic (5 miles) and the Falmouth Road Race (7 miles).

Typography 05

I’ve debated registering for the End of Summer Classic for several weeks now, but I finally bit the bullet the other day. I’ve been running consistently and feel like I am starting to get back into the swing of things, so, hopefully, by the end of the summer, I’ll be faster and stronger, so I can crush those 5 miles!

I’m also registered for the Falmouth Road Race. My friends at City Sports offered me a bib, and I just couldn’t turn it down. The Falmouth Road Race is easily my favorite road race of all time. (Here’s my review.) It’s an absolutely gorgeous course along the ocean on Cape Cod, and it’s a frickin’ party for the entire 7 miles. There’s so much crowd support and everyone is having such a great time. I’ve only run Falmouth a couple of times, but it’s still my favorite race ever. I am pumped to run it again this summer!


Question of the Day

What’s your #1 favorite road race ever?



  1. The Falmouth Road Race is also my absolute favorite! I am from the Cape and try to run it every year. I ran it last year but didn’t get into the lottery this year. You’re a lucky girl! It is a gorgeous course and the energy of all the spectators and runners is just spectacular. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. For me it’s a tie between the Falmouth RR (which I’m also doing!!) or the Cohasset 10k. Both are gorgeous courses and both have such a great community vibe. I’ll be doing the EOS Classic as well with some friends, but I run through Bare Cove all the time so it’s just not the same as the others. And the Asgard 5k is by far my fave 5k – the after party is a lot of fun!

    Good luck on your races!!

  3. I am SUPER jealous that you are running Falmouth! I have been eyeing it for months! I have to go to a bridal shower in NJ that weekend (stupid weddings getting in the way of my running! bah!) and wouldn’t be able to make it back in time (and the whole lottery thing) :).

    Don’t have a favorite race just yet (just started racing in January!). Buuuuut it’s on for the NYC marathon in Nov, so I’m hoping that will take the cake!

  4. I’ve never done the Falmouth Road Race but I’ve heard great things about it. My favorite race is in Sydney, Australia. It’s called City to Surf and you start in downtown Sydney and run to Bondi Beach, where you promptly jump in the ocean and then go to a cafe for drinks! It’s about a 14k I think!

  5. This heat needs to end already. I feel like I wait for months to be able to lay out comfortably at the pool or beach and then bam, out of nowhere it goes from kinda luke warm to boiling hot outside. And it isn’t going to taper off for a while.

  6. Definitely the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC! Falmouth is definitely on my race bucket list though…

  7. I would have to say the Peachtree Road Race (10K). The spectators are amazing (and super family friendly, so there are a ton of cute kids and dogs!) and made it such a fun experience and hand out food, Popsicles and smoothies. People dress up in costumes and we run through Downtown Atlanta and end in Piedmont Park!

  8. Oh nice have fun! I am not sure if you or your hubs listens to Sports Hub but one of the morning hosts is running the Falmouth Road Race as well! It was funny listening to him talk about it because he has not trained at all. Sounds awesome! Should be a goal of mine next year! 🙂


  9. Twin Cities 10 Mile in Minneapolis, MN! Love the distance, love the course, love fall road races. Everyone should come to MN and run this race!!

  10. I know what you mean with the heat. I only go on long walks with my dogs when it’s super early in the morning. Otherwise, they just refuse to walk at one point and proceed to lay down on the sidewalk.

  11. I haven’t actually done much racing ever but I do love almost any race along some water with a nice view. There are races almost every weekend in Santa Monica, CA and those are gorgeous.

  12. Even though I’ve been running for years, I’ve never really gotten into doing races so don’t have too much to compare between. I did love the Marine Corps 10K last October though! So fun! Training for my first half now. 🙂

  13. Summer running can definitely be difficult, especially when the humidity is high. I find that it’s so much more difficult to breath when the air is so thick. Those 2 road races sound fun. I’m actually doing a Color Run in August and am so looking forward to it!

  14. I’ve only ran in 2 “official” races. The Susan G Komen 5k for the Cure, and the RnR Seattle half. I really enjoyed the Susan G Komen race, just because it was for a good cause and it was really empowering!

  15. The Falmouth Road Race is my absolute favorite race as well! I’m running it for the 5th year in a row for my favorite organization CCALS.

  16. I have only run 2 races. One turkey trot in NY and the rock n roll San Francisco half marathon. And they were both SO fun. The turkey trot was awesome because I don’t think there’s anything better than running in the morning and stuffing yourself with turkey and stuffing in the afternoon. Awesome.

  17. I ran the Livestrong Half Marathon in Austin, TZ in 2012 and it was amazing – the city is so fun and the support that comes out to cheer is great! I can’t saw the scenery was fantastic (it was mostly all through the city, so nothing too special) but there were a ton of fun signs and the energy was so motivating. Hopefully in October I can say my favorite road race is the Chicago Marathon…I am training for it now & it will be my first!

    Good luck with your races!

  18. I love the Crazy Horse Half Marathon, in Hill City, SD. If you never been you should check it out! Question, where did get your phone pack? Your wearing it on your first picture with Murphy. I need something to carry my phone when I run. thanks!!

  19. My favorite race is the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington VA/Washington DC.
    I’d HIGHLY recommend it to anyone and everyone. The crowd support is unbelievable and it’s unlike any race I’ve ever done. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, even on mile 24! 😉

  20. I would love to do the Falmouth road race, I am jealous! My favorite race so far is the Tufts 10K in Boston. It is a womens’ only race on Columbus Day weekend. I do it each year with my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in- law, and our guys come to cheer us on.

  21. The Great North Run in the north of England is probably my favourite road race. There is always such a good atmosphere and there are crowds of people cheering on the sides.

    I seriously struggle to run in heat and humidity.

    Good luck for your races!

  22. I guess my favorite run was like my first run “back” from a LONG running break and it was the Cupid Chase 5K. Even though it was sub-zero temps outside, it was one of my best runs and I felt SO very accomplished after I completed it. It was like I was telling myself not only COULD I do it, I did it quick and looking good 🙂

  23. Not only is Murphy the cutest pug I’ve ever seen (and I worked at a vet for 6 years!), but he has a great momma- I see so many people running with boxers and other breeds with little smooshed faces and it’s SO bad and dangerous for them.

  24. I ran a 10k last November that left from Navy Pier in Chicago and then ran along the water – it was fun and starting and ending at the pier brought a lot of energy. There were some pedestrians that had no idea what was going on and nearly got caught in the sprint to the finish and got trampled but thankfully, us runners are some agile folks and darted around them. OTherwise it was a cool path!

    I also really liked the 1/2 marathon I ran in Springfield, IL which ran past Lincoln sites, through parks, the cemetery and past the capitol. It was really scenic most of the time!

  25. I was at the Dedham Whole Foods today and a woman told me that the new South Weymouth store is going to have a juice bar in the produce department! Figured you would want to know!

  26. I really love running the Run to Remember 5 Miler. The past two years have been good weather which definitely adds to it! But I love running through downtown Boston. This past year was probably my favorite race ever. 🙂

  27. The Peachtree Road Race 10k in Atlanta on July 4th! It is the largest 10k in the country and a complete party the whole run!

  28. The Vermont City Marathon is my favorite! I love Burlington, it’s SUPER spectator friendly, and I got my frist BQ there back in ’06. I’ve never made it back (mostly due to my husband or I being in a wedding almost every single Memorial Day weekend) but I swear I will someday.

  29. The Boulder Bolder, hands down! ( Sounds a little like Falmouth – a party the whold way, just substitute beautiful mountain scenery for Cape Cod. On a related note, I’ll be on the Cape (staying in Chatham) for a few days at the end of the summer and would love any recommendations you have on restaurants or things to do. Thanks!

  30. Hi! I am registered for both of those races as well. Friends and I ran Falmouth for the first time last year and fell in love. We were so lucky to get in again this year. This summer I’m training to make it up that Grand Ave hill at the end without feeling like death! Good luck with your training!

  31. Yay for running the Falmouth road race! I live in Falmouth and I’ll be volunteering in the medical tent at the finish line! Good luck!

  32. My favorite so far has been the Derby Festival half marathon in Louisville, KY in April. I ran it this year injured, and am hoping to run the full next year (uninjured, of course!) My very close second has to be Pat’s Run here in AZ that is run for Pat Tillman. It is a race that is close to a lot of people’s hearts, and has such a great atmosphere. It ends through the entrance of Sun Devil stadium and at the 42 yard line! SO fun!

  33. I have a Boston Terrier, and they also have short snouts, but he still loves to run with me. This morning we went out and it was so hot and humid I cut our run short to 2 miles. I always try and walk more here and there to keep him from overheating. Love dogs with smooshy noses.

  34. I’m running the Falmouth Road Race too! SO excited. My favorite road race is the Richmond Marathon (and Half Marathon, I’ve done both). Amazing crowd support, easy to walk to the start line, beautiful course, friendly people. See you at the Cape!

  35. My first marathon was Chicago and I will never forget it! So many people, so much screaming and crowd support- now I feel like I have such high expectations for all other marathons!

    Although I’ve never been to Boston!

  36. Loved your review of Falmouth! I sm running it for the first time this year and I can’t wait! I have two favorite races: the Tufts 10K for Women and the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon. I have a feeling I’ll soon be adding Falmouth to that list 🙂

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