My Very Favorite Pregnancy Products


Just wanted to share some of my very favorite items (the best of the best) from my pregnancy!

My favorite products from pregnancy

{from top left}

  • Moving Comfort Maia Bra: My boobs grew like crazy during my pregnancy, so I needed sports bras that were really supportive to keep up with me during CrossFit and running. The Maia bra was my go-to.
  • Rainbow Light Prenatal One Vitamins: I took these prenatal vitamins before I got pregnant and all through my pregnancy. They’re food-based, vegan, and free of common allergens. They’re also enhanced with enzymes, probiotics, and ginger, so they’re easy to digest. Basically, they’re just an all-around great prenatal vitamin.
  • Old Navy Low-Panel Maternity Skinny Jeans: These are the best maternity jeans ever! I wore them all the time during my pregnancy””all three trimesters. I actually bought the full-panel version of these jeans, but I wasn’t a fan of them. They’d fall down on me all the time.
  • Snoogle: Oh, the Snoogle. I have so much love for it. It helped me sleep soundly throughout my entire pregnancy. I used it so much, I actually ended up buying a cover for it, so I could easily wash it.
  • Reebok Burnout Tees: Long, light-weight, and stretchy, these burnout tees from Reebok were awesome for my workouts. And, by the end of my pregnancy, they were one of the only things that fit!
  • Belli beauty products: I’m so glad I found the Belli products. They’re safe for pregnancy and made with high-quality ingredients. My favorite products, which I ordered three different times throughout my pregnancy: Belli Elasticity Belly Oil, Belli Pre-Treatment Scrub, and Belli Acne Control Spot Treatment. I’m actually planning to use the scrub and acne treatment postpartum because I love them so much!
  • New Balance Moto Pullover: This super long pullover was another go-to piece for my workouts. It fit me right up until the end!
  • Fantasie Women’s Elodie Underwire Bra: I love these bras. They come in hard-to-find sizes and they’re not horrendously ugly like some pregnancy bras.
  • Old Navy Maternity Tanks: I bought a bunch of these tanks at the beginning of my pregnancy and wore them all the time””under sweaters and cardigans and by themselves once the warm weather rolled around. They are so comfy.


  1. Thanks for these recommendations! I’ve been looking for good workout tops. I like two that I found at Gap, but am going to check out the burnout tees. That style is so comfy!

  2. I need to get that sports bra! I have heard so many good things.

    I actually hated those old navy tanks, the plastic part on the ruching was SO itchy on my belly! I was sad because they are such a good deal price-wise!

  3. Congratulations on your baby boy! I can’t wait to hear how it went. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  4. I am six months along and cannot live without my Snoogle! It has helped me sleep since I am a back sleeper and needed to change to my side. I also love the maternity tanks and dresses from Old Navy. My favorite jeans I scored from Gap for next to nothing thanks to a sale and coupon. Thank goodness for stretchy bands!

  5. Firstly, congratulations!!! And secondly, I’m excited for this list! I’ve having twins in November, so you’ve given me some great ideas. I definitely need to pick up that snoogle! It looks so comfortable!

  6. Ah I love this! I am definitely pinning it for my next baby. I ended up never buying maternity jeans for my first one, but I have a feeling I am going to need them for my second. I also never bought a body pillow (stupid I know), so that is a must for me as well 🙂

  7. Yeah for the Snoogle! I slept like a log (minus the frequent bathroom trips) right up till I had my daughter and all because of it!

    Thanks for the recommendations for new products. I’ll be searching for these things if we go for #2!

  8. These are awesome suggestions! I am a long time reader and have loved reading your blog. We have the same sense of humor I feel and would get along great I think! I hope your labor is smooth and I can’t wait to see pics of your new baby boy! 🙂

  9. Congrats Mal and Tina and Murphy, on the birth of your beautiful baby boy. Love the picture on Instagram what a cutie pie.

  10. He is such a beautiful baby Tina – congratulations to you and Mal. Wishing nothing but the best for your family.

  11. I’m a guy but I think I might have to buy a Snoogle! I know a lot of women have to deal with stretch marks during their pregnancy too…checkout StriCell stretchmark cream.

  12. Hi Tina! I know this is an old post, but I came across it and have a question. I’m currently taking the Rainbow Light prenatal vitamins too. Did you take a DHA supplement in addition, or just the prenatal? Thank you!!

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