My Colonoscopy Results & Why I Love My Doctor

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Good morning! Happy Hump Day! I hope your day is off to a great start!

Murphy literally RAN back to bed after he ate his breakfast this morning. Apparently, he’s not a fan of Wednesdays.

Not a fan of mornings pug


This morning’s breakfast was an oldie, but goodie: Van’s waffles with Teddie peanut butter and banana slices. It hit the spot!


After I finished making my breakfast, I shared the peanut buttery knife with Murphy.


I hope it made his morning a little bit better!


Please note the peanut butter smeared all over his nose. Haha! So cute!


My Colonoscopy Results

Yesterday afternoon, I headed into Boston to meet with my GI doctor to go over the results of my colonoscopy. As soon as my doctor saw me, he gave me a hug and asked me how I was doing. I have never, in my nearly 33 years of life, been hugged by a doctor. Not that I’m complaining, but his gesture really surprised me. Obviously, it made me feel like he cared, but it instantly calmed my nerves about hearing the results of my colonoscopy. I told Mal about this when I got home later that afternoon, and he replied, “Well, you guys are like butt buddies.” Haha! Obviously.

So, my colonoscopy results”¦ are you ready for this? My doctor told me my colon looked “completely healthy” and even “perfect.” He didn’t see any ulceration or inflammation. Hooray!!!

Ok, you’re probably wondering: HOW can that be? Mal asked the same question last night, so let me explain.

My colon started bleeding again in early January, so I’ve been on some pretty sweet drugs since then that mellow out my immune system (Prednisone aka steroids) and decrease the inflammation in my colon (Colazal and Canasa). These drugs have had about 14 weeks to work their magic, so now my colon is looking and acting great, which means I’ve felt completely healthy for many weeks now.

Unfortunately, I can’t stay on Prednisone forever (it has some really terrible side effects), so I’ve been slowly weaning myself off for weeks now. I’m down to 5mg, which means I’ll be totally off steroids in less than 2 weeks. The last time I went off Prednisone in December, my colon spazzed out and I started bleeding again. My doctor prescribed me a new drug (Apriso), which acts differently in the colon (than Colazal), so, HOPEFULLY, I will stop taking the steroids and this new drug will keep my colon happy. If not, there are some scary drugs on the horizon, but I’m staying POSITIVE that the new drug will work.

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Question of the Day

What do you think of your doctor?

Has your doctor ever gone above and beyond to make you feel comfortable?



  1. I go out of my way to find good doctors, similar to the one you mentioned. I LOVE my “lady doctor” (the one I see for pretty much anything anymore) because she meets with me for as long as I need her to, talks me off the ledge when I’m freaking out about stupid things, and always tells me I look super fit. A good doctor is SO important in my book!

  2. I’m glad your doctor made you feel comfortable and that your colon is looking happy 🙂 I always get so anxious when I’m at the doctors, I feel so awkward. Murphy looks very pleased you shared breakfast with him!

  3. Your doctor sounds seriously awesome. I’ve not had much luck with GI doctors. Actually, they’ve all been really nice but just haven’t helped me any. Maybe I’ll find one someday that can figure out what’s wrong with my stomach and I can eat like a normal person again! Haha. That said though, my pediatrician when I was younger always went above and beyond for my brother and I. He would come in late at night, on the weekends, to the emergency room, etc. etc. Basically, if we needed him, he was there.

  4. Wahoo!!! So happy for you and your colon 🙂 I hope the weaning process continues to be a good one. What did the doc say about re-incorporating select foods (like caffeine, or anything you have stayed away from since inflammed) again on a regular basis?

    FYI, your cookie recipes never cease to amaze me. Now do you want to develop a coconut carrot cake cupcake that is paleo by chance?? 😉

    1. My doctor actually told me to drink wine yesterday! Haha! Food doesn’t cause UC, but certain ones (caffeine, alcohol, etc.) can make symptoms worse when you’re having a flare. When things are healthy and happy, I can eat and drink whatever I want (in moderation, of course).

      I’ll see what I can do about the Paleo cupcakes! 😉

      1. @Tina: Sweet, thanks for the possible cupcake.:)
        Yeah, I knew that food wasn’t the sole culprit, but can lead to inflammation. Tell your doc you want to meet him in Boston for a glass of wine with Mal. 🙂 wahoo!!

  5. Good to hear the positive news! Stay optimistic. You made me nervous when you said your doctor hugged you (I was thinking, oh jeez what have they found?), but you’re right – it’s because not many doctors act with those gestures, even if they care.

  6. That is awesome you have such a caring doctor! I am praying you can be off of the steroids, and your colon will still remain healthy and completely normal! I was also on steroids for my colitis, and luckily after weaning myself off, I haven’t had many problems since. Sometimes I have flare ups, but nothing like I used to!

  7. I feel just like Murphy today!!

    That’s great about your results- I have to schedule mine and I’m really nervous! So happy that you have such an awesome dr!

  8. Good news!!! Prednisone is not a great drug to be on, so I know the feeling. Glad you’re feeling better T!

    My doc is this 6 foot tall guy with an awesome sense of humor, so I’m always at ease when I go there. I’m not much of a hugger, so if he hugged me it might creep me out…. but he and his whole staff are pretty cool.

  9. I’m so happy for you!! I am keeping everything I have 2 of crossed for you that the new drug works out perfectly for you and the transition off of steroids is no biggie for you. It warmed my heart to read about your doctor hugging you. I thought docs like that were extinct but I’m glad to hear they still exist!

    As far as my doc? I’m pretty neutral in my opinion toward her. We stay with her more out of habit than glowing satisfaction. We do know that she’ll work the system for us to get as much covered as possible so I guess that’s why we stay. It’s not that she does anything illegal but she knows how to word things so make sure things are covered. Now my gynie? She can never die, retire or leave the state because I absolutely love her and wouldn’t trust my hoo ha to anyone else.

    I hope Murphy’s day got a lot better post peanut butter! 🙂

  10. That is GREAT news! I hope the new meds will help. Prednisone is NO fun….I was on it awhile back.
    The best doctor I had was the one who discovered I had PCOS. She let me sit there and cry like a baby in her office and was just so comforting.

  11. Hurray for the good results! Hopefully the wean off the prednisone will be easier for you this time and you won’t need any new drugs added. Fingers crossed!

    I had kidney stones last summer – a result of long word days with no water and the heat wave. It was stupid; I should have known better. My doctor has a small clinic and isn’t open on the weekends but she showed up on Saturday to give me some tests and a pain med prescription. It was a huge help! I couldn’t believe she did that but it was wonderful of her.

  12. My primary care doc gave me a hug when I had a miscarriage. The ER doc was also surprisingly comforting when I miscarried, he patted my arm, gave me soft Kleenex and offered the hospital Chaplin. Also, both infertility specialists have been kind hearted, which I really appreciate!

  13. I have an auto immune disease too. One where my immune system randomly attacks the tissue in my eye, causing blind spots. I’ve been on Prednisone 3x. If I have another flare up, I might have to start considering the same time of scary drugs.

    I hope you’re good when you go off the Prednisone this time!! Have you had many negative side effects with the Prednisone? I have had awful side effects, and really, really hope I don’t have to go on it any time soon.

  14. ugh predisone is the WORST. i hope it goes well for you coming off it!

    I had a doctor hug me once too and it really did help. Like he cared about what I was going through emotionally as a result of the physcially stuff he was helping with.

  15. Having a great, caring provider can make all the difference. I’m in my final weeks of grad school, I’m getting my Master Degree in Nursing. I will be an Adult Nurse Practitioner. I was in clinic the other day, and I was seeing an elderly lady for a sinus infection. Long story short, we got on the topic of her late husband, who she was married to for 52 years. She told me when he passed she said “thanks for the ride, I had a great time.” She started tearing up and so did I! We sat in silence for about a minute, wiping our eyes. I placed my hand on her back. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a good thing or bad thing to have a soft heart in medicine, but hearing your encounter with your doctor makes me realize it shows you really care =) Glad to hear of your positive results Tina!

  16. I’m in medical school (here in Boston) – stories like this remind me why I’m putting myself through all this crap 🙂

  17. That is great news to hear! I changed doctors about 2.5 years ago. When I had my first appointment, she came in and gave me a hug. I was kinda of shocked! Through out the appointment she seemed more like a friend than a doctor and that is just what I was looking for. Sense those 2.5 years I have recommend many people to her and she treats them just as I had described her. She is seriously the best doctor in the world! It is crazy what a hug from a doctor can do!

  18. I like my doctors – they are very down to earth. My OB was amazing. He is known around my town for being one of the best doctors out there. Very friendly, spends time with every patient, never talks down – he was great! From what I’ve heard – he is like that for every single one of his patients!

    Love the Boston band – but shipping to Canada is almost $30 🙁

  19. I’m being treated for a foot injury right now and my doctor gave me his cell phone number that I could call or text if I had any questions or issues. I was thinking “seriously!” I couldn’t believe it! I am the type that always has questions or concerns so I could’ve really bugged him a lot, but I made myself NOT call him because I didn’t want to look like a freak. 😉

  20. Great news, glad to hear! Honestly we have been so impressed by the level of care and compassion at MGH…I had wrist surgery there last September and my husband is being treated their for colorectal cancer. Everyone has been so kind and helpful! We feel lucky to have access to this wonderful healthcare so close to our home!

  21. I love the doctor I have now for her outlook in that she practices both Western and Chinese medicine AND she also treats kids so my 6 year old and I can have the same doctor. But the BEST doctor experience was years ago when I happened to go to someone who specializes in people who are afraid of doctors. You could request puppies! for your appointment! Seriously, puppies! There was a golden retriever therapy dog and she had puppies so I got to have my appointment in a room with a bunch of puppies and hold one while I was being examined!
    Hmm, maybe Murphy could get a job at your doc’s and save you some $$

  22. Tina,
    Congrats on your healthy colon! I too, have UC and also am in remission. It. is. great.

    I just have a couple of questions/ comments:

    Do you eat a gluten free diet? ( I dabble in it once in a while, but I slip up because I feel ” too restricted.”)

    Do you feel like “relaxing” your work outs have helped you to achieve a healthier digestive tract? ( I used to train for maratathons, it wasn’t until I gave it up that I saw significant improvement; overall.)

    Again, congrats!


    1. I don’t eat a totally gluten-free diet, but I avoid it when I can, and I’m still trying to figure out it all out. I met with an RD a few weeks ago, and she thought it might be fiber (not gluten) that upsets my stomach (wheat bread verses a cookie), and I think she might be onto something. For example, I ate quite a few scones in Ireland last week and had zero stomach issues. I’m still playing around with different foods and figuring out what works and doesn’t work, but it seems like a low residue diet keeps my colon happy.

      As far as workouts go, I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve cut back a ton on my workouts and have even taken off entire weeks at a time, but things don’t get better and have even gotten worse at times. It makes no sense. However, running long distances like you mentioned does seem to upset things. When I was having a flare, I often saw more blood after a long run. I haven’t been able to correlate my other workouts to my symptoms though. On occasion, certain CrossFit workouts made things worse, but other times, they had no effect at all. I tried to figure out if it was certain movements, type of workout (heavy lifts verses metcon) or duration, but I haven’t been able to find a pattern.

  23. Murph reminds me of a little garbage disposal haha, but aren’t your worried having him lick the knife? I would be scared he would get cut or hurt.

    It is great to hear about your postive results and I hope you continue success withfeeling great in the future Tina :):)

  24. I don’t have a “normal” doctor, but I’ve been to quite a few lady doctors and haven’t liked ANY of them! I hope I don’t have this issue when I get married and get pregnant since I’ll have to see them more than once a year! This last one was the weirdest… she kept telling me I was thin and that there was nothing to hold on to (TMI, but hilarious). It was so awkward!

  25. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that! I’m on Apriso, as well, for Crohn’s. It is an awesome drug! NO SIDE AFFECTS! It’s awesome. Honestly, as long as I keep up with my fiber, water and exercise, all is right with the world.

    Also, could Murphy BE any cuter?

  26. My doctor always hugs me, too. You’re right, it does instantly calm your nerves. So happy to hear your colon looks healthy!! Great news! I’m really curious to hear how Asipro works because that is one med I haven’t tried yet! Ill have to ask my doctor about it at my next appointment. Oh, and “butt buddies” HAHAHAHA!! Love it.

  27. Murphy is so cute with the pnut butter on his nose!!! Have you ever given him whipped cream from the cannister thingys? At Christmas my husband would hold it up in the air and “drop” whipped cream at them but it would splatter on their noses…we had whipped cream last night for the first time since then and I have to admit I’m a little sad they’ve learned to catch it in their mouths 🙁
    I love my midwife, but my due date is tomorrow so I just want this to be over with now!!!

  28. Hooray!!! That’s great news! Doctors like that are the best, especially when serious issues are being discussed. My new OBGYN has be fantastic this past year with all my issues. She even called to follow up weeks later just to check on me. Love her.

    I couldn’t stop laughing over the “butt buddies” comment! So funny 🙂

  29. Re: your UC, I was wondering if you have heard of CCFA Partners. It’s a research partnership between IBD patients and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. The goal is to improve quality of life for people with IBD through research and education. To get involved, you would register and answer a survey every 6 months. I was a research coordinator for the project, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. Here’s a link:

  30. I need to get a colonoscopy because my younger brother was diagnosed with colon cancer and his doctor believes it could be genetic. I’ve been putting it off because I’m scared to go. I know it’s bad but I can’t help it! I’ve never met a doctor that is even that nice, let alone would give me a hug!

  31. Oh Murphy I am on the same page with you! I could not get out of bed this morning either! Thankfully it is a gorgeous day so that helped out a little bit.

    And I definitely had a LOL moment to Mal’s comment. Love it.

    Glad that things seem to be looking up and hope that it continues!

  32. Good to hear you had a great visit! I hope once you’re off the Prednisone your colon stays happy.

    I really like my doctor. She has always made me feel comfortable and she even has given me book recommendations 🙂

  33. Congrats on the healthy colon!! That must’ve been so awesome so hear! Hopefully the new medication will work just as well =)

    I actually haven’t met my new doctor yet, but I loved my old doctor. I felt like I could actually talk to her & be open with her. Hopefully the new one is like this! He’s also the first male doctor I’ve had since my pediatrician, so I’m a little nervous to have him deal with my “lady parts” haha!

  34. I definitely felt like Murphy this morning! I would have loved to crawl back into bed.
    The doctors at my college aren’t that great, I mean I can’t complain because I can got to them for free, but you get what you pay for in that sense. In their defense they do deal with college kids all day long and I’m sure that’s pretty exhausting. However, the doctor I got to at home is AWESOME. She’s so sweet and totally goes above and beyond what most doctors would do for you, it definitely makes visits a lot less nerve wracking!

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