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My baby shower was so fun! My sister, mom, and aunts did such a nice job with everything. They definitely made it a special day for me!

IMG_8412 (900x675)

My shower was alphabet-themed, so there were all sorts of adorable decorations: baby blocks, strings of letters, and little signs labeling all of the different foods and drinks.

IMG_8425 (675x900)

The menu included sandwiches, salads, and a number of brunch favorites.

IMG_8427 (675x900)

Including a variety of (Q is for) quiches.

IMG_8428 (900x675)

And, of course, the dessert table was packed with tons of delicious treats. My family knows how much I love dessert!

IMG_8430 (900x675)

There were carrot cake and Oreo cupcakes, two of my very favorites!

IMG_8408 (675x900)

And chocolate!! So much chocolate! Chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds, and chocolate-covered Oreos!

IMG_8420 (900x675)

My sister also coordinated a bunch of baby shower games.

IMG_8415 (675x900)

I got 7 out of 10!

IMG_8416 (900x675)

Yarn game!

IMG_8440 (675x900)

And then it was time to open presents!

IMG_8431 (900x675)

Oh, there were so many gifts for Baby Haupert. The photo above is just a fraction of them!

IMG_8435 (900x675)

Our families keeps asking us about Baby Haupert’s name, but Mal and I are keeping it a secret until he’s born. Right now, we’re telling everyone his first name is “Hippity” as in “Hippity Haupert.”

IMG_8411 (900x675)

I received so many amazing gifts from family and friends, but the baby clothes were definitely some of the highlights for me.

IMG_8456 (675x900)

Baby boy clothes can be so incredibly cute!

IMG_8461 (900x675)

Bow Tie Tuesday?

IMG_8481 (900x675)

IMG_8450 (675x900) (2)

Mal’s epic pug family shirt!


My baby blanket, Harry, also made an appearance at the shower. My mom kept him safe and sound over the years and even had him repaired with a new light blue satin edge.

IMG_8477 (675x900)

I was so happy and surprised to see Harry after all of these years, I immediately burst into tears. It was such a nice gift and now I can give it to Baby H!

IMG_8478 (675x900)

CrossFit ladies!

IMG_8485 (900x675)

My sis and me!

IMG_8434 (684x900)

Parents-to-be and a pug who has no idea what he’s in for once Hippity arrives!


P.S. A big shout out to Kate (here’s a link to her Etsy shop), who sent my sister the paper decorations for my shower. Weren’t they adorable?!



  1. Aww happy baby shower!
    So happy for you 🙂 Long time reader, can’t wait to see baby on the blog in those cute outfits! XO

  2. So sweet that your mom gave you your blanket – Love that!!!! Makes me think I need to put my littlest one’s “DD” and keep it for his child!!! Thank your mom for the great idea!!!

  3. Aw how sweet! Love all the decor! And little boy clothes are just adorable. I love the little bow ties. I can’t wait, my shower is this Saturday, except I’ll be surrounded by pink instead of blue! I’m just hoping that I can keep it together but I have a feeling that won’t happen! Stupid hormones ha ha. I’ll console myself with desserts. All of them. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh that shower game is SO GOOD! I’ve never seen that before either, so original! Pinning! 🙂 You looked adorable, and that is SO special your mom saved the blanket. I love how you’re keeping the name secret. My sister didn’t know the sex of my nephew, so we just called him baby “Tuff” because my brother in law said the baby would be “tuff” because my sister was sick in the beginning of her pregnancy!… I love “Hippity”, too cute 🙂 You looked great, that was a perfect dress!

  5. You look great in that dress and necklace! Also I haven’t commented during your pregnancy, but it’s so inspiring how much you’ve kept up with CrossFit. I’m a long time from having kids but I hope I’m as active as you are! (And am I the only one thinking that girl in the photos looks like she could be your daughter?? There’s such a resemblance!)

  6. What an adorable idea to turn your baby blanket into a new one for your son! Now I wish I’d kept mine from childhood so I could do the same! (But who am I kidding? It was probably too icky to be a hand-me-down. Haha.)

  7. I”m sure it’s been said in the comments already, but I’m on the side of keeping the name a secret! So many people, if you reveal before baby is born comment on what is wrong with your name choice! It makes you go all buggy! But if you wait til they are born, they will not question your choice. I’ve also had people get extremely mad at me for not sharing before our kid was born and I was thinking “Why are you mad, it’s not like I made this baby for you?” (It was a co-worker who is a very nosy type of person)

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