My Attempt at Fashion Blogging (aka Stitch Fix Review)

Hey, hey!

I wanted to share my recent Stitch Fix with you guys because I loved everything that I received. I swear my “Fixes” just get better and better! My stylist has really gotten to know me, and I often leave feedback on the items I receive, so she’s really nailing it lately! (Never heard to Stitch Fix? Check out my first review!)

Carrots 'N' Cake-6 (682x1024)

This sweater… totally obsessed. The second I saw it, I knew it was a keeper. The buttons down the back? Love.

Carrots 'N' Cake-2 (682x1024)

The arm patches? Love. And the sweater itself is soooo soft and cozy. The brand is market & spruce (Cotulla Button Back Sweater).

Carrots 'N' Cake-7 (682x1024)

The scarf pictured above and below is another favorite (Octavia brand). Again, it’s super soft and cozy, and I know I’ll wear it a ton this season!

Carrots 'N' Cake-9 (682x1024)

I also loved this mixed print top from Pixley. It’s casual, but nice enough to wear on a date or out with friends, depending on how you style it.

Carrots 'N' Cake-15 (682x1024)

Super cute, right?

Carrots 'N' Cake-13 (1024x682)

Carrots 'N' Cake-14 (1024x682)

And the little details… love.

Carrots 'N' Cake-16 (1024x682)

Ok, so while I loved everything that I received from Stitch Fix, I didn’t keep it all. Unfortunately, two of the items didn’t fit. Bummer. Usually, I don’t run into many sizing issues with my stylish, so I assume these pieces just ran kind of small? Or maybe I was running kind of big? Ha!

Carrots 'N' Cake-11 (1024x682)

I was so excited about this coat (Andrew Marc Savana Quilted Coat), but it was much too small. Maybe it would have worked with a lightweight top underneath, but a sweater was definitely too much.

Carrots 'N' Cake-12 (1024x682)

It was totally a “fat guy in a little coat” moment. Haha!

Carrots 'N' Cake-10 (1024x682)

I also loved these Adorra Skinny Jeans from Just Black (they’d go perfect with my new booties), but, sadly, they were also too small.

Carrots 'N' Cake-18 (1024x682)

Whomp whomp. I did, however, put in a request with my stylist for another pair of skinny jeans. Hopefully, she’s be able to find another great pair to send along!

Carrots 'N' Cake-17 (682x1024)

And (this is really cool) Stitch Fix is now even more convenient and personal thanks to their new iPhone app. Now you can schedule a Fix, check out, and even share a photo with your stylist””all while on-the-go with just a few taps of your fingertips! You can download the app here!


To celebrate the new app, Stitch Fix is giving away a grand prize of $1,000, plus 800 selfie sticks to runners up! Just click over to Facebook to enter!

Questions of the Day

What fall trend are you loving right now?

What are you favorite fashion blogs to read?

Have you tried Stitch Fix

P.S. Lucie Wicker is the amazing photographer behind the photos in this post!


  1. Haha the fat guy in little coat..kills me! I’ve tried Stitch Fix a couple of times and am not completely sold on it, but I am definitely not opposed to trying it again. The convenience is so awesome!

  2. I’ve tried stitch fix about 5 times now and it just hasn’t worked out for me. The fit was off and I wasn’t living the quality of the products. However I LOVE the concept and really would love for it work for me… 6th the charm? Lol

    1. @Anna: Have you tried contacting them directly? I had a terrible 2nd Fix and was feeling pretty bummed about it so I emailed them. They comped me the $20 styling fee so I could try another Fix without the risk. We then worked through my style. Needless to say, they hit it out of the park on my 3rd Fix and I’ll continue to use them.

  3. I love Stitch Fix! I took a break because I can’t justify spending a lot on maternity clothes, but can’t wait to start back up after the baby is here. I absolutely LOVE the sweater with the buttons down the back!! I definitely would have kept that!

      I just tried Stitch Fix for maternity clothes (I’m 35 weeks now) and I found their clothes fit me better than any I found in the store…everything in stores seems so big. I only kept a few pieces, but did ask for them to include budget-concise pieces (because I can’t justify spending much on maternity clothes, either) and they totally did! Just thought you might like to know. 🙂
      Congrats on the baby-on-the-way!!

  4. I love what they sent you! Super cute.

    Just a question: can’t get you get a larger size if one doesn’t fit? coat and jeans are adorable!

  5. I’m actually loving skinny jeans and skinny cords right now! I bought a pair of skinny jeans from The Limited this week (Super fun colors!) and a pair of skinny cords from Banana (should be arriving today!). I just love how they look with a pair of booties or flats, so versatile!

    And I LOVE stitch fix, its a little addicting because I love being surprised! I’m getting my next one next week! Your stitch fix was awesome this week, everything looked great on you, even the small items!

  6. Oh my gosh that first sweater! <3 so pretty.

    I love this time of year for the scarves and knee-high boots. And I'm so glad I added fashion blog posts as a component to my lifestyle blog – I adore doing photo shoots and putting together outfits 🙂

    Haven't tried Stitch Fix yet but I REALLY want to. I keep hearing such amazing things about it!

  7. I might have got this idea from you, but I know you were looking for toddler friendly ideas in your area. We just left the South Shore Natural Science Center in Norwell. They do a toddler and parent trail walk and have a cool little museum to check out. It’s right around the corner from Hornsta.

  8. Love Stitch Fix! You actually inspired me to try it out and I haven’t regretted it yet! While they’ve missed on a few things, they’ve gotten me out of my comfort zone for sure! I’m not easy to shop for (5ft tall!), so having someone else do it for me is awesome!

  9. Totally fashion-blogger worthy! Looks great (and you have such a great smile and look so beautiful in the sunshine!) – I’d be all over that sweater too – I’ve always wanted elbow patches! Thanks for sharing (and thanks for the follow on IG today!).

  10. I just recently got my first fix, and I LOVED IT. I was so surprised that everything was perfect, and I kept the whole box! My favorite piece was an asymmetrical zip up sweater. I don’t follow any fashion blogs, but I need all the help I can get and am open to suggestions!

  11. I love these photos (and your fall style)!! Elbow patches are the cutest.

    I think my favorite fall trend is over-the-knee boots. Having them in my wardrobe means I can continue to wear my all my dresses well into fall, without getting too cold!

  12. haha you are adorable with your fat guy in a little coat with arms wide open. I love those tops too <333 as soon as this body isn't pregnant I think i'm gonna sign up. I know they do maternity fixes…but i'm already on the home stretch and have spent a mint on mat-wear.

  13. I just got that sweater in my fix, and it was the only piece I kept as well. So soft and warm, but not steaming hot. And something different with the buttons. Actually, I think the buttons also helped to accentuate that I have a skinny waste –from the back, so it helped this 2-kid belly mess look and feel slimmer in profile.

  14. My favorite is the pink chveorn, though it was difficult to choose just one. I’m in awe of the time it must have taken to finish one of those, let alone all of them! Congrats on 200!Jenxo

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