Murphy’s Dog Bed Problem

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Murphy and dog beds just don’t get along. We have tried numerous times to get him to sleep on a doggie bed, but he’s just not a fan. Murphy either tears them apart or gets a little too “friendly” with them (if ya know what I mean).

We thought the “puffiness” of his first bed made him want to rip it apart/have sexy time with it, so we tried a “flatter” bed. This bed worked for a few days, but Murphy soon realized that he could destroy this one too. It wasn’t long before he ripped the fabric and tore out the stuffing.


Now that we’re moved into a new house, we thought it would be a good time to introduce a new dog bed to Murphy.

Over the weekend, Mal and I wandered around PetSmart for a good 30 minutes trying to decide which bed to buy the pug. Eventually, we decided on one that was on sale for $34.99.

We were hesitant to spend so much money on a dog bed that Murphy could potentially not like (and destroy), so we asked our friend, Steph, who works at the vet next door, for her recommendation.


Steph suggested saving our money and buying Murphy a bath mat!


Of course! Steph is so smart! Murphy couldn’t easily rip up or hump a bath mat. Plus, he already loves chilling on the mat in the bathroom.


Murphy’s first impression of his $2.99 IKEA mat was pretty good.


For the past couple of days, we’ve been rewarding Murph with food every time he sits on his mat. I think he’s sort of getting it. He’s definitely motivated by food!


Hopefully, Murphy will start to like his mat on his own.


A “traditional” dog bed is not likely in Murphy’s future, so I’m glad that we didn’t waste our money!



  1. I have a girl dog named Murphy (named after Murphy Brown). She too likes to get frisky with a floor pillow. Maybe it’s something in the name!

  2. Too funny. My dog ate 4 dog beds (not chewed, ATE) before I finally got the message. I finally found a rug remnant at Target and decided to try that – and naturally, since it’s the ugliest rug you’ve ever seen, he loves it! It’s the only rug (bathmats included) that he hasn’t eaten. He’s 19 months old and all of my area rugs are still in the basement!

  3. Ha! Murphy is such a quizzical pug… a bath mat for a bed? A human plate for his dog food? So funny!

    My pug sleeps on a dog bed that looks like a couch, He loves it. He rests his chin on the “arm” of his couch. I think I got it at Target like 3 years ago for $20

  4. The picture of Murphy on his second bed–the flatter one– is sooo funny. He looks like he is sitting like a cat. The bath mat is probably the best thing for him since he treats the others like toys.

  5. In this house, the pug doesn’t like his dog bed, esp. since the cat uses it. He sleeps on either a pillow on the couch that is all his (because he licks everything, anything and then some – sidenote, does Murphy do that?) or on the bed. The cat refuses to use her bed, she’d rather sleep in Wiggy’s dog bed.

    Murphy is absolutely adorable in that video! Kudos on the bathmat idea!

  6. Bahaha. That dog has got the funniest facial expressions.

    We bought a little padded ‘house’ bed for my old cat, and I was was worried he’d hate it – he LOVED it! He used to peep out at everyone, like it was his own little home. So cute.

  7. Murphy is a sweetie πŸ™‚

    I was diagnosed today with bursitis in my knee, and I want to thank you for (unknowingly) comforting me just through the strength you have shown in the blog in overcoming your condition! It gives me high hopes to be able to return to running frequently someday soon.. however, I do have a question about steroids. I know that you were put on them after the bursitis “reappeared” and was wondering how you dealt with them? Any side effects? I hate taking any kind of medicine, and know that steroids can be pretty hefty, so I was wondering if you had any problems or if they ultimately helped afterwards? Thank you Tina! πŸ™‚

  8. i’ve never seen anyone so attentive to their pet! i think you and mal will make great parents someday (if you chose to do that)!

  9. Oh, this is funny but I feel I shouldn’t be laughing! My dog has never messed up her bed but she ALWAYS shews so many holes in her dog bed blankets that they look like swiss cheese πŸ˜€

  10. Hahaha, I never knew Murphy was such a horn ball πŸ˜€

    But, I must say, the bath mat idea is brilliant. Our cats love laying on the bath mats in the bathroom. It never dawned on me to buy them one instead of beds. Of course, they make pretty much anything their bed.

  11. Oh Tina, I feel your pain. When we got our pug nine years ago (!), Max destroyed every bed we got him, and he got “really friendly” with his beds too. Even the cute monogrammed one from L.L. Bean. Is it a pug thing?! I was so mad. He will however steal any pillow from the couch, the bed, my kids’ rooms, and lay on those like he is the king of the world. We have bought him a bed/mat and we used it as a pillow on the couch trying to make him think it was ours. Then we slowly started putting it on the floor for him to lay on. It seems to work. But when he gets all pug-stressed out, he grabs it and flings his head around like a crazy guy, pugs! They are so puggy. I hate having Max on our furniture because of the immense shedding so he has to have his own spot. Good luck. Love all the house updates. I am so excited for you.

  12. Clyde destroyed his first dog bed- which was a lot like the ones you described, kind of puffy. We got him one of those sheep skin type crate liners, which are flatter, and that seems to work well. He hasn’t tried to destroy it and it is still kind of warm and fuzzy if he wants to sleep in/on it. Hope Murphy’s bath mat works out! πŸ™‚

  13. I’ve never had a problem with my Dottie ripping apart her beds, but she doesn’t really enjoy sleeping in them unless she has to. Our solution was to give her an old pillow! It smells like us so she LOVES it and will lay on it no matter where it is. (Plus, it’s old so nothing’s lost if she decides to tear it up someday.)
    Hope Murphy likes his new mat! He makes the cutest “faces” – definitely an ultra photogenic doggie!

  14. Our Pug, Alouysius, destroyed both dog beds that I bought him (was also disturbingly fond of them, if you know what I mean). He also likes to steal throw pillows from the couch. And to the question posed by another reader earlier, Al definitely has a licking fetish…our skin, pillows, the ground, the cabinets, trees – everything must be licked. I don’t know if it’s a Pug thing but I know it’s an Al thing!

  15. Glad you were able to solve Murphy’s dog house’s problem.Now who would have thought of that.But I wonder did he show any perculiar signs to you because dogs use their bodies to say things since they are unable to speak. With their tails, ears or even tongues, dogs can communicate a variety of emotions. Well apart from ripping apart the dog bed that is.

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