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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It’s hard to tell who’s winning between Murphy and the couch. At first look, it seems like the pug is dominating his competition.

IMG_0011 (800x600)

Without much (if any) effort at all.

IMG_0008 (800x600)

But, when you look closer, it doesn’t seem like Murphy is very comfortable, so maybe the couch is winning after all?

IMG_0006 (800x600)

I dunno. It’s anyone’s call!


Phenomenal lunch today! I had Creamy Broccoli Soup, but it didn’t come from a can for once. I actually made it from scratch!

_MG_6154 (800x533)

The recipe was from Real Simple, so, not surprisingly, it was really easy to throw together. Basically, you just add all of the ingredients to a large sauce pan, let it simmer for 20 minutes, and then throw everything in a food processor/blender. And just like that, you have homemade soup! Who knew making soup was so simple?

On the side, I had a toasted whole wheat Sandwich Thin with melted cheddar, which I dipped into my soup. Mmm!

_MG_6174 (800x533)


Remember that run I tried to do yesterday afternoon? Well, I did it today! Hooray! My first run of 2012! Only 731 more miles to go!

IMG_0004 (600x800)

I ran a little over 4 miles in 35 minutes using the treadmill workout below. This one was really challenging. You start out with a quick 1-minute interval and then work your way up to longer and faster intervals. I was dying by the final 4-minute interval, but I was almost done with the workout, so I just pushed it. It was a great run!


For a slower paced running workout, just subtract 1.0 from all of the speeds. For a walking workout, subtract 3.0 from all of the speeds.


After the gym, I ran a bunch of errands and then came home for an afternoon snack. I made a whole wheat Sandwich Thin with peanut butter and banana slices on top and then added more peanut butter to the rest of the banana”¦ and then I ate a spoonful of peanut butter right from the jar. Ok, it was technically three spoonfuls of peanut butter right from the jar, but who’s counting?

_MG_6178 (800x533)

I’m off to rescue the pug from the couch (or the couch from the pug?) and take him for a walk. CrossFit and Pot Roast are on the agenda for this evening!

Enjoy the night, guys!



  1. Everyone went with yummy soup today! It makes me regret not doing the same!

    And hahaha – Murphy reminds me SO MUCH of my sister’s dog! She’ll sit in the most uncomfortable position just to be on the couch. There are times when she falls asleep in positions that I feel like CANNOT possibly be comfortable. So who the heck knows! Dogs! Ya just gotta love ’em 😉

  2. My new puppy sleeps in the most bizarre positions too. Last night, she was sleeping with only half her body on a chair, and the other half hanging off the side. She lost balance at one point and totally crashed on the floor. It was hilarious (she’s fine).

  3. Goodness! The way animals sleep is so funny sometimes! 🙂
    Did he ‘scrunch’ the couch cushions in a way to make the couch comfortable? Because maybe he is winning! 😀
    Awesome that you made that soup yourself btw!

  4. Sometimes I really wish I could be reincarnated as a pet dog or cat–mostly because they can fall asleep anywhere!

  5. Your soup looks delicious, I’ve never made soup, can you believe that? Yeah, i agree, it’s so much easier than we think. I’ll have to bookmark this recipe, Real Simple recipes are pretty good.
    Murphy looks kinda comfortable.

  6. Damn. 7.4 KILLS me. It’s like a crazy sprint for me. My Sister runs so comfortably at 7 but for me it’s 6 -6.5… 6.8 for a tempo. I am super curious about the science behind this. I’m short and have a short stride, but that shouldn’t matter… It’s just energy exerted that matters with pace. I run long distances and have a ton of endurance but getting my numbers down to a more speedy pace has been killer for me. In any case, awesome job, happy 2012, and thanks for more cute pictures of Murphy!

  7. My dog loves the back of the couch too! His favorite thing is to look out the window waiting for the mailcarrier so he can terrorize him. Mmm, love soup, especially this time of the year!

  8. I love broccoli soup! I made cream broccoli soup but instead of adding cream or butter, I added avocado. Gives it a creamy texture with much healthier fats!

  9. Murphy’s face looks pretty zoned! I think he won!

    That looks like a killer TM workout! I would try it today but the weather here in South Australia has finally cooled off today (26 [79 degrees F] degrees Celsius rather than 42 [107.6 F]!) so I’ll be doing my run outside while the “cold” spell lasts!

  10. I eat broccoli soup almost every day. I buy the boxed soups like Imagine and then add some frozen broccoli and heat it up and then I use my immersion blender. Sometimes I add a little cream or almond milk as well. Delish~!

    I am going to try the immersion blender with steamed cauliflower and carrots as well.

  11. LOL at Murphy vs. the couch! Our pug seems to enjoy being in uncomfortable positions-he likes to keep half of his body, particularly his head, hanging off the furniture most of the times while he sleeps. Sometimes he’ll stand with his legs in awkward positions, so much so that they’ll start to shake (which he ignores). Oh pugs!

  12. You have the cutest pug ever. Seriously.

    I made a whole post about things I want to try making from scratch this year and soup was on the list. I’ve got no excuse if you’re saying it was easy, too! Bring it on. 🙂

  13. I’m going to try this treadmill workout this week. I feel like it will keep me interested and not bored. Murphy is so cuddly. I can’t wait to have a dog one day. I hope the right time comes soon.

  14. That soup looks like a winner, I will be trying that one….and since the husband doesn’t like broccoli, I will be forced to eat it all myself. Sad. ; )

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